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Cost: Youth Programs  $110.00 (Required); Youth Non-Resident  $20.00 (Optional) Parking: Yes
Designed by U.S. Figure Skating, this is an instructional introduction to hockey for strong (Basic 1) skaters. Emphasis will be on foot glides, stopping, and more. The curriculum is designed to keep skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether their goal is to achieve Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of ice hockey, this is a great place to start.


Program Length - usually 1 day a week (after school) for 8 sessions.

Program Time - is 1 hour consisting of 15 minutes of warm-up time on the ice, followed by 1/2 hour lesson with certified instructors, and finally 15 minutes of supervised practice.

Program Location - C. Douglas Cairms Arena


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  • March 1, 2010
    "I was so disappointed with this afterschool program. Looks like they are making changes for future sessions, but I will share what I experienced during the 200910 sessions. when we signed up, there was no mention that it was only a 12 hour of instruction. no reason why it can't be a full hour, the instructors are there. pretty expensive program 35hour. during the 8 week session, we saw 3 instructors of which only 1, in my opinion, was trained to teach ice hockey. the kids only had about 16th of the ice to practice on. very little time was spent with the puck on the ice. I called the So. Burlington Rec Dept to communicate my concerns but they claim only to be the organizer and redirected me to the Vermont Skating Club. The representative there acknowledged my issues and promised to followup...but he never did. We've done the Full Stride equivalent and that's much better."
    - familyfuninvt

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