Davis Community Preschool



916 Shelburne Road, South Burlington, VT 05403 Visit Website | 802-425-2700 | info@davisstudiovt.com


Cost: Check web site for tuition details Parking: Yes

Davis Community Preschool is a 5 STAR, Act 166 qualified pre-k program. They are a Reggio-Emilia inspired program serving students ages 2 – 5 years.

  • Arts Rich & Play Based
  • Fostering Creativity
  • Cultivating Curiosity
  • Engaging Activities
  • Purposeful Environment
  • Experiences in Nature
  • Highly-qualified instructors


Your child will experience an arts-rich, play-based program designed for joyful, authentic and meaningful learning. Davis Community Preschool supports children in developing the academic foundations needed to be engaged, curious, life-long learners. Your child will thrive in an environment where they are respected as an artist, scientist, explorer and contributor to our community. At Davis Community Preschool creativity through the arts, connections to nature and social-emotional learning are emphasized. 

Reach out to speak to the director and/or attend an open house to see if Davis Community Preschool could be an ideal fit for your child.


2 reviews
  • July 16, 2019
    "We were so fortunate to send our child here for 3 years. We have spoken highly about them to any and all that will listen and I highly recommend them for any child. When we first toured they were just about to open the preschool. We were only looking for the following year, but our child who at the time had separation anxiety and would not want us away from her even in the same space happily played with someone else the whole time. She asked to go back there every day for a whole week!, so we decided to send her starting at 2 years old for 2xweek. At that initial visit we spoke with Teresa and asked about their policy for saying goodbye anticipating it would be difficult. She said they would work with each family to do what works best for them. What a difference!! That was not the response we got from other preschools and we have felt that respectlovecare from all of Davis Studio staff ever since. Thankfully for us our child rarely had any issues with us leaving and they were always wonderfully supportive of our process. She loved every minute of preschool and all of the teachers and staff there were so wonderful at balancing a structure kids need with respecting and loving each child as individuals. The curriculum is childcentered and based on the interests of the kids and includes tons of art and creative endeavors. The teachers supportguide students in learning more about their world in a way that honors where each student is and what they want to know without directing the learning too much. We love that they spend a lot of time outside either walking in the woods nearby or in the AMAZING outdoor classroom. You will not find children doing worksheets hereeven the art projects are just providing time and supplies to students and seeing what they come up with. It's a wonderful place to support individuals and help them grow!! The teachers are dedicated professionals who get to know each child and family and respect families. They do such a great job of setting up a welcoming and warm environment and teaching children excellent ways of interacting with other children and adultsdealing with conflicts. They were great about respecting each family's needsparenting choices, too. Truly, we were so luckyhonored to have been able to send our child here for 3 years and are so sad to have to leave K starting this fall Davis Studio Preschool. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
    - Candace780714
  • May 26, 2019
    "Choosing to send our daughter to Davis Studio Preschool was one of the best decisions we ever made. The teachers, executive director, and the support staff are all passionate about early childhood education and the arts. Everyday she walks into the classroom she is greeted with warm, genuine smiles from teachers who are excited to see her and help her transition into the day. The playbased curriculum is lead by the childrens curiosities, giving every child the opportunity to be an artist, a scientist, a builder, a performer, a nurturer and making everyday an adventure! Through this way of learning they discover that they are capable, that kindness and compassion build friendships and community, and that their ideas are important and worthy of exploration. Our daughter comes home inspired by her experiences and proud to show her creations that are all hers. This is the gold standard for preschool that all children deserve. We feel so grateful for the two years that our daughter has had at Davis Studio Preschool and only wish she could go another year!"
    - deirdrekgill

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