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Birth Journeys is a partnership of three certified childbirth educators, doulas and massage therapist.

Birth Journeys offers a full spectrum of birth care support, from Pregnancy Circles (a peer-supportive group) to New Parent Playgroups with all the fun stuff in between like Childbirth, Newborn and Sibling classes, as well as Labor & Birth Doula services and massage.

Their services include:

  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Labor & Birth Doula Services
  • prenatial and postnatal massage
  • Postpartum Doula Services
  • Playgroups
  • Pregnancy circles
  • Newborn Care classes
  • Sibling classes
  • Bellycasting (instead of body casting)
  • Baby shower



6 reviews
  • September 16, 2013
    "My husband and I took the weekend birthing class with Genie from Birth Journeys a couple of weekends ago and were SO glad we did! We were a little concerned that being that they are doulas the class might be a little hippy dippy and pushing us towards birth choices we were not quite on board with but we found nothing of the sort. Genie was quite adept at giving us ALL available options openly and without judgement. She was funny, friendly, and easy to listen to. We learned so much more than just the birth stages the information we learned is going to really come in handy in the weeks to come and helped us feel much more prepared than any book would. Thank you!!! "
    - GreenMtnGal
  • April 5, 2013
    "After meeting with the Birth Journeys' Doulas the first time my husband turned to me to and said That was so calming, I would pay to have those special ladies just hang around us. They provided important information, acceptance, and support from our first meeting, throughout the five week childbirth class series, and continue to at the bimonthly playgroup I still attend. They provided the comfort we needed in the childbirth class and as our doulas to ask all of our nervous questions. I cherished the belly casting experience because Jenna and Genie made me feel like a goddess at the end of my pregnancy which was not an easy thing to do at that point We had a beautiful birth with the help of Jenna's gentle guidance, soothing massage techniques, position suggestions, and knowledge. She kept my partner and I calm, focused, and confident during the labor process. With her help, we were able to make informed decisions and prepare for the birth experience confidently and calmly. It felt like Birth Journeys was rooting us on the whole way through this challenging transition of becoming parents. I am happy to say that the postnatal visit was so helpful, as is the playgroup to connect with other parents, and the henna parties to relax and have a little fun. Our family is grateful to have these spiritual guides assisting new parents with the challenging and beautiful birth journey and I am relieved to have them as assets to our community by providing vital educational services, resources, support and connections for confident healthy families. "
    - ShannonM
  • February 20, 2013
    "My husband and I attended the 5 week hospital birth series and it was a great experience. Our teacher, Genie, was incredibly knowledgeable and made the class time fly by with her humor, wisdom about birth and her openness to discuss anything the class felt was important. I learned about all kinds of birth possibilities and most importantly about my options in an environment that was respectful to any variation I felt was right for me. I highly recommend this class to any and everyone who is on the journey towards giving birth."
    - Sandy B
  • January 30, 2013
    "We attended childbirth and newborn education classes at Birth Journeys. Both were well worth our time and offered a safe place to learn and ask questions and connect with other families to be."
    - nemom
  • January 29, 2013
    "The Birth Journey's team made me feel supported from the first time I called them. They were patient, kind, thoughtful, and always there to listen! I called them at midnight and the fabulous Amy met me at the hospital at 2AM. She recorded every moment of our birth. She offered eased my mind by also taking care of my husband. She helped to keep the room dark, quiet, and peaceful, just as I wished for it to be. My birth experience with my doula from Birth Journey's was SO different from my birth experience without them. I am emotional thinking back to how much it meant to me to have Amy's support as we welcomed our daughter. Amy took her first pictures and cut her cord. Our doula stayed with us until we were settled into our room. I was sad to see her go and so thankful for everything she did. She also followed up with us in the days and weeks following. She was again a listening ear and beyond supportive with nursing and post partum blues and more. I can not say enough about Birth Journeys!"
    - TryVermontFirst
  • January 28, 2013
    "Jenna at Birth Journeys was my doula and I can't even imagine my birthing experience without her! She was so supportive not only of what I needed but what my family needed at the time. I think every woman should have a doula with her in the delivery room! I would never go through this experience without one should I have another child."
    - lmcknight

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