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Building Blocks Playschool provides a high quality experience in a compfortable, home-like setting.

Kaitlyn and Lindsey are two sisters who have a passion for children; they know that finding the right childcare can be an extremely stressful task. They are here to make it easy; with Kaitlyn's background in Early Childhood Education and Lindsey's background in business, they both have the tools needed to create a community to fit both the needs of parents and children.


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  • July 11, 2019
    "This daycare is mediocre. Its essential a large babysitting center. The staff is not educated on early childhood development. Most of the toys are plastic and do not encourage interaction or language. The art projects are all generic and do not allow the children to be creative most are hand and footprints with faces drawn on them or little phrases. My child went there for over a year. There is no encouragement or challenge for the children to expand socially or emotionally and a lack of focus on developing skills in language and communication. There is a big focus on making children sit in a circle for long periods of time to be taught. Not a realistic expectation for the age group. The owners and director are condescending and quick to be defensive when issues arise. They are not willing to work with parents and there is a huge lack of support for the families and children. The center is clean and they will keep your child safe, but those are the only pros to this center. I wouldnt recommend. "
    - Anonymous1

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