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The Community Sailing Center is a vital hub on the shores of Lake Champlain where community members and visitors of Burlington, Vermont gather to play on the lake together through lessons, camps and other programming. They’ve got something here for everyone regardless of age, ability, or income.

Community Sailing Center summer camps are designed to teach kids ages 6 through 17 the safety, skill, and joy involved in the life-long sport of sailing. Organized by age group and led by certified instructors, camp options include sailing-only and multi-activity camps that blend sailing and another sport or hobby. Week-long and two week camps take place throughout the summer with several sessions to choose from. The Community Sailing Center offers early drop-off/late pickup options to accommodate each family’s needs. 

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6 reviews
  • August 24, 2013
    "My youngest son has been requesting to go to sailing camp for two years. This year I felt he was ready he had not been a strong swimmer before, and that was my hesitation. He signed up for the fill day Little Guppies program. It may have been the best camp of the summer, beating out his perennial favorite. Each morning they had a meeting followed by sailing to the south of Burlington, then lunch on shore with an afternoon sail to the north of Burlington. There was a lot of learning about the boats and a basic introduction to sailing. Mostly the counselors helped the kids get computable with sailing terms and basic maneuvers. The camp was a huge confidence builder, and really instilled a love for a new sportactivity. He can't wait to go back next year and hopes to be able to sail in a sunfish solo net year! I highly recommend this camp."
    - NicoleVT
  • August 24, 2013
    "My son just completed camp at the Community Sailing Center and I cannot say enough about what a wonderful week he had. It was the last full week of the summer so I thought we'd have to drag him to camp but he had such a fun first day that he was raring to go each day, excited for that day's adventure. His camp was called Lake Adventures, which included using the sailboats, paddle boards, swimming...even being pulled by a sailboat on a paddle board one day. The ratio of 6 kids to 1 instructor worked very well and I was impressed with how much my son learned, from tying knots to actually sailing a boat. This was our first year taking advantage of one of the Community Sailing Center camps but we will absolutely be signing our kids up next year."
    - elzywick
  • February 15, 2012
    "My son has attended this camp for two summers in a row, and we look forward for him attending again. A fabulous program that gets kids out on the lake right away, learning sailing skills handson. If you have an only child, consider sending your kid with a friend, particularly if you live outside of Burlington. Great confidence builder and a wonderful skill for kids to know!"
    - maxmomvt
  • July 20, 2010
    "My 7 year old daughter attended this camp a couple weeks ago and LOVED it! She can't wait to go back again next year as a LEVEL 1. She swam everyday and sailed at least once a day but sometimes twice. By Friday she sailed in a small 2 person boat without an instructor. This will be the first camp we sign up for next summer!"
    - kathyjoc
  • April 9, 2009
    "My child has been attending this camp for a few years. He loves the Sailing Center. The instructors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The class was well organized and my son came away with memories of a great time sailing on Lake Champlain! "
    - SusanM
  • September 14, 2008
    "My son attended the Level I camp, but only for 1 day. He came home upset that he was bullied by two other camp participants. I spoke to his instructor on the phone and he confirmed this as well. After speaking with his instructor and the LCCSC management, they offered to move him into a Level II camp he's had some sailing experience so this was logical. But my son did not want to move camps because he had made friends in his original class. LCCSC did not want to move the 2 other kids. So my son decided not to return. LCCSC did refund us for the entire week initially only offering 4 days, but I was disappointed that they penalized my son and not the bullies. For what it is worth, it appeared that the instructor was managing two classes worth of kids. But, in my opinion, he should have asked for help from management or stopped the class and dealt with the problem. It looked like a great program, hopefully they will be better trained and staff to deal with these types of issues in the future."
    - ceb

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