Bristol Falls and Circle Current Swimming Hole



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Parking: Yes

Located alongside Lincoln Road for convenient parking, Bristol Falls starts with a waterfall that leads into a small canyon of slow moving water. Though the rocks can be slippery, you can swim to the far side and walk along the rock edge back to the waterfall and actually stand underneath it. A couple of hundred feet down from the waterfall the water level shallows and is ideal for the younger kids.There are places along the shore for picnicking and relaxing.

Go a little further on Lincoln Road and you will stumble upon Circle Current Swimming Hole


7 reviews
  • August 14, 2012
    "The first time I visited this swimming hole, I loved it. That was last summer in 2011 when it was last reviewed. It was pretty unpopulated though there were a few families who were having a great time. But the last two times I went it was really crowded. People were generally friendly with each other and it didn't get rowdy but I was disturbed that there were folks smoking around the kids and lots of folks brought sixpacks of beer. I guess if you go early in the morning or on a rainy day, it would be more secluded but then the water might be too darn cold."
    - alisonmott
  • July 7, 2011
    "This swimming hole offers enough areas that are just about right everyone. We saw infants through teenagers. The focal point here are of course are the falls. You will find the most courageous folks hurling themselves off them, going down them slipnslide style and just about any other way it seems feasible to get down. That being said, it doesn't mean it is a good idea, however they all seemed to be having fun. For those who do want to do try cliff jumping, there are high ones, low ones and varying heights in between. There is even a rope swing. A bit farther down where the falls let out the water is very shallow, clear and clean. There are rocks and boulders for kids to sit on. It even seems like boulders have been built up to make small pools. There is plenty of room for swimming and exploring. On the far side there is a steeped incline that will get morning sun that is perfect for picnicking and spreading out your towel. We saw people who had even strung a hammock between two trees for a post swim nap! Like all swimming holes there is no supervision, so swim at your own risk. We bring life preservers for cliff jumping just in case. it is also worth noting that you when you park on the street you arrive above the swimming hole and have to forge your way down to the shallow area via a path. This is a bit rocky and has tree roots sticking out. I would advise water shoes not flip flops for this And forgo a large load, only carry in what you need. "
    - missmagpie
  • January 31, 2011
    "Sooo nice. I fully recommend. "
    - starprovenski
  • September 13, 2010
    "Great place to go with the family. There is a nice sized swimming hole along with a walkbehind waterfall. Lots of smaller little pools for wading. Dog friendly. Can sometimes be a little busy."
    - tinvt
  • August 19, 2008
    "What a find. Not just another swim hole. A beautiful waterfall, a cave to explore, some great rock outgcroppings for a picnic or play. Be carefulsome of those rocks can be really slippery!! Enjoy !!"
    - the d bird
  • August 2, 2008
    "Agree with twincoastlove, great place. EZ parking. Bring footwear. Places for the little kids to the big kids. We headed into Bristol dtown afterwards and hit the creemee stand."
    - ceb
  • July 15, 2008
    "Last Saturday, I found myself smack in the middle of a fabulous outdoor event with my kids! This place is something to write the city folks about back in California. Here, you can find the serene backdrop of a large, warm rock on which to plant yourself and read a book or a beckoning pool of water at the base of this very accessible Falls to cool yourself after a spell in the warm Vermont summer Sun. Very appropriate with close supervision as soon as you've got walkers, and supervised play with your toddler and young kids is fanastic. On a warm day, how wonderful! If you've got a brave 6 year old they may venture off the 10 footplus drop, or a taller one for older older! kids...the shorter one is perfect! The falls are something to listen to, especially from right behind them...and BRING your water shoes! This trip is a MUST for water shoes, without them it can really backfire. Make sure you have snacks, and books or other fun nonwater stuff to do when you're not in the swim of things...and, once you've exhausted snacks and are heading home, a stop at the Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg for Pizza is definitely a great way to round things out. It can be an all day affair, or even the end of a wonderful day. We made it a 3pm to 7pm event and had a full day at home getting the lawn done plus an event for the whole family."
    - twincoastlove

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