Rossetti Natural Area (Thayers Beach)



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Parking: Yes

Rossetti Beach Natural Area is a 47-acre property located in Colchester, VT and features free access to over 1,280 feet of rare sandy beach on Lake Champlain. Formerly known as Thayers Beach, it is a popular sandy spot for both boaters and beachgoers.  Folks can also walk in along a quarter-mile trail following the emergency access road to the access bridge.  (The large parking lot can fill up on beautiful beach days.) In addition to the large sandy beach, the natural area preserves a button-bush wetland filtering the local stormwater. This state-significant natural area also protects critical habitat for two endangered plant species. 

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2 reviews
  • July 30, 2020
    "I went to Rossetti Beach to explore. I recommend this place because you can swim after school. There is no bathroom and no picnic area but there is a long strip of beach. I do not know if you can bike I saw no bikers. There are lots and lots of sticks to collect and to throw into the lake. There are some fallen trees to climb on at the beach. There was a lake and you could swim. Overall comments I recommend this place because it was fun to play on the beach. I felt happy and excited to be on the beach. The water was cold and a little wavey but it was nice. There is a trail and a beach at Rossetti Beach but there is some rules. The water is nice and the trails are shaded. One drawback is you could get wet. Miles Rossetti Beach has no place to eat. There are so many trees to climb on and rocks. you can find so many rocks and sticks to take home. There are no bathrooms and it was unclear if you could ride bikes. I felt happy and calm because there were no waves in the lake. It is on Lake Champlain. There were so many rocks and sticks to bring home or throw into the lake. There were not any picnic tables which was negative. I would recommend this beach fro a good place to go swimming and go canoeing. Parker There's no picnic tables but they're big logs that you could sit and have a snack on. There are huge rocks and huge falling down trees to have a snack. There is no field to play in but there is a big beach to play a game. there are trees to climb and rocks. We were not sure if bikes were allowed but there are gravel paths.There are no restrooms. there are lots of rocks and sticks to collect there are trees and the sticks that are on the trees fall down there is driftwood along the beach. This beach is along Lake Champlain. I do recommend this place it is a fun place to go out for a fun outing or just for exercise and a fun day. At Rossetti Beach, I felt happy and excited because the water felt cool. There are allowed on the beach. There are paths that are made of gravel. The good things that there are swimming,water, tree sticks, and driftwood. Some drawbacks are cold water and wet sand. Alizee"
    - For kids by kids
  • May 30, 2018
    "I went to Rossetti Beach! A few good things about Rossetti Beach is there are logs to climb and loads of rocks and sticks to find and take home. The beach was narrow but long and we were unclear if you can bike or not. A few negative things were there are no picnic tables but there are loges to eat on. Also there are no bathrooms and there is not a field to play in. But another good thing is it is on the Lake Champlain so you can swim. My feelings about Rossetti are I love Rossetti beach because it makes me feel happy because it is small but big. Some information about Rossetti beach is it is a good place for kids it is on the lake so you can take a swim it is nice and calm and there is a ten minute path to the beach there is also a bridge. Good things about Rossetti beach are it is a really short walk to the beach also the beach is protected. A negative thing about the beach is there are no dogs allowed on the beach. I recommend Rossetti beach for a swim after school or to go for a dip in the summer. "
    - For kids by kids

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