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Once Upon a Child buys and sells gently used clothes, toys, books, furniture and equipment.



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  • May 28, 2019
    "I am so appalled! I wanted to Once Upon a Child today to bring in a bin of children's clothes and also went to Plato's Closet to bring several bags of clothes. Why there are going through my been at Once Upon a Child I was shopping with my two small children. My one child was playing and my other child and I were going into the changing room to try on some shorts for her. As soon as we go into the changing room the owner of the store a man proceeded to try to come in the changing room and tell me I had to leave my purse on a bench a few feet away from the changing room. So I proceeded to let him know that there was no way I was leaving my purse out of sight with all my money in it. He continuously told me that I have to leave my purse because people steal so obviously implying I could potentially steal something. He was extremely rude the entire time and I proceeded to let him know that there is no way I'm leaving my purse unattended and that was just ridiculous to even ask me to do so I can understand if it was a backpack of some sort. I explained to him after how extremely rude he was to me in front of my child and implying I could be a potential Thief that he could have the car of the belongings I was going to purchase and I wish to no longer buy them or anything in their store. Once I explained to him that I no longer wanted to purchase anything after the way I was treated he told me he can make it so I can no longer shop at any of the stores and the Plaza if he wanted too. I told him you can go ahead but I don't really feel you have the authority to do so and how unprofessional he was being and if he did not stop that I would be taking action against his behavior. He Then followed me as I was trying to get my other child and leave the store be very argumentative with me. I then continuously wait in a different location for my text message from Platos to say I could go pick up my things and see what they wanted to purchase after being told I would be an hour it was then 3 hours I went there to see what was going on they explain to me the owner of Plato's Closet that she spoke to Once Upon a Child and was contacted by the owner and they will not be now buying any of my clothes at Plato's nor will they ever again because they all stick together. I was in such shock that these two businesses Wood Street a customer so rudely and how Shady a company could do something like that over a vindictive resentful man that calls himself the owner of Once Upon a Child. I will be taking legal action I am so appalled at these two businesses that they even thought they could have the right to do something like that to me. I went back to Once Upon a Child and explain to the owner how wrong it was what he just did as he smirked at me and said I don't know what you're talkin about and then laughing I said I will be taking legal action for what you did you are a very resentful vindictive man and you should not be the owner of anything. He then proceeded to tell me he's going to call the police on me. And not to mention this man tried coming in a changing room where a sevenyearold girl was changing to try to have me put my purse unattended. He is a dirty man!"
    - Mamabear
  • April 10, 2017
    "Not sure I understand all the negative reviews on here we love this place and we've bought 99 of our son's clothes here. We have frequently come out of here with a giant bag full of mostly new, high quality clothes for 30 from the clearance rack! The most we ever spent on one item was 9 for an L.L.Bean rain jacket new with tags! Thank you Once Upon a Child!"
    - VTMusicLover
  • April 7, 2017
    "I called ahead to ask if they had time to look through my kids old cloths. I said 2 bins and I would be there about 1130. They said sure. I explained I had limited time. I made the near hour drive. I dropped off and was told 1.5 hours. I had to leave at 1 to get to work on time. I explained that. They rudely said first come first serve. I get that but it was so rude. A simply it's first come first thing but we will try our best would have gone a long way. I come back at 115 after giving them a little extra time and risking being late to work but it's expensive to make the drive. They haven't even started looking. They were looking at stuff that wasn't there when I dropped off my items. They told me 20 minutes. I told them I didn't have the time so I had to load my items back into my car. They said come back soon! Unlikely to happen. I understand that things happen and things take time but the rudeness and the obvious disregard of the FCFS is what drive me to write this review."
    - Rystall
  • November 17, 2016
    "Very annoyed I bring my son's clothes here in good condition they take what they want and offer a dollar or 2 for each item. Today I brought in his clothes most of it brand new one outfit still had a tag of 32 on it they put that and other items in the bin offered me 12 for everything probably 100 worth of clothes yeah no I told the lady the tag was still on one item and so I took it back and they took it off the bill they were offering me 2.15 for an outfit that still had a 32.00 price tag on it, I wonder how much they would of sold it for? I will just start selling my stuff online I would make more money off my son's good condition clothes!!!!! P.s. I was going to buy items but I noticed they didn't take much of mine so I put the items back."
    - Kylee987
  • October 6, 2014
    "Not worth the effort to sell your children's old clothes here. The wait time is very long 3 hours and I dropped off at the earliest they accept and be prepared for most of your items to be rejected, regardless of condition and quality. I question their buying standards because I looked through their racks of clothing and was disappointed in the quality compared to their cost. They offered a minimal amount for the items accepted 35 which included several pairs of high quality, expensive shoes in great condition. I opted to not take the money and donate all the clothes to a local thrift shop instead."
    - justjack
  • August 22, 2013
    "Most of the clothes you find here are new with tags still on them. Things seem to be a little overpriced but you can find some great deals. And they don't give you much for trading in clothes you're better off donating them. "
    - bluebingo

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