Sam Mazza's Corn Maze



277 Lavigne Road, Colchester, VT 05446 Visit Website | 802-655-3440


Cost: Admission $8 Adult (12+) | $5 Children 11-3 | Under 3 are Free| Repeat visitors receive a $1 discount as do area students with their ID Parking: Yes

It's a 3.2 mile maze built in the likeness of a 100-foot tall scarecrow, a 65-foot tall pumpkin and last a 50-foot tall crow. Located right in the back fields of the Sam Mazza Farm Market on Lavigne Road in Colchester, VT, you can come and test your sense of direction and endurance in the maze by finding 12 checkpoints within one or both mazes in the Scarecrow Delight.One is 1.2 miles and the other is a 2.1 mile course. Both utilize the elements of the scarecrow, pumpkin, and crow elements of the maze.

  • After Labor Day through October - Open 7 days/week, Mon-Sat; 11am-6pm
  • Free map to be marked by all checkpoints or just from one of the two mazes within.

Much purchase tickets in advance here.


13 reviews
  • November 5, 2014
    "We brought our 3 year old for the first time this year along with her 11 year old brother! It was a chilly and cloudy fall day but ended up being the perfect weather! They have added a couple of different challenges to the corn maze in addition to just finding the different numbered stations which made it more of a challenge and more fun for our 11 year old. Our 3 year old loved running through the maze! We brought some candy corn for a little pickmeup when she started saying she didn't want to walk anymore Corn in the corn maze! A great activity for our whole family! And there is always the animals to visit and the playground to play on after!"
    - theknapps01
  • April 17, 2014
    "We could've stayed all day! The map was great my kids figured it out better than I did! We can't wait for next year's adventure."
    - ahoppe
  • August 21, 2013
    "My family really enjoyed this maze. We really didn't follow the map or participate in the the scavenger hunt, We more or less just ran around it. I was surprised at the price. Almost 30 dollars for my family of 4"
    - katiebug_1530
  • January 21, 2013
    "We went to this maze for the first time this year and we had alot of fun."
    - rebowman
  • November 3, 2012
    "I wasn't that impressed with the maze. It wasn't so much a maze as it was a scavenger hunt to find checkpoints. They was also a mystery aspect which I thought was kind of strange. The kids were also supposed to get animal track rubbings throughout the maze, which seemed to have no rhyme or reason to their order. Most of the stops for the rubbings were missing the pencil or marker so we weren't able to complete this task. Next time I go to a corn maze I will try one that is an actual maze where there's an entrance and you need to find the exit. Plus, the portapotty outside the maze was the most disgusting portapotty I've ever seen. We were then scolded for using the restroom inside the store. Customer service skills were lacking here."
    - justjack
  • August 18, 2012
    "It has become a family tradition to go to this corn maze. We go each year, eat apple cider donuts and generally enjoy our time in the crisp Vermont autumn air. Be warned that it can be VERY busy, especially the later in fall you go. With that said, though, it is still enjoyable. Bring extra money for treats and produce. A fun time had by all!"
    - Pips Mom
  • October 20, 2011
    "A very fun time for kids, although I might suggest for kids over 2. A fun way to get outside on a sunny fall day, the cooler the better as it is very stuffy in there. Only cons I mention are it's not cheap, and it's not stroller friendly. Even with that, I'm sure we'll go again next year!"
    - bretamy
  • October 19, 2011
    "We went for the first time this past weekend and it was awesome! Two boys 8 and 6, and a baby in the ergo. Very easy to manage both the small and large mazes. We got rained on but then treated to a rainbow, so it was even more magical. Took some great pictures. Had a great time with the animals and on the playground too!"
    - Carrie Barron
  • October 19, 2011
    "We went for the first time this year and it was so much fun! They have two mazes we started in the larger one and when it proved too hard for our young kids we went into the smaller maze and completed it! We were there for hours and had a wonderful time! The kids were so proud to solve the mystery and complete the maze. A MUST DO fall activity!!"
    - mommasboys
  • September 15, 2010
    "We try to do this corn maze every year. It is great to do with kids as it's pretty simple and easy to navigate through. We let the kids be our guides with a little assistance when needed and they love it! "
    - theknapps01
  • September 14, 2010
    "This is our second time doing this corn maze and it is fantastic! Its well set up with a map fun clues and games to play...The first year I did this alone with our two boys 2 and 4 and it was a mess.. IT was HOT and I could not figure out the were crying.. Then this year my husband came who followed the map to a T and we zipped through! So my only points are 1. I think it is best for kids 5 and up 2. Go on a cool day 3. stick to the map !!"
    - newtotown
  • September 13, 2010
    "My family had a blast navigating this corn maze. I was afraid the 2.1 mile course would be too long for my kids ages 3 and 5, but we ended up doing both the 1.2 and the 2.1 mile courses they couldn't get enough. Following the maze with a fresh cider donut from the bakery or bringing home pumpkins from the market make an outing to Sam Mazza's corn maze even more enjoyable. The website often includes coupons, sometimes for 1 off the corn maze."
    - 2VTkids
  • September 6, 2008
    "This was great fun. My family and I went with another family and all we have to say is be forewarned there are industrial strength sprinklers over the field. We did not just get sprinkled on, we got doused! We all thought this was funny but I can see some families not appreciating this. Please note that the maze is 6 for adults and 4 for children."
    - stumpette

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