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Parking: No

Phil Merrick and Jodi Whalen opened August First in the summer of 2009. August First is located in a big renovated garage in downtown Burlington, where it’s bright and warm in the winter, and breezy and open in the summer. The open space lets you see the bakers in action, creating European style breads and pastries. Check out their menu here.


6 reviews
  • June 21, 2024
    "Cute spot and a nice place to check out whenever you feel like spoiling yourself with a yummy treat!"
    - Vtfun
  • February 7, 2015
    "August First has a hipedgy vibe with prices to match. I only come here in search of one thing, so that's the only thing I'm rating their tomato soup with grilled cheese is OUTSTANDING. I often call to see if they'll be serving it, and if they are, I always go!"
    - A-Ben
  • August 13, 2012
    "Great place to take your kids PBJ is made with homemade jam that is so yummy and less sugary. Corner with books and activities that can keep them entertained. I love the Flatbread Friday the pizza is delicious and the crust is the only pizza around my little ones can bite through crispy but not tough. I just wish it opened at 5pm instead of 6 by the time the kids get their pizza they are pretty hungry although you can at least pay and sit before they open."
    - dolly321
  • August 18, 2011
    "My 1st and only trip to August First was delightful and I will surely be back soon! My husband and I were out and about running errands last weekend with our 6month old and needed to refuel somewhere that was relatively quick, casual, and had that optimal level of noiseness for our son not too much noise that it would be overly stimulating but enough noise that if he started to fuss our fellow diners wouldn't start shooting us death glares. August First was the perfect choice. We were able to get parking right out front, even on a Saturday which is always an added bonus when you are weilding the eversoheavy infant carrier. The atmosphere inside was light, sunny, and very welcoming. Our sandwiches were tasty the highlight being the perfectlybaked baguettes. My husband got the BLT and it looked like there was a very hearty portion of bacon on it. I will defintely be back to try some of the pasteries, in particular the Hungarian Sweet Roll which looked intriguing. If you are looking for a spot that is kidfriendly but offers more than the typical grilled cheese or PBJ, this would be an ideal spot and who doesn't love supporting a local business?. I have heard wonderful things about Flatbread Friday it sounds like a perfect winter casual dinner spot!"
    - Bizzybee
  • April 26, 2010
    "Took our family to 'Flatbread Friday' and it was fantastic!! It was a great way to spend an early evening eating great food, drinking great beer and hanging out with friends. The best part is that the event is totally kid and family friendly my 14 month old was running around with a gang of kids and it was totally stress free!! You are amongst your own from the start of the evening 6pm until about 7.45pm when the crowd turns younger and the kiddies are heading home for bedtime. The pizzas are unbelievable with very creative pairingsmy favorite was the chocolate pizza with pear slicings. The only thing that I would change would be the pricingI think that children between the ages of 4 and 10 should eat for 4 and under 4 should be free. We were with a family who had a 3 and 6 yr oldthey were lucky if each of those kids ate more than 1 slice they were too busy running around playing with all the other kids!"
    - nini
  • February 8, 2010
    "JANUARY 2010 I have been to Flatbread Friday twice now with my family. It is great. For 12 adult and 8 kids you help yourself to as much delicious flatbread pizza and salad as you want. Drinks and beer Switchback on tap are extra. The pizzas are incredibly tasty and totally inventive. They range from plain for the kids to baconpotatobroccoli or pepperonciniolive or I even had one with butternut squash. There are plenty of choices that keep coming out of the oven for meat and veggie lovers. Last night there was even a dessert pizza with chocolate chips! The restaurant is set up family style. So my recommendation would be to get there right at 600 when the doors open so that you can get a seat for your crew. The pizzas are already out and they are ready for you. We like to take advantage of the great selection of games on the bookshelf and played for a while we were eating. It is a great family night out. SEPTEMBER 2009 This new bakery and coffee shop breathes some new life into Lower Main Street. Great casual, welcoming atmosphere with lots of tables and chairs and even a few comfy ones to spread out on. The food is divine for Mom Dad. Kids might not agree as there is no kids menu. But there are baked treats like scones, cinnamon rolls and cookies to entice them to stay. I did ISpy some toys and books in the corner to entertain the young ones. There is also a changing table in the bathroom and the place is totally stroller friendly. Even for those big Cadillac style ones. The perfect pit stop with kids on the long walk with kids from the waterfront to Church Street."
    - missmagpie

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