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2144 Route 9, Ausable Chasm, NY 12911 Visit Website | 518-834-7454


Cost: Children under 5 free. Parking: Yes

The Ausable Chasm, one of the oldests natural attractions in the US, is a unqiue and fun geological adventure for the entire family.

Some of the highlights include:

Walking - there are up to 3 miles of well-maintained, self-guided walking trails with interpretive signage describing native flora, wildlife, and geologic history.

Rafting - rafting tours are a good choice to experience the chasm as a family (2 and up; 30+ lbs). After suited with a life jacket, an experienced guide navigates the raft between the towering cliffs of the "Grand Flume" and past the "Broken Needle." You cruise through the rapids and around the "Whirlpool Basin" and the tour ends with a long glide into the landing area where you can walk back or a trolley/shuttle bus will return you to the welcome center.

Tubing - if a raft is not your style, then try a tube (must be 48" tall) and float down at your own pace. Tubes and life jackets provided. Please note: lockers are not available at the tubing start location - please plan accordingly. You'll want to leave the entrance location (one mile from tubing) ready to get wet and have some fun! Water shoes (or shoes you don't mind getting wet) are a must. Water shoes are available in our gift shop.

Lantern Tour - discover the beauty of Ausable Chasm at night with a lighted, guided walking tour. At dusk, each person is supplied a lantern while knowledgeable guides lead you into the Chasm. Tour includes a community campfire and marshmallow roast. Yum!

Chasm Mining Company
- pan for gemstones and fossils on the sluice located inside the welcome center (across from the Chasm Cafe). Guests of all ages are welcome to participate in this unique activity.

Camping - The Ausable Chasm Campground, open Mid-May thru Mid-October, has facilities and recreation to satisfy all. Wide range of sites from full hookups to tents to camping cabins. 1000 acres of Mountain Biking Trails and Hiking Trails now available just for campers. Sites from $18.

Plan a minimum of two hours. Tours not recommended for those with difficulties walking or descending/climbing stairs. Strollers not permitted. Child carrier (baby backpack carrier) rentals available - $5/visit.

No Reservations Required. Now open year-round.


  • Adult/Teen (13+): $16
  • Child (5-12): $9
  • Under 5: Free
  • Raft/Tube Adventures: Add $10 each
  • Additional Raft/Tube Trips: $5

Complimentary Trolley/Shuttle Bus Return to the Welcome Center

♦ Vermonter Daytrip Package: If you are coming across via the Burlington, VT – Port Kent, NY ferry, you can purchase a package that includes your fare for the round-trip ferry as well as up to four (4) Chasm Admissions (rafting additional) for $65.


8 reviews
  • June 23, 2024
    "I agree that it is a bit pricey for the adventure. I went as a chaperone for a class trip so we did not do the raft ride. Just walked through trails and had lunch there. I did appreciate the shuttle bus that is available for the younger children so we did not have to walk both ways. Gift shop has lots of options for the children to buy souvenirs."
    - Kristie Barber
  • August 19, 2013
    "The price is too steep for a self guided tour and tube rides. When we went the water level was so low our tube ride was painfully slow. Not something I would do again."
    - katiebug_1530
  • August 19, 2011
    "You can save money by purchasing the Vermonter's Day Package from the Port Kent Ferry. The Chasm is beautiful. The only downside is that the raft tube rides are very short. You can do them over and over again at 5pp. We hiked 1 mile to the raft ride first, then shuttled back to the Welcome Center for lunch, then hiked back for the tube. Overall a great day! We got on the ferry at 930 am and back in Burlington at 5pm. The water is very calm only a couple of very small rapids, so this is good for younger kids. Kids over 12 may be a little bored."
    - sbo
  • August 16, 2011
    "Although the chasm was beautiful I feel the price was very steep. We used the coupon that included the ferry round trip at 65.00 then realized we would have to pony over another 40.00 for the raft ride. So to sum it up 110.00 for round trip ferry, a one mile walk along the cliff side and a terribly tame 15min raft ride. well at least we know now. The highlight for us was the ferry ride home while the sunset."
    - katiebug_1530
  • July 28, 2010
    "We found Ausable Chasm to be a great day trip with the kids, and well worth it. There are not many unique natural wonders like this in our region, so it was a convenient opportunity to give the kids an appreciation for nature while also offering them some serious fun. Take the Classic Tour which includes a selfguided nature hike and guided raft ride, then go back for a tube ride in singleperson innertubes, and plan to get wet. These rides give you a closeup view of the Chasm and are a must to keep older kids entertained. They are mostly slowgoing and relaxing, but have a rapids section that will make even the most mellow person scream with delight. We kept our costs down by taking advantage of the discount at the ferry dock and packing a picnic lunch, which we ate at a picnic table along the hike. It was a 4 hour visit which went by quickly."
    - terriparent
  • August 17, 2008
    "The price was very expensive and wanted to warn families that if you plan to go the best deal is to use the coupon found in the Burlington Free Press that includes the ferry ride because the whole trip will only cost half of what the admission rafting price is for Ausable alone. Unfortunately we chose not to use the coupon as we were not going to come back via ferry but afterwards realized it still would have saved us money. The Kids still enjoyed themselves but it is a long and difficult hike for young kids with very narrow passages and always a long wait to ride the raft we waited 45 minutes for a maybe 15 minute raft ride."
    - Kellie
  • July 17, 2008
    "I took my two kids 9 6 and my niece 17. We loved it. The hour ferry ride over was pretty. A short drive to Ausable Chasm. The walking tours were nice and kept everyone moving. The tubing was great fun. My kids felt like they were white water rafting but really there was no danger. The tubing stopped at three so we only got to do one round of tubing down the river. I would have loved to do it over and over. Ill get there earlier next time. I did think the web site and the front counter were not very helpful which was frustrating. My tips for next time is to wear a bathing suit with shoes and shorts that can get wet, wear a small pack with a zip lock for my phone and camera. Leave a picnic lunch in the car and have lunch in the park above the parking lot after although the main building is very nice and has a cafe. All in all it was a day outside in nature for me and an amusement park for my kids."
    - CRidge
  • July 11, 2008
    "My wife and I took our 2 kids to Ausable Chasm this week 7908 and we were more astonished by the prices than the chasm. To take the selfguided tour and a single raft ride, the cost was 89 for the four of us! We took this in stride, understanding that we could have unlimited rafttube rides afterall the deal is unlimited rides for 5. We figured the 5 was included in the 89 per person we'd already paid, which is not the case. Unlimited tickets are 5 per person ON TOP OF the 89. So we saw the chasm, which is very interesting, and took a 10 minute raft ride. The total cost of the trip gas, food, water shoes exceeded 300. Caveat emptor the website makes this sound like an inexpensive trip."
    - Jeff1967

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