Fort Ticonderoga



84 Montcalm Street, Ticonderoga, NY 12883 Visit Website | 518-585-2821 |


Cost: Adults $17.50| Seniors (65+) $14| Youth (5-12) $8| Children <4 Free Parking: Yes

The Fort is more than just a restored military fortress. It is a National Historic Landmark. Children can come away with a better understanding of American history from the French and Indian Wary and revolutionay war periods during the 18th centuries.

  • Fort Ticonderoga
  • The Log House Resturant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a children's menu.
  • Gardens and Grounds include a children's garden
  • The Heroic Corn Maze - This six acre corn maze is designed in the shape of Fort Ticonderoga.  The maze is designed to be challenging. You will find clues throughout the maze that are connected to their story. There are over two miles of paths in the main maze. History Hints throughout the maze help you find your way—if you know the correct answers!


2 reviews
  • August 14, 2013
    "A very high price to pay if you want to have fun. The reenactors were generally very nice but couldn't give us a good feel for how the fort was built. The fort is basically just old artifacts found around the area and the new exhibit about the diseases is basically just information you can find online with paintings to show what the diseases would look like. If the prices were lower then I'd recommend it for school trips or maybe for a visit if you already happen to be in the area but don't make it the focus of your visit. The scheduled events through out the day are really spread out so if you get caught up in the cafe like we did then you'll miss your tour. The cafe wasn't much better. The sandwiches were good but they were very expensive, and they didn't have much for a kid's menu. If it's a family vacation spot you'd think they'd focus on the family and not making specialty sandwiches. The waitstaff was friendly but the wait for our food was very long. Overall, I'd avoid this since I enjoy history and I found this to be very clumsily put together."
    - missladybug
  • September 26, 2011
    "The fort is an incredible place to visit! There is a lot of revolutionary history here, great stories, and tons of things to do. Plenty of space for the kids to run around when they get bored. The restaurant is very nice too. Make it a point to see the King's Garden which is just outside of the fort. For 2011, do NOT pay extra for the corn maze. Irene really did a number on the corn field after the maze was cut. The good section barely has corn that is 4 foot tall. The bad section is just paths with no growths. There is nothing corn maze about it except for the walk. I also think they charge a bit too much for the Fort itself. Make sure to take advantage of a AAA discount or a coupon."
    - kazama

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