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52 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401 Visit Website | 802-863-4644 | homeport@homeportonline.com


Parking: No
Homeport is a famiy run lifestyle and home furnishings store on the Churchstreet Marketplace.  On the 3rd floor, you will find a great collection of unique toys. They have science toys, games, spy toys, plush toys, and more.


2 reviews
  • August 16, 2011
    "I could walk around Homeport for hours! They have so much to look at and explore. I have purchased multiple gifts from Homeport and I've always been quite pleased with their selection and prices. "
    - Shanrock512
  • December 17, 2009
    "With a lack of a real toy store in downtown Burlington right now, this certainly fills the void! I went in for just a few ornaments and came out with a bag full of toys and stocking stuffers for my children and nephews! Who knew that on the 3rd floor of what I normally think of as a homegoods store that there would be such a find? The best is all the retro toys if you are into that sort of thing. I was torn between the whoopie cushion or the whoopie cushion pen for a certain 11 yr old boy. Then there were slinkys, trick gum, gyro wheels, kazoos, penny whistles...too many choices so I bought 'em all I even spied the wooden FischerPrice dial phone that I had when I was a kid. They also have amazing games, puzzles, stuffed animals, thinking games, science and spy toys."
    - missmagpie

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