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  • June 28, 2017
    "I just left the store at 9 exactly. I have never been treated so rudely as I just was by Daniel and Anna, the Assistant Manager! She was so unprofessional and literally mean to me when I tried to find out why the 40 coupon in there flyer couldn't be used. The bar they use on it was blacked out, which made NO sense. So when he tiled me that, I said why? Then he asked Anna to explain. She said that was there flyer, and it was for there use. I was like, what??? The date was for this week so, I said it's in the flyer to be used, right? She said No! I had to say then how can I use it? Do I have to get it mailed to me to use it? She said yes, while looking down at what she was doing. And you have to belong to use it online. She said all that while still working to get out of the store. This woman wouldn't know what customer service is, if it hit her in the face. All she wanted to do was get out of there, that was abundantly clear. I was not a priority to her what so ever! I have been to many stores that offer coupons online and in there flyers, like Joannes fabrics and Christmas tree shop. They are so willing to help you to either find it in their flyer, or to get it online. They will bring the coupon to your attention, even if you don't mention it. Now that's service! Helpful is a really important word here because, I was not helped in anyway shape or form. I have owned two businesses and I would never treat anyone the way she treated me. Daniel was absolutely no help, and made my husband feel very uncomfortable. He was rushing us at the checkout and putting things in the bag so quickly they always just no kindness or caring involved in any of the service that we received. Smiles, there were none by no one! I am absolutely so disappointed with those two people in that store. I come to Michael's to get stuff in bulk because it's an hour away from my home. But, I truly don't think I will ever step foot in that store again. Why would I go to a store who employees could care less about me and what I need. It's just plain common courtesy to treat someone else with respect. And I received none! And can you believe this woman is a manager!"
    - Spalady
  • August 19, 2011
    "I LOVE MICHAELS!!! They have seriously everything... EXCEPT fabric... they downsized that on out But they have great holiday items for cheap and cute workshops for kiddos!"
    - mommaof3kings
  • August 15, 2011
    "Michaels is a great place for all of your crafting needs. Michaels has friendly staff and you can always find what you need. "
    - Shanrock512

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