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2024 SumMAt camp registration opens February 1 @ midnight (Wednesday night)

Petra Cliffs is an Indoor Climbing Center and Mountaineering School. They offer multiple programs to suit your entire families climbing and adventure needs: 

  • SumMAT Camp Day Camps, Age 6 and up.
  • SumMAT Expedition Camps - 4, 7 and 10 day expeditions. Four Day Girls only option.
  • Vacation Day Camps  - Go for the day or the week.
  • Friday Night Kids Club
  • Birthday Parties - Saturdays & Sundays 10:30, 1:00, 3:30; Ages 6 and up, 6 children minimum. (Chaperones are free!)
  • Junior Climb Team (ages 8-18)
  • Mini Monkeys (ages 5-8)
  • Toddler Climb time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9-10am. 
  • Family Climbing Days
  • Homeschool group meets the second Thursday of every month from 10:30am-12pm
  • Day Passes


7 reviews
  • February 9, 2015
    "I have brought my son to Petra Cliffs for the past few years both daytime climbing and for summer camp. The staff were friendly and helpful. My son built confidence and when he was ready to move to the next level during our daytime excursions, staff were available to help. At camp, staff were friendly and accessible during pick up and drop off. There was some bullying that occurred during camp and although staff were very responsive, they did not seem fully equipped to manage a child with a sociallearning disability like my son. I would want them to get a bit more training in deescalation techniques. Other than that, I highly recommend them there were different, interesting excursions every day and my child always asks to go back. "
    - tvr319
  • August 19, 2013
    "My 7 year old participated in a week long summer session last year and found it tough going, but not in a great way. He wasn't put with a group of kids his own age so he constantly felt like the little kid of the group and that he wasn't good at anything. Not that I needed his ego massaged he doesn't need to be good at everything, but I could start to empathize when I realized he wasn't with other kids his age or experience. Instead of finding it inspiring, he just found it discouraging to constantly bring up the rear. Seemed like a missed opportunity. No one at the camp communicated any of this to us, so I only have his perspective. I'd have liked more balance. I found the communication with parents limited. They were doing something different off site each day, but I had no idea what or where. Pick up and drop off was very frenetic, though perhaps they've improved that. There was no checking on who was picking up which kid and at drop off, no one introduced themselves I had to ask what counselor was for my kid. As a parent, it just wasn't well organized beyond the front entrance. For us, it was too disjointed and left me uncomfortable, for the investment."
    - Mischka1628
  • August 13, 2012
    "We just did a week of the summer adventure camps and, overall, I think it was terrific. I think it's really worth it for all the activities they engage in something different each day from kayaking to caving to, of course, climbing. They swam somewhere each day. My son enjoyed. As a parent, the reason I'm not giving it a 5 star is that there was very little communication back to parents. Pick up and drop off was just a mass of kids everywhere. The whole week, neither counselor introduced themselves or checked on who was picking up. I think from what my son said, one counselor actually switched out part way through the week, but we didn't get any info on that. I wish I'd had a little more info on what they did each day you can imagine what it's like to pry out of a 7 year old what he actually did that day... A quick write up about the day would have gone far. For what I spent on the camp, it would have been great to get a little more feedback, even if it's highlevel. Overall, worthwhile but could use some polish."
    - Mischka1628
  • April 23, 2012
    "I took my three boys ages 8, 6, and almost 4 to Petra Cliffs today for a fun activity during the school break. After getting our harnesses and some quick, helpful belaying instruction for me, they spent a very enjoyable couple of hours scaling the walls! My two older boys were able to get to the top with no problem. My youngest made progress with each attempt, so all left feeling satisfied by their accomplishments. Their camps sounds fantastic and it's a perfect dropin activity for a rainy day. It's not cheap for the 3 boys it was almost 50 but considering the fun we had and that we could have stayed all day, it was money well spent."
    - elzywick
  • August 21, 2011
    "I brought my typically timid 512 year old to go climbing and as I expected, he wanted nothing to do with it. That was, until he saw someone hanging from their harness high above his head with a huge smile on their face. He looked up and said, I want to do that! A 12hour later there he was, highfiving his climbing buddy up at the ceiling after getting himself all the way up. We're HOOKED! Can't wait to go back."
    - Calenk
  • May 21, 2008
    "The adventure day camps are great if you have kids that need lots of activity. Each day they mix it up with different places for hiking, caving or climbing. Then they end the day at a different swimming hole or lake for some water fun. Pack tons of water, food and sunscreen and be ready for tired campers at pick up!"
    - missmagpie
  • April 20, 2008
    "I took my daughter, who is nine years old, to Petra Cliffs on a whim one Friday night. We got there and the woman at the front desk was great, making my daughter feel welcome and excited. I think it cost around 10 just for my daughter to climb for the evening I was the guy who stayed at the bottom with the rope and made sure she didn't fall!. We got a quick 5 minute lesson from one of the staff, who was friendly and professional, then off we went. My daughter was nervous at first, but by the end of the night two plus hours later she was exhausted and an amazing climber! She had climbed to the top in countless areas and had rung the bell several times on one climb which was her personal highlight. To watch my daughter use her body the way she did, and grow in confidence right before my eyes was incredible. I was also pleasantly surprised by how uncrowded it was! We never had to wait to climb anywhere and the crowd that was there was healthy and positive. This is a great thing to do with kids! We arrived around 7pm and left just after 9pm."
    - pell53

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