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70 Suburban Square, South Burlington, VT 05403 Visit Website | 802-264-5414 |


Cost: $215 a week FT | $65 per day PT Parking: Yes

It is their goal to provide quality, professional, nurturing childcare with respect and recognition that there are individual differences among children.

Teachers focus on the strengths of each child while facilitating successful development of the whole child. Children are allowed to grow and explore at their own pace with the guidance of professional and compassionate caregivers. Giggles likes to promote children’s character development by teaching and demonstrating to children the values of caring, respect, honest and responsibility.

Giggles is NAFCC, NECPA accredited and a five STAR program.


4 reviews
  • July 29, 2013
    "Giggles is a fantastic play based program in which the kids are locked in a corner all day, but rather engaged at all times. Ranging from travels to the local airport, bear hunts through the woods or picnic at local parks. All of these promote curiousity in which the ciriculm adjust based on the childrens desires and areas they wish to learn more about. My daughter has been at Giggles for 2 and half year now and I constantly am told how advanced my daughter is in some areas. I directly attribute this to giggles and they great work that is being done by its owner!!! I disagree with the negative comment."
    - psturgeo
  • July 29, 2013
    "My child has also been with Giggles for three years and I would have to greatly disagree with the comment of the declining program. With changing hands, there has been changes and differences, however, that is to be expected when one person takes over another, and it is NOT for the worse by any means. Amy has done an amazing job continuing the greatness of this program that was originally started. She is always available, open and understanding of each familieschild's needs. She works individually with each of us to make our children safe and happy while we are absent in their days, just as much as making us feel comfortable leaving our children in her care. I have seen amazing leaps and bounds from my child in development in both social and educational. What does sadden me is not the slight changes that have taken place, but, when the time comes where we have to say good bye to this amazing close 'family' here at Giggles, when we have to take the large step of entering Kindergarten, which because of what Amy has continued to provide, I feel confident my child will continue succeeding."
    - VTMommy3
  • July 27, 2013
    "We also have had our child at this program for three years and now have our second child there as well. We disagree with the above review. There was change in ownership when Amy took over and the program went from two providers to one, 12 children down to 6. This in itself made it a different program, but we do not feel that the quality of care has changed at all. As before, Amy is a highly qualified, motivated, loving, nurturing and professional provider. She genuinely loves working with children and provides a safe and fun environment that stimulates each child in a way that is appropriate to their social, emotional and intellectual development. The lines of communication are always open with her and this has allowed for a true partnership and sense of community between provider and parents with the wellbeing of the child always the priority. Compared to other providers in the area and we've seen our fair share this program is hands down one of the best in the Burlington area."
    - Parent2013
  • July 5, 2013
    "I am saddened to say this program is declining. Change of ownership. My child has been there for the last three years. Suddenly there is no notice of days off and more days off then handbook says. Has been an inconvience. i am looking for other childcare. Also when looking at the state regulation page there are violations? I was confused since these were not shared with families, or at least I didn't hearsee them. I was hoping for the best but it is simply not the same."
    - Experience

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