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Serving children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, there are 3 spacious community indoor rooms where children participate in dance, French, gymnastics, story telling, music and even a sand room.  There are there 3 large, age-specific outdoor play areas.  Open weekdays 6:45am - 5:45pm.


21 reviews
  • August 8, 2018
    "I recently took a tour at E.J.'s, and immediately felt a connection. Teachers were warm, the environment felt like home, and the sound of happy children rang through the building. I had already visited some other programs, and I felt disappointed. A colleague recommended E.J.'s after I shared my concerns with her. I felt like I hit the lottery when I toured the program. It can be hard to get into the program, but it is definitely worth the wait! If you visit this program, you will know what I am speaking about immediately. My child could not be better cared for, loved, inspired and nurtured. Their curriculum is outstanding, and developed based on the needs and interests of the children. The Teachers are educated, happy and willing to grow. The leadership is excellent! Program is well run, organized and clean! The most important thing to me was that I could feel that they actually like and want to work with children. You have to check them out, they are really a level above other local programs. "
    - bekindmom
  • February 27, 2016
    "I have a toddler son at EJ's and have not had a single negative experience in the 1.5 years he's been at the center. I visited the center prior to his birth in 2013 and was immediately impressed with the staff and beautiful, clean, lively and organized facility. All of the teachers are friendly and nurturing. I take time to get to know each of them while I am dropping off and picking up, and during special activities and have nothing but positive things to say. Most importantly my son is happy and stimulated there each and everyday. The regular communication via email is very helpful and informative as is the in person communication. Courtney, Hilary and Laurel do a fantastic job keeping the center upbeat and organized and the staff seem happy. The women caring for my son are nurturing and patient and I have personally witnessed them many times in action. I would send anyone there without hesitation as they are providing an excellent service in a beautiful environment!"
    - Lala802
  • February 15, 2016
    "I am writing this review as a parent of two children who has been a part of the EJs environment, as well as part of other childcare centers. I think this gives me a fair perspective. I'd give it 3.5 stars of 5, but thats not an option here, and I couldn't quite give it a 4. Pros some of the best communication we've experienced. EJ's sent us monthly and sometimes weekly emails about events, curriculum, and other tidbits. This far exceeded anything else we've had elsewhere. The only place they fell down was communicating staff turnover. We'd often walk in at the end of the day and see a new face and have to ask them who they were. You should at least know the name of the person taking care of your child. I did appreciate the monthly parents nights out. They are also fairly unique and a great thing for parents. Neutral staff. It was really hit or miss, as it is at every other center we've utilized. Some are amazing, caring, friendly, and outgoing, while others are clearly there for the paycheck and don't even appear to like children. This isn't unique to EJ's. Negative Two big ones for me, which ultimately led to us leaving the center. The preK classrooms are overcrowded. Yes, there is the appropriate ratio of 1 teacher per 10 kids, but there would be 30 kids in a room most of the time. It was constant chaos and I don't see how any kid at that age could thrive in that environment. You get the tour, you go through the early years with small classes, and then feel like cattle as your child turns 3. The second is their inability to accommodate families. When I became pregnant with my second child, I alerted them immediately that I would be seeking a spot for the infant, approximately 13 months later. I was coldly told I could have a spot for 20 months later, saying that the waiting list was 20 months long. I didn't see how that was possible doing the math for an infant spot, and they said they were holding spots for people still trying to get pregnant. When I tried to talk to the director about this, and asked if there was anything I could do to avoid pulling my older child, she told me it was no big deal to have my kids in separate places. They are entitled to their own policy, of course, but ask yourself what you will do if you enroll one child here, only to find out at some point that you will have to have children in two separate locations or pull your child after they've gotten comfortable. Lastly, I was appalled at the number of staff who were smokers. I respect that adults can make their own decisions, and the staff would leave the center grounds to smoke, but the smell stays with you. My child would often smell of it. We've since had experiences with another local center and couldn't be happier."
    - brightshadeofpink
  • February 11, 2016
    "My son goes to EJ's and I couldn't be more pleased with how AMAZING this program is. All the teachers are so welcoming, friendly and show so much love to all the children. If I have ever had any kind of questions or concerns teachers were always helpful and if they did not have the answer they would direct me to admin. Who is also very welcoming and helpful. I wouldn't send my child anywhere else but EJ'S and strongly recommend it to all my friends and family!"
    - BB14
  • February 10, 2016
    "We have just begun our experience with EJ's Kid's Klub and joining them after some more unpleasant childcare experiences. Let me just say, they have been a breath of fresh air for both my child and our family. We are proud to have our son involved in an environment that is supportive of children developing healthy and at their own speed. My husband and I are always greeted when we drop off and pick up our son. We have a huge appreciation for the teachers who spend time with our little man. Their enthusiasm and attentiveness has been both wonderful and comforting. We couldn't be more satisfied with a program. "
    - BBrunelle08
  • February 10, 2016
    "I am intrigued by the unhappy parent. I have been on the waiting list for this program for 9 months. I have MANY friends and colleagues who adore this program, and what I always hear is......no one works harder! I took a tour and was amazed by the homey classrooms, the happy children, and ironically....the very professional staff. This programs reputation has been built on exceptional care, customer service and its top notch teachers. I can't wait to get the call that they have space because I currently have my children in a center that is not nearly as highquality. If you look around, the difference is very clear! My advice stop sharing your unhappiness online and talk to the people who can actually help you. Better yet, go see what else is out there then you may realize how great you actually have it."
    - momonthego
  • February 10, 2016
    "My son is currently enrolled in Ej's and my daughter went to Ej's birth through 5 years. It is an amazing center. All the teachers are welcoming and loving! They do an amazing job! Their jobs are very difficult taking care of each child and their individual needs, as well as keeping them busy and planning activities, keeping up with cleaning, lunch, diapers and all the other daily activities taking care of that many childrenand trying to please the high maintenance parents out there I am thankful they love their jobs that much as to take training's on weekends and strive to keep there knowledge up on how to continue to help teach my child to grow and learn! I am very happy with their center and I have highly recommended it to many parents and I will continue to do so!"
    - Jlfish
  • February 8, 2016
    "Some of the staff is extremely unprofessional. They are closed frequently for training days at inconvenient times and it doesn't seem like much of the staff is getting anything out of their training. I still have not been greeted when I walk in my child's classroom. One of the teachers waits for me to say hello every single day... It isn't a warm environment for me to walk into. When I come at the end of the day the sub for my child's teacher knows nothing about their day...where their outdoor clothing is...ect... Instead of them telling me they don't know I wish they would even attempt to look.. There are a select few of teachers that I do really like and feel comfortable with, but other than that I'm extremely disappointed."
    - ccdy1980
  • August 15, 2015
    "I wouldn't dare to put my kid here. My office is on the same road as this daycare and today this daycare is having some kind of a car wash fund raising day. There is a bunch of little kids can't be more than 5 running back and forth across the Industrial Ave D road with one adult managing them from the main road."
    - Concerned
  • June 23, 2014
    "We moved to the area from Mass. 6 months ago, and relied heavily upon the community for a childcare recommendation. I can't tell you how many people said go to EJ's! Thankfully we were able to get in, and we could not be happier. It has the homey feel, warm and inviting. The teachers are so great with the kids and the parents. My children are learning so much, and have fun doing it. The are very progressive and always looking to grow and improve. They value feedback, and are always happy to answer question or concerns. Everyone knows my kids my name, and even staff who are not their primary teachers pitch in whenever help is needed. They focus on the details and that matters. My kids are safe, loved and thriving....what more could I ask for? Well done EJ's!"
    - Kayla
  • October 18, 2013
    "We love, love, love EJ's! We have had kids at EJ's for the last three years and never have had a bad thing to say about them. They go above and beyond for all the kids and my boys love going daycare. They are are always doing fun activites and the teachers are always really happy with lots of great energy. It always amazes me that everytime I call they know me by name. I would recommend them to anyone, they are great!"
    - Salvatori
  • January 24, 2013
    "Finding a childcare center can be a daunting task, and we are very fortunate to have found EJ's. We have been really impressed with both the staff and programming. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending EJ's! Whole hearted double thumbs up! Thanks!!"
    - Rbkarp
  • July 18, 2012
    "I am the grandmother of 3 and have three grandchildren in 3 different daycares. I often help my children with pick ups and special events etc. I love to pick my grandchildren up for special days with grammie etc. I had heard of E.J.'s reputation in advance as I work in the education field, but was very delighted to discover their reputation was very well deserved. What a great staff! Happy, caring and very child directed. They always have a smile and are eager to help. They are informative and professional, but also caring. They do the extra things that really matter and make you, and more importantly, the child feel special and part of a family. Their curriculum is top notch, and I would know! The facility is clean and lovely. Classrooms are warm and welcoming. It is well organized, and very well supervised by management. Of the three programs...there is no contest. I only wish they had a shorter wait list for my other 2 grandchildren. I feel they are really missing out on an outstanding opportunity. A few things I really appreciate about the program are their desire to continually improve, to stay current, to hire educated teachers who receive regular training and to always be thinking about whats best for children first. KUDOS to you EJ's...your hard work is appreciated and noticed. Even after all these years you are still on top. WELL DONE!"
    - Barb Noel
  • February 15, 2012
    "My daughter, who is almost three, has been attending EJ's since she was 12 weeks old. My husband and I feel immensely fortunate and privileged to be a part of the EJ's community. The quality of care received by the little ones at the center is simply unparalleled. The programming is thoughtful, developmentally appropriate, and highly stimulating. The staff are genuinely cheerful and happy to be at work and very competent. The kiddie to teacher ratios are lower than what they are expected to be by law. The physical environment and all it has to offer is gorgeous, and the Directors are so immensely approachable! Families are involved in everything, and I feel truly welcomed to participate in my daughter's programming. In fact, my husband and I often joke in a good way that we can barely keep up with all the special projects. It is just such a rich and stimulating environment! In response to an earlier negative post, I would like to say that, while I am not aware of the specifics of the situation that is being referred to, one of the things I see as EJ's strengths is that they work extremely hard at accommodating children with different needs, dispositions, and temperaments. All children deserve the best opportunities that our communities can provide to them, and all children benefit from learning how to get along with a diverse range of peers."
    - MMm
  • January 8, 2012
    "I have worked at EJ's for 11 years. We thrive on giving our families the best care for their children. I love that everyday I learn something new. It is a honor to work for a highly successful child care center with loving and very nurturing teachers."
    - jessica lavee
  • January 5, 2012
    "EJ's is an amazing center. The staff are so caring and devoted to all the children. The center is clean and organized. I don't think you could ask for a better center. I know they work very hard to accomodate the needs of all the children and are always willing to work with familes. I HIGHLY recommend EJ's to anyone looking for a safe, caring place to bring their children!!!!!!! "
    - zoomzoom
  • January 5, 2012
    "We love E.J.'s. We have a 3 year old in the sunshine room, and are impressed by the dedication and patience of the teachers. I am not one to create waves, however I feel that the negative review about the sunshine room is unfair. As the parent lists her name, I am familiar with the child she speaks of. Sadly, this is a child who needs help. He is very aggressive and repeatedly hurts children, my child included. The situation was serious enough that the daycare added an extra teacher to specifically watch this child. 16 children with 3 teachers. I know because I asked as I was very concerned about this child. and his interactions with my child. Many parents were talking, and the daycare has done a great job trying to help this child while keeping the other children safe. They have certainly never said anything negative about this child to me even when I expressed my concerns. It can be hard to acknowledge that our children have troubles, but this family would be better served not laying blame elsewhere and trying to get help for their child who I have observed in action on many occasions. EJ's is a fantastic program, and I can't recommend them enough! My friends and coworkers also have children there and feel the same!"
    - happytimes
  • January 2, 2012
    "I wish I could speak highly of the center, but we did not have a good experience at EJ's at all. They employ people who also have children attending the center so those children receive special treatment so their mommas can keep their jobs. It is very disheartening when your child is getting sent to the office when the other kids are doing the exact same thing and you witness it!!! They do not have enough staff and there are so many transitions , the poor kids go nuts! We loved it when our son was in EP with Caroline and Amy, but as soon as he moved it was a nightmare beyond explanation. It is fine if you are fine with the explanation of why your child got bit as being because , his mother is a single mother. NO WAY!"
    - lcenterbar
  • August 18, 2011
    "You can't go wrong with EJ's! Best daycare around. "
    - kbarbic
  • August 17, 2011
    "My 6month old has been going to EJ's for 3 months now and I have nothing but positive reviews for them! The center itself clean, organized, and lightfilled. My son's teachers are so sweet and affectionate and were incredibly helpful during the transition phase during which I eased back into work. I had nightmares of my son crying every day when we would drop him off, but he has never once shed a tear when we leave him. I can tell that he loves his teachers sometimes when I pick him up he is sitting in a swing or bouncyseat watching them feed another baby and just staring at them with a look of adoration! Every day we get a report card detailing my son's day and I find this INCREDIBLY helpful I know when he ate, how much, when he slept, for how long, how many times he had his diaper changed, what was inside, etc. A little whiteboard outside his room indicates what the babies in his class were up to that day what stories they read, songs they sang, if they went for a walk... I also feel comforted by how secure the building is doors remain locked, must be buzzed in, cameras everywhere. Finally, a lot of the centers that we looked at had the infants sleeping in the same room where all the activity was happening which I wasn't crazy about. At one center, we witnessed a baby being fed throw a fit and wake two other sleeping babies from a sound slumber. At EJ's there is a separate room for napping babies with a glass wall so the teachers can easily monitor them. My husband and I went back and forth numerous times between wanting an inhome daycare where we thought our son might have more oneonone time and a center. This decision is entirely personal, but we couldn't be happier at EJ's."
    - Bizzybee
  • September 13, 2010
    "EJ's is the best. They have the most wonderful, caring, loving teachers. Highly recommended!"
    - toast

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