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FindandGoSeek attracts a family audience made up of discerning parents, grandparents, teachers and nannies—just about anyone who cares for kids at some point during their day. Whether local or visiting Vermont, they are searching for events and businesses to entertain and service their family. 

They are tuned into what kids are watching, reading, listening to, eating, wearing and wanting to do. And they want the local inside scoop on it all. Our 14,000 monthly readers look to FindandGoSeek for where to go next and what not to miss. 

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FindandGoSeek offers a gateway to niche, hard-to-reach customers in northern Vermont. We connect with thousands of parents and caregivers at the moment they are looking for something to do. Averaging 47,000 pageviews per month, we are the place to get in front of this important demographic.

That’s a powerful connection. You can be a part of it. We'll help you integrate your message into the context of the entire site experience, so users are more likely to engage with your business.


Numerous advertisers have enjoyed the benefits of FindandGoSeek. Here's what a few are saying:

Burlington City Arts loves advertising with FindandGoSeek. Not only are we getting the word out about our family programming and reaching the exact audience we're looking for, but we're likewise supporting an amazing local business. Sarah's always willing to brainstorm within our budget for maximum effect, and she's super clear, helpful and upbeat. She pays close attention and is incomparably helpful with reminders and dates.
- John Flanagan, Communications Director, Burlington City Arts
FindandGoSeek is a great resource for families in our community. We're so happy to be a part of it. In our experience, Sarah's willingness to help and her attention to detail make the platform a highly effective place to advertise. We recommend it!
- Maggie, New Village Farm, Shelburne
Each time we advertised on FindandGoSeek, we got a flurry of responses. FindandGoSeek was tremendously accommodating and helpful with creating the ad and deciding when to run it. And I love all the resources we’re saving, both financially and environmentally by doing our advertising online.
- Alison James, Owner, Enchantment Camps
Our Family Art Saturday audience in particular has grown, in tandem with having dedicated more resources toward advertising this program with FindandGoSeek. FindandGoSeek is not only a tremendous asset for families looking for their next adventure, but likewise a platform where BCA is proud to be part of a strong community of welcoming voices.
- John Flanagan, Communications Director, Burlington City Arts
We definitely get parents who have discovered our events on FindandGoSeek. It really is the #1 source for parents to find family activities!
- Becca McHale, Co-Director The ONE Arts Center
I enjoy advertising with FindandGoSeek because it works for the Leddy Park Arena! They take the time to quickly respond to all my questions, are flexible and adapt the ad campaign to my specific needs. The ads look great and they are seen by a huge family and kid population.
- Kathy Knauer, Leddy Park Arena


We're not like typical media outlets. We will only accept advertisers whose messages are appropriate for the family community. Our users tell us this makes a difference and they like our contextual advertising. 

We also aim to build partnerships with our advertisers, offering marketing advice and working with them to achieve results. We can even offer graphic design support.


Advertisers can increase their exposure to this incredible audience in many ways, from enhanced listings to banners ads, email inclusion to paid partnerships.

Download the Media Kit to explore options, or contact Sarah at with questions and ideas. We're always open to understanding your goals and exploring creative ways to create a buzz about your brand. We look forward to working with you!