Lyric Theatre Company


7 Green Tree Dr., South Burlington, VT 05403 Visit Website | 802-658-1484 |


Ages: Toddlers, Kinder, Kids, Tweens, Teens Cost: See website for pricing.

Dedicated to producing quality theatre in Vermont, the Lyric Theatre Company is a non-profit, community theatre organization made up of 400+ volunteers. Everyone on-stage and behind the scenes, with the exception of the orchestra is unpaid. Be sure to check their site for their upcoming performances.

Additionally, they offer several educational programs:

  • LyricKids summer camp for children ages 6-15. 
  • LyricKids Workshops for kids interested in musical theater.


2 reviews
  • August 1, 2008
    "True, when 100 kids audition for only 46 roles, there will be many disappointments, that's unavoidable. But it's not indicative of a bias or unfairness in the process. New people stand exactly the same chance as returning auditionees and new people always get in, regularly OVER kids who have been cast before. Many returnees suffer the same disappointment of not be cast a second time. If a child gets cast more than once, they earned that through their audition. It is hard, when rejected, to not feel as though an unfairness has occurred. But the reality is that the process is fair, and there is an impartial observer present at auditions to ensure that is the case."
    - Dandylion
  • May 9, 2008
    "Fun community theater to take the kiddos to, but good luck trying to actually get them in the show! Good news is once you're in, you're in. "
    - wallabear

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