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155 Porters Point Road, Colchester, VT Visit Website | 802-862-1800 |


Cost: Adult tickets $12 | Children under 12-$7 Parking: Yes

A second generation family-owned and family oriented Drive-in, the Sunset is one of the oldest continuously-operated in New England. Season runs from May to September, featuring 4 screens showing 2 movies each (FM radio local vicinity broadcasting for the movies' soundtrack). Amentiities include snack bar, playground and mini putt. Enjoy a family movie together under the stars.



First Shows start at Dusk


11 reviews
  • July 23, 2017
    "AWFUL! Spent half of the movie trying to get the sound working, our car radio wouldn't get their station and neither would our boombox. They nicely lent us a radio which wouldn't pick up the station EITHER!!! Three guys that worked there couldn't figure it out! We were promised a refund after the movie. We finished our snacks and watched the last half of Wonder Woman without sound, though I wasn't really sure what was even happening in the film. At the end of the movie, the head guy said we could NOT have our money back, he said we were supposed to leave an hour before, if we wanted a refund, but the other employee told us no such thing. A sucky time! Dishonest dealings or unbelievable incompetence, take your pick! If we do not receive a refund and an apology, I will DISrecommend this establishment to everyone I meet until the end of time!"
    - Dwayne
  • February 16, 2016
    "The Sunset DriveIn, located in beautiful Colchester, VT, is a gem! A wonderful familyfriendly venue, great variety of movies on 4 large screens, 50s style snack bar, very affordable prices, vintage playground with picturesque sunsets and plenty of opportunities to stargaze! Open April October. On any given night youll find little ones in slippers and PJs snuggling in blankets waiting for the movies to begin, dads playing ball with the kids, teens hand hand, grandparents playing chess, a Frisbee game in the field, classic cars, lawn chairs and families everywhere. The Sunset is one of the few places where folks happily wait in line to enter the atmosphere is always friendly, and truly one of the last places where you will always feel safe . . . it is run by a local VT family and staff who are present every night. The grounds are immaculate, families can bring their own foods and beverages to enjoy, pets are welcome and there is even a charming motel, The Starlite next door, complete with picnic area and movie sound gazebo, for those traveling, who wish to spend the night! As they say See you under the stars . . ."
    - seaglasssummers
  • September 30, 2013
    "After years of saying we were going to catch a movie at the drivein, we finally did! On a warm Saturday evening this fall, we took our daughter and her friend to see the latest animated flick. Nothing fancy about it, just 4 grass fields separated by white wood fencing. You park in rows and settle in for the movie. Most people bring blankets and chairs, like an evening tailgate party, even parking backwards and watching out of the back of their car. Under the largest screen there is a playground and minigolf, but we arrived to close to our movie time to check it out. However the floodlights were on and it was well lit so we could see lots of children running around having a blast. The price is right for 4 people 20! We picked up pizza on the way and picnicked in the car once we arrived. The girls did make a trip to the centrally located snack bar for some popcorn and treats as well. The sound comes through your radio, not like they did in the 1950s when you hooked the speaker on to your car window. So if you don't have a reliable car battery, best to start car mid movie or bring a set of jumper cables!"
    - missmagpie
  • August 22, 2013
    "Love going to the drive ins. with a large family this place is very affordable. We bring all food and drinks with as as the snack bar is a little pricey. The bathrooms dont seem to be kept clean during movies. overall its a great place though. the kids love the old fashion swings at there playground."
    - bluebingo
  • August 21, 2013
    "My family loves going to the drive ins! It's a summer time right of passage and the price is fair unlike the regular theater. This place could use some tlc. The playground has a merrygoround that does not stay spinning, you have to continuously push it witch is a lot of work. Also some of the screens are a little warped as well. "
    - katiebug_1530
  • August 21, 2013
    "The driveins are a fun summer treat in Vermont. We love taking the kids. They love that they get to watch a movie outside and always have a great time. "
    - lini15237
  • August 13, 2012
    "Great drivein theater. The concession stand is fabulous with yummy snacks for a decent price and the playground to hang out at while waiting for the movie to start is a huge help with little kids. The only drawback is that the playground equipment is all very old with none of the safety features of today's standard issue playgrounds. Prices for movies are great if you can stay up late enough for the double feature, and being able to bring whatever you want for snacks if you don't want to buy from concessions is a plus. The bathroom lines can be extremely lengthy for the women's room, but all in all, a great place to make some fun summer memories."
    - paddlekat
  • August 16, 2011
    "I had forgotten all about the drive in until it popped up on my facebook news feed last week! I took the boys to see SMURFS and they had a wonderful time. The price is great for both the admission and the snacks and the playground was a great way to kill time before the movie began! We will most certainly go back!"
    - mommasboys
  • August 16, 2011
    "A very fun experience for the whole family. Price is very reasonable as kids are free so you just have to pay for the parents. We have a new baby so it is a great way for all of us to go to the movies. Our older son loves taking his cousins when they come up to visit. The kids bring pillows and blankets and camp out in the backseat to watch the movie. Last time we were there we saw a car with a big piece of netting that they put over their windows so they could keep the windows open and not get eaten by bugs. We always end up having to close all the windows and turn on the AC. "
    - theknapps01
  • August 15, 2011
    "The Sunset Drive In is a family friendly fun place to catch a movie! Great for families with infants who want to enjoy a new movie without having to hire a babysitter, or a great place to bring some children to watch the newest animated film. Fun things to do before the movie starts ie. a playground and mini golf. Great prices as well since you get two movies for the price of one! "
    - Shanrock512
  • June 4, 2008
    "For anyone who remembers driveins from your childhood, you'll love coming here. The parking lots are mostly grass, so it's easy to get out of the car and find a place to sit or lie down to watch the movie. Getting in and out is really easy, courteous drivers, lots of families, etc. I hadn't been to one in so long that I didn't realize that now you get to tune into a radio station to hear the audio, which was kind of fun. Kids all fell asleep halfway through the movie, which was the only downside....but they all took away great memories from the outing. One word of advice, and granted we we in a car with an old battery, keeping your car powered up enough to run the radio does put a little drain on your battery, so you may want to prepare by bringing another device to play the audio with battery powered stereo system but then again, nobody else had this problem, and we knew we needed a new car battery beforehand. Looking forward to going again with my three daughters this year."
    - pell53

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