Regal Gymnastics Academy

Regal Gymnastics Academy is northern Vermont's premier location for recreation through competitive men's and women's gymnastics.


2 Corporate Drive, Essex, VT 05452 Visit Website | 802-655-3300 |


Ages: All Ages Cost: Program pricing varies. Check their web site. Parking: Yes

2024 Summer Camp registration opening Feb. 1.

Regal Gymnastics Academy is northern Vermont's premier location for recreation through competitive men's and women's gymnastics. The fully air conditioned facility features 2 spring floors, in ground trampolines and foam filled practice pits, 30 and 50 feet length tumble tracks, all men's and women's gymnastics apparatus and dedicated areas for birthday parties, preschool, parents' lounge and Vermont's Ninja Warrior Training Center. With free WiFi.

Regal Gymnastics Academy offers classes for kids 18 months to 18 years old:

Summer Camp for ages 3 and up.


18 reviews
  • December 4, 2015
    "They managed to double book my son's birthday party. If this wasn't bad enough the owner was exceptionally rude in response."
    - vt2015
  • September 18, 2015
    "What an amazing place! Perfect spot for Open Gym with the best gym around and the nicest folks. ALWAYS immaculate and I don't think I have ever been there when I haven't seen the employees running around with Windex and wipes. Even the bathrooms are immaculate. Great deli, too. So fun to see smiles and giggles and MOVEMENT. Love this place. HIGHLY recommend. PRIDE written all over the place. THANK YOU!"
    - Ashley McAvey
  • February 10, 2015
    "My 4 year old daughter loves the Tumble Bear class. The coach is great, and really patient with the kids. I will say that we have been lucky to have a small class, with only one other class going on at the same time slot. We took a makeup class that was full, 8 kids- and many many other classes/teams practicing at the same time, and even I was overwhelmed watching- let alone the kids. For now- very happy with the class!"
    - dealmomma
  • August 21, 2013
    "My 2 1/2 year old daughter adores Open Gym! During the school year we try to go once a week. Her favorite thing is jumping on the 2 trampolines that are safely built in to the floor. We look forward to starting up our routine again in a few weeks!"
    - theknapps01
  • August 20, 2013
    "My daughter has attended beginner girls classes and had a very positive experience. She loves it! This summer she attended the summer camp and her only disappointment was with the amount of actual gymnastics - she wished there was more. She also loved watching the team practice, it inspired her to do more."
    - HinesburgMOM
  • October 17, 2012
    "My 4 yr old attended summer camp and I would not recommend it for a child this young. It is a huge group of kids, with rotating staff throughout the day. No one even greeted her on the first morning to make her feel comfortable and o.k. with me leaving. Also, the activities they are doing are not necessarily age appropriate and are not clearly communicated to the parents. For example, she recently revealed that they were allowed to watch TV if they were tired in the afternoon. She loved the actual gymnastics part, but the full day camp was too much. At least sign up with a friend, because she felt a little lonely."
    - MommyTM
  • October 16, 2012
    "I took my 4 and 6 year old to Regal for the Open Gym on Sunday for the first time, and I can't say enough good things about this place. It is VERY clean, and the gym has very sturdy high quality equipment. I loved how they had access to everything in the gym. Even one of the employees came over and asked my son if he was having fun (which of course he was) We loved it, and can't wait to go back!"
    - ka7576
  • August 12, 2012
    "The new facility in Essex is beautiful, they really did a great job designing it. The kids love it, my child loves it. We have been going for several years now, started in the old location. The reason I am giving a low rating is because over the summer I noticed that above all the competitive team comes first, then summer camps, then recreational classes. We were in a Friday class and EVERY Friday when a summer camp was in session, my daughter's class started late, sometimes with one instructor to 15 kids (age 3 - 12) doing warm up, then another teacher would come and split the group, usually around 3:50. So by the time my daughters one hour class actually got started, she got 30 minutes of instruction. In addition she never had the same teacher all summer. Nor did the class every run past the 4:30 ending time even if they started 10 minutes late. It was crazy. I felt like her class just was not important enough to Regal to start on time, or have a consistent coach. When I pay just as much as anyone else, this really bothered me. I do want to add that I have loved all of the coaches, they are wonderful. I think it is just poor staffing during summer camp. Something that should be addressed."
    - bear01
  • August 6, 2012
    "The new space is very clean and spacious. I thought open gymnastics was reasonably-priced, and liked that they offered multiple time slots. There was a staff person present, who intervened to remind children and parents about safety rules. I have considered signing our child up for classes, but am VERY CONCERNED about the pay to play in the 'Village Space'. They charge money $5 for a sibling to play in this area directly off the waiting room while big brother/sister is in class. This seems like a disgraceful way to make extra money on their part. I won't pay $5 each week on top of tuition. It seems like a tease for my younger child to see, but not be able to play in this area. I think this area should be out of sight (door closed at all times) or included in the cost of tuition."
    - papamamavt
  • May 30, 2012
    "I must be the lone voice here, but I wasn't at all happy with Regal. My daughter took a class last fall at the old location, and I was very uncomfortable with the level of safety there. There were tons of classes going on at the same time, with kids everywhere so it was very hard to see what was going on. The coaches had too many kids in each class to watch, and 5 year kids were practicing handstands the first week without being spotted. They were told to stretch 'until it hurts' and were also told that they would be able to get a cookie after class if they signed up for a second class per week. And they pull the 'talented' kids out of the regular classes very early. It's very competitive even for younger kids. I guess if you want really competitive gymnastics for your kids, this is probably the place to go, but if you're just interested in some active fun and don't really need your kids to be state champions you're better off elsewhere. Also, I saw that waterslide for the summer camp and had the exact same thought--completely unsafe to have something like that on the hard parking area. I don't think they pay enough attention to safety at all."
    - schnoog
  • August 18, 2011
    "My 2 year old LOVES Regal Gymnastics Academy! The coaches are AMAZING, it is very clean and organized. The cost is fair and I will keep sending her there over and over again. For little and older kids, this is a GREAT place for your child to learn, grow and experience."
    - CoffeeMindedMommy
  • April 27, 2011
    "My daughter loves The Balancing Act preschool program and the gymnastics instruction she receives there. We feel so fortunate that she is part of such a wonderful 'family' at Regal."
    - spencerkid5
  • March 14, 2011
    "If you are looking for a stress-free way to throw a toddler birthday party-this is it!! We had my daughter's 2nd birthday with 10 kids--wow, the kids went home thoroughly exhausted! Regal takes care of pretty much everything from the cake to the gift bags and decorations. What I really enjoyed was having 2 staff members dedicated to our group engaging the children in different climbing and tumbling activities-the 2 hours was structured just enough but still left room for the kids to just run around on their own. We had a private room for gifts, arts and crafts and cake-a perfect place for the kids AND parents to take a break."
    - nini
  • March 4, 2011
    "We had my daughter's 3rd birthday party here and it was a huge hit! It was a challenge finding a location in November that would entertain a variety of age groups (guests were aged 6 months - 11 years), but this was perfect! The best part for me? Everything (cake, decorations, party favors, entertainment, and clean up) was taken care of! There was even coffee for the adults! We were allowed to bring our own lunch. The kids had a lot of play time in the gym, but could escape to the party room if they didn't want to play. The only negative was the gymnastic team practicing during the party, but the gym is big enough to share."
    - Sandpeach
  • October 18, 2010
    "Regal Gym is clearly in a class of its own. We have tried other gyms in the area and none come even close. The coaches are professional, there is always someone to discuss scheduling or billing with and the atmosphere is so welcoming. My 3 children love this gym and I enjoy myself while I am there as well."
    - Samantha
  • March 19, 2010
    "My son attends the preschool at Regal Gymnastics, The Balancing Act. He is so happy there! The teachers are wonderful, the facility is so clean, they provide all snacks and lunch and playtime in the gym is so much fun. We look forward to camp this summer, I've heard the staff does a superb job!"
    - longhangkip
  • March 17, 2010
    "My son had a birthday party at Regal. We went for the option where Regal arranges everything (cake, plates & goody bags) and provides two assistants to help keep the open gym a smooth & fun experience. The kids jumped into the pit & played in an obstacle course. Then the Regal folks led the kids through some fun parachute games. Everyone seemed to have a great time. It was so nice having the gym to ourselves & having the assistants there to help lead the kids through different activities. One of the best things was how absolutely professional and kind the staff was in the party planning & in the actual party. We chose a superhero theme. Regal made sure our plates, cake & party favors all matched that theme. I highly recommend them for a party or just to go there to take a class or do an open gym!"
    - Claudia
  • March 4, 2010
    "My daughter enjoyed this camp last summer. The hours were good and they provided snack and lunch which she always liked. There was plenty of free time on the equipment as well as some instruction. They would also spend some time outside as well. At the end of the week they had a small performance for the parents. They did advertise an outside waterslide which I was surprised to see set up in the corner of the parking lot - my daughter did actually get hurt on it from landing awkwardly on the hard surface, but all in all the whole program was fun for her."
    - mom2girls

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