Bluebird Barbecue



317 Riverside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401 Visit Website | 802-448-3070


Parking: Yes

Bluebird Barbecue serves up the real deal.  You will find corn bread, chili, hot wings tamales, brisket, roast chicken, pulled pork, ribs, cole slaw, mac n' cheese, apple sauce and more.  

Be sure to check out their weekly specials, like the Monday Family Pack


2 reviews
  • June 15, 2014
    "It is really a shame that this place passes for barecue in Burlington. If you have ever lived in, or visited, a part of the country that really does barbecue the south, the midwest, or any major city then just skip this place. If you have lived your whole life without ever having had decent barbecue then go ahead and you probably won't be disappointed. None of the meat is particularly tender a fatal flaw in ribs as far as I'm concerned and their saucespices are nothing special. Making things taste like smoke is not the same as serving good barbecue. On the plus side, the portions are decent, and the food never made us sick. Good enough to eat, but not good enough to crave or even really want to go back gives it 3 stars max from me."
    - Ali Asundercover
  • August 1, 2012
    "We went with our flock and friends to dinner at the new Bluebird BBQ 4 kids ages 913. Wow! This place is finger lickin' good. Don't come in your Sunday best but do come with your appetite. Food is served up family style on trays literally. Although you can order individually, it is best when you share so you can try a bit of everything. We sampled the chili, brisket, roast chicken, ribs, corn bread, mashed potatoes, mac cheese which you can order as a kids portion, BB pickles, slaw and the V.F.C. While devouring our food, one of the kids declared When I die this is what they will be serving in heaven about the brisket. And I am pretty sure the V.F.C, Vermont Fried Chicken Sandwich, is the most tender, juicy, delicious sandwich I have had in ages. Oh and save room for the fried dough yep, you read that right. It was like a little explosion in my mouth said the same child who wants that brisket in the after life. Bonus In the front room you will find two shuffleboard tables and a foosball table. Plenty of entertainment for our kids."
    - missmagpie

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