Rock of Ages Granite Quarries



558 Graniteville Road, Graniteville, VT 05654 Visit Website | 802-476-3119 |


Cost: Quarry Tours $4.50 adult/$2.00 Child (under 5 free) | Guided Factory Tours $2.50 Adult/ $1.50 Child (under 5 free) Parking: Yes

The Rock of Ages Quarry offers spectacular narrated tours of world’s largest active granite quarry! There are also self guided tours of the visitors center and factory. Check out the outdoor granite bolwing lane and visit the Cut-in-stone Center where you will have a chance to learn to sandblast.

There are several Group Tour and School Tour options for field trips.


Open May through October - Check web site for exact dates.




3 reviews
  • September 14, 2010
    "My family visited this museum this summer. The museum and self guided tour was interesting but I wouldn't recommend it for young kids. We didn't purchase the onsite tour where you actually go into the quarry, so this may not be an accurate rating. However, it was interesting to learn about the trade."
    - bdempsey
  • August 27, 2009
    "Relly cool for 4 and 6 year old. Even cooler for the adults. Learn about geology, manufacturing, and commerce."
    - visitorfromNC
  • May 21, 2008
    "We took our daughter who is 3 years old to the Rock of Ages Visitor Center. She just loved looking around the gift shop and didn't even realize that wasn't what we were there to do! We then were taken over to the manufacturing plant where our daughter was able to choose a design and sandblast her own small piece of granite which we now proudly display on our kitchen counter. She was a bit too small to reach the equipment, but there were step stools available, and the gentleman who helped us was more than accomodating, not to mention super friendly! Our daughter picked out her own design and was very proud of her work. After her sandblasting, we ventured to an outdoor granite bowling lane where she tried her hand at outdoor bowling. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend this to anyone with children of all ages over age 3."
    - KelseyLaPerle

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