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Please share your opinion with other parents and caregivers in the FindandGoSeek community. By doing so, you’re helping other families find the best places and ways to visit with their children. Your honest feedback improves the quality of the time they spend with their kids.

Here are some questions you might want to answer in your review:

  • Did the experience meet or go beyond your expectations?

  • How did this place, event or activity compare to other, similar ones you have experienced?

  • Are you planning to go back again?

  • Do you feel like you got what you paid for?

  • What did you like or dislike? If you had to wait in line, was it worth it?

  • Would you recommend this to your friends? Other parents?

Stay “on topic” and present facts

  • Were there enough choices on the kids menu? Anything beyond the usual chicken fingers and burgers with fries?

  • Did you need your jogging stroller or would the baby backpack have been better?

  • Did both your 4- and 10-year old enjoy it?

  • Was there parking? On the street or in a lot?

  • What’s included in the price of admission?

  • Were there changing tables in the restrooms?

  • Are there any coupons or special deals? Things only locals know?

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Business Owners

Businesses listed in FindandGoSeek should not post or solicit reviews about themselves or other businesses with whom they are in direct competition. Business owners can, however, respond to a review as long as they clearly state that they are the business owner. Business owners please see the Business Owner Guidelines for more information.