Big Picture Theater & Cafe



48 Carroll Road, Waitsfield, VT 05673 Visit Website | 802-496-8994 |


Ages: All Ages Parking: Yes

Located of Rte 100, this movie theater and cafe has live music, popular movies, and independent films, plus special events. They are also home to the The Very Small Donut Company. Dinner and a movie are available four nights a week, and donuts on the weekends.


5 reviews
  • July 16, 2018
    "Terrible service and dishonest staff. We were a group of 5 that was being joined by another group of 3. Right from the time I asked for a table of 8, that waitress gave us attitude. Midway through taking our order, she abruptly left the table to have a conversation with someone behind the counter, forgetting that I could see her while we were waiting for her. Two of our orders were completely forgotten about. No apology, just an 'oh, it was delayed'. But WORST of all was when I went to pay (and I got an eye-roll when I asked for two checks, one for the group of 5 and one for the group of 3), she had added an 18% tip. Not a chance was I paying that. I wrote in the total for what was owed with no tip on the credit card slip and indicated I thought the service was terrible and wouldn't be tipping. I would have given some tip but was so galled at the audacity of an 18% tip she assumed she was entitled to I made it 0. Upon returning home and checking my credit card account statement, I see that she processed the full amount, including the ill-begotten tip. STEER CLEAR!"
    - Eaterguy
  • April 13, 2014
    "LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE - OLD TIME FEEL. Great films. Good food!!"
  • March 18, 2012
    "These guys rock! Great food and staff is super friendly with kids."
    - EsMom
  • November 16, 2009
    "Brought my kids to Big Picture last weekend... GREAT place! Truly unique combination of food & movie. Safe, fun, comfortable, great food and extremely service-oriented. Two dads enjoyed adult beverages - in the theater! - while the kids had old-fashioned sodas and milkshakes. Never been to a theater like this before, but hope to stop back some evening after skiing Sugarbush this winter!"
    - KenM
  • July 11, 2009
    "This place hits it outta the park on my family-friendly scale! Where to begin? The menu has more than something for everyone. There is a kids' menu (noodles & cheese, hot dog, lil burger, fruit, etc.), but we didn't even order off of it because there were so many other great choices. Breakfast is served till 3 pm so you are pretty much covered because what kid doesn't like breakfast? And oh yeah, they do the local thing like a good Vermont restaurant should ;-) Then there is the huge playground adjacent to the place with picnic tables and outdoor seating. They also do 'cartoon lunch' on Fridays where they play old-fashioned cartoons on the wall in the lounge (think Donald and Mickey) and the kids can play with the toys that are there and parents can chat and order up some chow. Thursday mornings during the school year there is a playgroup that meets there too from 9-11. Then there is the movie house of course. Not your plain old movie house though. Some regular seating, but up front there are some couches and then plenty of space for your little ones to play around. No need to sit still. Nice. Yeah, we will be back. Did I mention they serve beer in the movie theater? (shhhhh)"
    - missmagpie

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