Quarry Hill Club



360 Spear Street, South Burlington, VT 05401 Visit Website | 802-862-5200 | quarryhillclub@aol.com


Cost: $30 for a day family pass; season memberships vary Parking: Yes

The Quarry Hill Club is a seasonal tennis and pool club. They are able to host kids birthday parties and family events. Family pool memberships are available.

The Quarry Hill Club features: Clubhouse/Lounge & Banquet Room, Covered deck, 2 Swimming pools, Outdoor Jacuzzi, 5 Tennis Courts, Volley ball, 1/2 court basketball, 3 Peak White Tent 40'x80', Bath House for changing and showers, Unique 4 acre setting tastefully landscaped, Free parking, and food and drinks.


2 reviews
  • June 18, 2018
    "If there was an option to leave zero stars, I would have left that. At first look, the pool seems attractive and the grounds seem wellkept. That is the only positive thing I have to say about this pool. The ownermanager? is a condescending, insolent man who mistreats members of the pool. I joined for a season. We went three times. He was the most disagreeable person I have ever met. He doesn't like children, and he especially doesn't like children splashing or running. Pools are exciting places for kids to go to, this guy trolls the pool area, waiting to catch kids being kids. My children were playing in the pool area. He repeatedly reprimanded them, until all they could do was wade through the water. I hired an adult babysitter to stay at the pool with them and a middleaged woman swimming complained about the noise. He came out of the clubhouse and began insulting the kids and my parenting to the babysitter. When I arrived he began to make rude comments about the kids behavior splashing, jumping, and playing Marco Polo. One of the employees overheard him, and later in confidence told me he was out of line to speak to a member family that way. If you have children and you plan on joining a pool, consider BTC. It is a stone's throw from Quarry Hill, and is much more welcoming. I wasted my money there because my kids didn't want to go back. Until that miserable man is replaced, I'd go any where else."
    - green mtn girl
  • July 20, 2014
    "Terrible, rude, dirty, guests cleaning the pool.... Bee's on the basketball court and not taken care of. Hello, I am very disturbed by the behavior of your management today. I had never been there my son and I met some family friends. Went into the club house paid out 20 and continued on the swim and enjoy ourselves. I decided to have a pizza delivered. I had no idea there were policies about food until I said oh no worries I ordered a pizza to our friends. They said I don't think you can do that so they went to check at the desk and your employee said usually we prefer to have people eat here but it would be fine. As soon as the good came, management I assume came out with a policy paper. I would suggest giving it to your guests when they arrive if they are strictly enforced. Everything escalated with great disrespect from your owners I assume. You should be embarrassed by the actions with the families and people your provide service to. I will never step foot, recommend or have a single positive thing to say about your establishment. Assured I should have stayed and waited for the poultice so it could be in your town log, I will be reporting to the better business bureau and any further guest experience website etc. Quarry hill club is not a welcoming place nor run by educated charismatic men."
    - Amber mya

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