Pump House Waterpark @ Jay Peak Resort


4850 VT Route 242, Jay, VT 05859 Visit Website | 802-327-2151 | customerservice@jaypeakresort.com


Ages: Toddlers, Kinder, Kids, Tweens, Teens Cost: See web site for pricing Parking: Yes

Vermont's newest water-park opened to the public in December 2011. This state-of-the-art facility, a 50,000-square foot indoor water-park, guarantees, no matter the weather, that visitors to Jay Peak will enjoy their time there.

It features:

  • La Chute
  • The Double Barrel Flowrider
  • The Big River
  • Mill  Pond Kids Play Area
  • Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tubs
  • Elevation 1851' Family Arcade
  • The Warming Shelter Snack Bar
  • The Drink Poolside Bar
  • The Wave Surf Shop


Check the Pump House schedule and pricing here.


20 reviews
  • June 21, 2024
    "We love the pump house at Jay Peak! The lazy river is our favorite! We always arrive early and spend all day at the water park. Our kids have the best time too!"
    - Amanda Cashin
  • June 20, 2024
    "I've been to the Pumphouse several times with my family. and before kids! and it never disappoints. It has something for every age group. The crowds can be a little crazy sometimes, but I hear renting a cabana is a great way to secure some space for yourself."
    - Sarah
  • October 19, 2022
    "We LOVED our stay at Jay Peak Resort in 2022, and the Waterpark was one of our favorite things!"
    - Kids Come With
  • February 10, 2015
    "We went last year, unfortunately during April vacation. It was super crowded, and not much seating available. Long waits, and closures of the hot tubs. We were with our then 3 year old, who was not big enough to ride slides, but she still really enjoyed herself in kids area, lazy river and pool. Cleanish, although I never have high expectations for these places. Would love to go again during an off time, and maybe spend the night. We will be back, I'd say this is between a 34 star activity, but because of the crowds I had to stick with a 3."
    - dealmomma
  • June 18, 2014
    "We went to Jay to celebrate the end of school. It was SO quiet. We had been there on a busy weekend and although we had a good experience, going in June was perfect. We got a great deal on a room for the night, which enabled us to use the water park and outdoor pool for the day we checked in and the day we checked out. There were so few people there, my children ages 7 and 9 could do whatever they wanted, with no lines. The park, room, and service was awesome. Lifeguards were friendly and definitely paying attention which is great if you have small children. The only complaint would be that at this time of year June, all the restaurants weren't open, and the tram to the top of the mountain wasn't operating I think it operates only on the weekends until later in the summer The snack bar in the water park was not good, but in the room you actually get a kitchenette so you can bring your own food. If you are going to eat unhealthy foods like fries and nachos, you at least hope they will taste good, which wasn't the case. Oh, and if you like a big fluffy towel to dry off, bring your own. The towels they supply are thin and the size of a hand towel!"
    - momof2boys
  • June 15, 2014
    "We spent the day with 6, 4 and 1 year old. The younger two loved it but my oldest was in between being too young to go by himself but felt too big to play in the splash area. The day we went was a planned week day field trip for many other kiddos and there was not enough staffing. They were aware of this problem and working diligently to fix the problem. We will be going again next winter!"
    - maememories
  • August 22, 2013
    "I went here with my 5 and 2 year old and they loved it. They provide life jackets i varies size. THe hot tub is the perfect temperature so you can bring little ones in. the play area for kids was a little overwelmimg for my two year old with so much water splashing in her face. The river was the whole families favorite part."
    - bluebingo
  • August 20, 2013
    "Lots of fun for the older kids! Not so much for my little one, she was often cold. As far as cleanliness, I'm sure they do their best but I found a huge clump of hair in the hot tub, and there was wet food all over the place. Bring flip flops!!!"
    - Kriselizabeth
  • August 19, 2013
    "My Family absolutely loved this water park! Le chute' is a must try.. i can't say i would do it twice but glad to say i did do it. My favorite part is that the hot tubs are huge and open to children, If your little ones get cold fast like mine, youll understand why. "
    - katiebug_1530
  • April 29, 2013
    "My family kids ages 11 14 booked an impromptu, overnight trip to the waterpark over April Break. We purchased the Splash and Stay package at Hotel Jay which gave us unlimited access to the waterpark on the day we arrived and the next day. You enter the waterpark on the second level, on a balcony, where you have a bird's eye view of things so you can access the situation an make a plan where to sit, what to do first, where to meet up. My 14 year old immediately took off for La Chute. Know that you must be at least 48 tall and weigh between 88 250 lbs to ride this. He tells me that once you've done it, it is not that bad. My 11 year old started by taking it easy in the Lazy River. You can just get in from the side with an inner tube they come in single or double or you can climb up to the top of the Start Tower and take the green closed or blue open slides down on your inner tube and splash out into the Lazy River. Not wanting to do La Chute, my 11 year old did the orange slide several times. She said it was great except at certain points it slows down and she felt like someone might come down behind her. However that is not the case. It is once person on the slide at a time. They don't send they next person until the person before has exited the slide. Both kids tried the Double Barrel Flowrider. This seems to be one of the most popular things to do. It is split in half one side for surfing, one side for boogie boarding. My kids are boogie boarders, and experienced ones at that as we visit the real ocean several times a year. The both thought it was hard and my daughter ended up hurting her wrist. The water flow is pretty strong. I suppose it has to be. My advice I'd watch for a while and see how other kids are doing and then decide if you kid is up for the ride. There is a sweet little kids play area in the back corner. We didn't spend any time there, but the kids looked like they were having a blast. There is also a pool where sports enthusiasts can shoot hoops and the like. You will also find nestled among all the madness indoor hot tubs for relaxing as well as outdoor hot tubs up behind The Drink. A few things to note Yes, towels are provided. However the are the size of large hand towel. I would suggest bringing your own. If you care about seating, get there early. It is at a premium. There is definitely not a lot for the amount of people there. And unfortunately families leave their towels, bags, etc...and then never seem to come back. You will find more seating upstairs at The Drink the bar that overlooks the whole waterpark. This works great if you have older kids that don't need constant watching The Start Tower is several flights up. This is where you would jump on the orange, green, blue and red La Chute slides. Once you get there the lines at the top can be slow which means there is a lot of standing around. The only one that moves quickly is La Chute as the ride is only 6 seconds. There are plenty of life jackets. You don't need to bring one unless you feel that your child is more comfortable in hisher own or is a specific size. Each stationarea had a lifeguard. Located right inside the waterpark is the Warming Shelter Snack Bar. But if you want to skip the chicken fingers, pizza, fried food options, either bring your own or we went over to the Provisions General Store and got the best sandwiches. There are much healthier options there that you can bring back over to the Waterpark. The sweet spot for this waterpark seemed to us to be ages 412. It also seemed to be a sweet spot for Hockey Players. Like over run with Hockey Families. For more photos of the waterpark and our experience check here."
    - missmagpie
  • April 26, 2013
    "We went up last weekend and had a blast with our two boys and some friends. I would recommend doing the Splash Stay package. We got a great suite with a fireplace and separate bedroom, pull out couch and full kitchen. It's worth the money for sure because then you don't have to pay separately for the water passes. We had pizza from Mountain Dick's which is onsite and you can order and bring it down to the water park at lunch time. Better than eating the food next to the arcade. Of course, our kids love the Dippin' Dots before leaving for home!"
    - mjdubois
  • February 8, 2013
    "We have gone to Jay Peak Pump House 4 Times in the past 6 months and we LOVE it. My oldest son loves the water slides and my youngest hangs out in the kiddie pool. We recommend that everyone goes at least once to check it out. It's a lot of fun, we got there at 945 am and stayed all day, we headed home around 800 pm."
    - Daddy101508
  • January 25, 2013
    "We were there about a month ago. something for everyone. So much fun and worth every cent! We will defiantly be visiting again."
    - Gameday
  • January 24, 2013
    "We went during April vacation last year with our then 8 year old son, our then 8 year old nephew and our daughter who had just turned 1. We spent the night at the Hotel Jay so we got to spend 2 days at the water park. We spent a couple of hours the first afternoon and a couple of hours the next day at the water park and that was the perfect amount of time. It was great the first day being able to go back to our rooms to get changed out of our bathing suits rather than having to use the changing rooms which we had to use the second day! We all loved the water park. The kids loved tube slides and everyone's favorite was the lazy river. It was fun for the older kids and it was easy to bring the baby in too! We had a great time and look forward to going back again this year!"
    - theknapps01
  • January 24, 2013
    "We have had so much fun here with our four kids. Age range at the time we visited was 18 months to 13 years old and every one of us had a great time. The older kids loved the variety of things to do with the levels of tubes and slides, and spent countless hours in the water. They also went around the lazy river feature at least a dozen times. The littlest enjoyed the smallerchildren's feature so much, with its gentle slope into the warm water, and fun spraying features. Adults can work using wifi there, too, in a pinch so you can actually sneak out to it on a weekday! Even on a busy day our family was able to find places to hang out when we weren't in the water, and the arcade was a nice diversion when the kids needed to dry out a bit. Great fun! The price is pretty reasonable, and you can get special deals making even more affordable. Great time!"
    - twincoastlove
  • June 15, 2012
    "Loved it! We went on a cold, rainy day in June and it was not busy at all! The facilities, including the bathrooms, were clean and the staff was pleasant and helpful. It is bright and open and the large fans help it not feel too stuffy! We had a great time and look forward to heading back!"
    - mommasboys
  • May 21, 2012
    "My 7 year old and I stayed the night at the new Jay Hotel, and enjoyed 2 days at the water park in late April. We arrived at aprox 11 am, and were able to go to the Pump House right away, even though check in was not until 4 pm. We changed in the 1 family changing room, we had a short wait for it, but not bad. We rented a token locker, right outside the family changing room that was very spacious. It cost 1 per token, and you had to insert a new token every time you access the locker. We didn't see any open tables or chairs, so I just tossed out tokens and towels in a bag, and found a corner to stash it in. We were too busy enjoying the park to need a chair! We spent hours in the lazy river, then in the hot tub, then on the slides, then the boogie board, then back to the lazy river. It was easy to get seperated from my son on the lazy river as there are several exits, and a few times he'd jump off the float to swim, and I'd be stuck 12 lap behind. They had multiple life guards, and I felt secure enough to let him float around by himself while I went to the bathroom for example. However if you have younger kids, or not as strong swimmers it's something to look out for. My son also enjoyed the basketball area, and the climbing wall. The climbing wall was missing a lot of hand holds already at the lower levels, which made it frustrating to him. He could see the screw holes where they were supposed to be, but there was nothing there. He loved the slides, and he can't wait until he's big enough for la chute. If I was with a large group, I might consider the cabana rental, it was 50 per day. We checked in at 4, went to our awesome room one bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, fireplace! , and had a surprisingly good pizza delivered from their onsite pizza place. We enjoyed their reasonable breakfast Buffett, then played in the arcade for an hour or so before the water park opened. The water park opened at 10, the Acarde at 9 I think. I was slightly dissapointed that they could not accommodate a late check out that day, so once again we were changing in the family changing room. I had hoped that we might be able to use the guest locker rooms they had, but since we had already checked out of course we couldn't get in. We ate at the snack bar next to the water park, decent but not great, and certainly overpriced. I did notice quite a few folks had packed in food, and it didn't seem to be an issue. Next time I will too! The bar area didn't open til almost 1130, just FYI Last but not least, I did purchase water shoes for my son and a bathing suit for myself at the surf shop, and found thd prices and selection to be realistic. This was not discount pricing, but not resort pricing either. My suit cost less than 50, which for a nice womens suit is a good price. We had a wonderful mini break, and can't wait to return for a longer vacation!"
    - lalagrace
  • April 30, 2012
    "We have been to the water park three times. It is an amazing facility. I do think it is way overcrowed there though and they need to do a better job of limiting the number of people they let in at one time so people can enjoy the features as opposed to hanging out in lines. I recommend you go first thing in the am when they open at 10 when it is least crowded."
    - amoulaert
  • April 28, 2012
    "We headed up to Jay for the last day of April school vacation. We arrived to a VERY busy waterpark, which was warm and welcomming. We used the family changing room at the bottom of the stairs to get changed into swim suits and use the bathroom. We also used this changing room on our way out too where I took a lightning quick shower and the boys dried swimsuits and repacked our bag. There never seemed to be anyone waiting to use it which was great it is at the bottom of the stairs past the restrooms. This park does have something for everyone and is really well laid out. It was clean and bright. Towels were provided. There is seating around the perimeter lounge chairs and tables. These were all reserved with families that had camped out with their stuff. We got a locker to stash my wallet, phone and keys and then just left our bag on top of the lockers. My six year old went on every slide except le chute. The Lazy River was the favorite followed by body surfing. Lines moved fairly quickly and though it was crowded, I did not feel like it was crazy. There are four slides. Two of them require tubes which they have single and double tubes. The other two do not allow for tubes one being the much talked about le chute. The Orange Slide is the other it is a traditional water slide. We ate an early lunch on the way up in the car and bought some snacks at the Warming Hut snack bar. When we were ready to leave the boys were STARVING!!, so we hit The Foundry restaurant at the resort for dinner before driving back to Burlington. The kids menu there is great and the portions are HUGE the kid pizza is a typical small pizza they could have easily split this and still had left overs. It was a good way to end the day especially before everyone fell asleep in the car on the way home. Do check the lodging specials which include passes to the water park and access to the Ice Haus during public skate if you are looking for a quick get away, and were already planning on going to the Pump House, it is REALLY affordable."
    - NicoleR
  • April 2, 2012
    "We spent a cold, dreary, March day there, and felt transported to a tropical paradise! Our son is seven, and there wasn't anything he couldn't do except maybe La Chute. There is a wadein kids pool maybe 1 ft. at its deepest with great slides, valves, waterfalls, and some innovative cooperative play items. While this pool is perfect for the wee ones, our son had a blast playing there too! There are plenty of lifevests available also, for those under 4ft. tall. There is a slightly deeper pool 35 ft. with basketball hoops, next to a rockclimbing wall a hot tub the lazy river which is a blast on floaties! and of course, the water slides. One note on the slides...the tubes do circle outside the building at one point in the rideand during that timethe tube is pitch black. Some kids may find that frightening. There is a small snack bar accessible from inside the water park hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc. plus an arcade. As with any resort, it can be pricey...admission for our family of 3 was 90. But considering we spent 6 whole hours playing hard and having a great time, it was a pretty decent value! We HIGHLY recommend!"
    - maplemama

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