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Davis Community School provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where your child will grow socially, emotionally and academically while experiencing the joy of learning. Your child’s strengths will be engaged as they are empowered to question, investigate and explore. Experience a Reggio-Emilia inspired holistic built on strong academic foundations. Other features include, forest school days, visual arts, movement, drama, and Spanish language instruction.


  • Small Class Sizes 
  • Fostering Creativity
  • Cultivating Curiosity
  • Building Confidence
  • Strong Academics
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Emergent Curriculum
  • Spanish Language
  • Outdoor  


Reach out to schedule a tour or attend an open house to see if Davis Community School could be an ideal fit for your child.


10 reviews
  • March 16, 2023
    "Wonderful place. Strong academic program while supporting emotional health and individual growth of every child. Small classes, outdoor classroom, Spanish class, multi aged groups, a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion training including a collaboration with the Peace and Justice center, and of course their unique art program. "
    - Esthercm
  • March 15, 2023
    "A hidden gem Davis Community School. For those seeking a small, intimate school setting, their program is phenomenal. Our 9yo boy is truly happy here, he feels seen and appreciated by his teachers and fellow students. We value the community, academics and creative, holistic, projectbased learning approach. Highly recommend."
    - adriennecgaskell
  • March 14, 2023
    "Davis Community School is a wonderful place for anyone looking for an alternative to public education. The classes are small, kids spend about an hour outside a day, and its an amazing group of teachers and leadership. Its Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum is amazing and you can really see how engaged the kids are with their learning, rather than having to learn specific facts at specific times of the year. Being Reggio inspired does not mean they are not instructed in math and literacy, quite the contrary. Some teachers are trained in the OrtonGillingham approach for reading instruction, and another teacher was a public school teacher for more than 20 years before beginning at Davis Community School. You can tell that they love what they do and are invested in each students success. The school has events for the parents to meet, as well as events to celebrate learning. There was a fun concert in December where the kids danced and sang songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. It was followed by a lighted outdoor display of the planets that the kids worked on, and the community joined in song together led by the preschoolers. We switched from another private school to Davis after Kindergarten. Our child was was not engaged and didnt want to go to school. At Davis she is supported both academically and emotionally, and she is just so much happier than she was at the other school where her only favorite times were recess and free time. Id definitely suggest checking the school out even if youre on the fence. I think youll love it as much as we do!"
    - KateD123
  • March 14, 2023
    "My daughter has been a student at the Community School since March 2022. She started in our public Kindergarten following a positive experience there for our older daughter now in 6th grade. We quickly realized it wasn't a good fit for our younger daughter when she wasn't making friends, started acting out, and most importantly didn't want to go to school. The searched desperately for a new school to change her into, but had trouble finding one that would take her midyear. The Community School, however, was extremely understanding and welcoming. They were willing to give our daughter a chance when others weren't. Within days of stating school at DCS, our daughter was like a new child. Her behavior and mood improved. She looked forward to going to school and was excited to see her peers. Now don't get me wrong, she still has her challenges. She struggles with impulse control and emotional regulation, but her teachers at DCS take the time to help her understand these moments and work through them and learn from them. They never shame her or make her feel less than Her teacher and all the teachers and staff at DCS are amazing! They accept and embrace each child for who they are and see their value. Every child has an outlet for their strengths to shine, whether its physically, art, academics, socially. Children feel special at VDS."
    - Jules321
  • May 4, 2021
    "Our daughter has been in the kindergarten at Davis this school year and it has been an amazing experience for her. She loves going to school everyday and loves to tell us all about the learning and fun she has had. She has struggled a bit with reading and Lyndsy has been great at helping to support her at school and with ideas for us at home. Our daughter has thrived in the smaller classroom size and extra attention that the Davis program is able to provide. Lyndsy has done an excellent job building learning experiences from the childrens interests and natural world around them. We highly recommend the Davis Studio Community School!"
    - Gplatt7005
  • April 9, 2021
    "Our fourth grade son loves going to school every day at Davis Community School. He is always happy to go and to be part of an intimate, nurturing and engaged learning environment. He's become increasingly confident in his ability to pursue his own curiosity and dive deeply into his learning, then share his new knowledge with his classmates and teachers. The encouragement he feels to develop his unique interests as well as his independence as a learner has allowed him to grow in all ways, academically as well as personally. As a family, we appreciate how responsive the teachers and administrators are to parent and student ideas and concerns, and how well they communicate about our child's experience. Davis Community School is a very creative, caring and safe community in which children thrive. "
    - aagray
  • July 15, 2019
    "My daughters love the Davis Community School. They are excited by the science projects, creative approach to learning, and many art offerings. They have worked in clay, glass, papier mch, fabric, and watercolors and acrylic paints. The small class size means that each child gets an individualized education while being part of a fun and vibrant group. Teresa also directed a wonderful end of year play. We are excited for the fall!"
    - CatherineD
  • July 14, 2019
    "Our oldest has been enrolled at Davis Community School since it opened in January 2019. We have been thrilled with the growth, learning, and endless opportunities for her to explore at the school. The curriculum is strong and encourages children to learn in the way that best suits them, as individuals. The staff is kind, patient, and truly interested in each child. The school is within walking distance to the woods which allows the kids to spend time exploring nature and learning outside. We are so excited to be part of this community. It has been such a blessing for our daughter."
    - 2kidsinVT
  • July 13, 2019
    "My experience at Davis Community School has been one that is inviting, creative, accepting, and exploratory. The children are challenged to become independent thinkers and their curiosity is encouraged as they move through each educational unit. The language, music and, of course, the art curriculum are exceptional and influential. My kids love bringing their school work home and showing off their new skills and creations. I highly recommend DCS for anyone looking for an enriching program in a small, safe and encouraging environment."
    - VTdad2019
  • July 13, 2019
    "My two children have attended Davis Community School since it opened in January 2019. My children love going to school each day. They have been challenged and supported academically, are understood as individuals, and help make decisions when it comes to learning. French, Spanish, music and art classes create opportunities for them to learn in new ways and understand different cultures. We feel so lucky to have our children in a small, multiage class, where they are safe to take risks, ask questions and delve into learning. Davis Community School has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to be part of this growing school."
    - BtvVtparent

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