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The Shelburne Nursery School is a parent cooperative that was established in 1955.  Since that time many children have flourished at the school.  The school is very proud of the committed, long term teaching staff.  They are incomparable.  The Shelburne Nursery School is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

The school believes strongly in the development of the total child.  The child's physical, emotional, social and intellectual development is equally important.  In a relaxed, accepting atmosphere children discover, interpret and define meaningful concepts necessary for future academic and social development.  Many opportunities are provided for sharing and cooperative play.

They offer 3 and 4 year old morning and afternoon programs.


17 reviews
  • January 11, 2017
    "Having several young children, I know the preschool scene well. Our two daughters attended another local preschool in the prior years. While thier experience was fine, we had no idea what we were missing until we sent our son to Shelburne Nursery School. It is absolutely amazing and I will list the reasons why we love the school. 1. The teachers are AMAZING. There are 4 teachers, which make the teacherstudent ratio very low. All of the teachers are kind, engaged, and intelligent. Our son, who is normally on the shy side, quickly felt at ease with the teachers. 2. The curriculum is very well done and in line with state standards. We were pleasantly surprised at what was reviewed with us at parent teacher conferences. Quite frankly, we put our son in school for the socialization. However, it's very apparent that he will be more than ready for kindergarten, thanks to SNS. 3. The physical space is really nice. There are several different rooms for the children's to engage and play in an art room, a snack room, a play room, etc. The flow of the school is very nice and allows for a smaller feel, as the children are broken into several small groups for much of the day. The playground is great. There is a play loft and the toys and displays get changed frequently. 4. The families that send their children to SNS are the nicest. The kids just are HAPPY there. I love that it is a coop, but also works for working parents. While there are parent requirements, they are manageable. I've been involved with other preschool coops where the expectations for parental involvement only work if you are a stay at home parent. Overall, we have just been so happy with SNS. I can't say enough about our experience at"
    - Vtnurse
  • January 11, 2017
    "My son is in the 3 year old class this year and has absolutely loved it!! He has a severe nut allergy and I was very nervous about sending him but the teachers have been absolutely amazing! They have gone above and beyond to keep him safe. I love how the preschool feels like a little family"
    - Boymama
  • March 25, 2015
    "SNS Shelburne Nursery School is a fabulous school. We have been involved with the school for 3 years now, and next year will be our 4th. Both of our boys will have attended the school and we couldn't be more trilled with the teachers and the school. My son has loved going to 'school' and has asked to go more! Not only does he have fun everyday, but he is also learning in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Our son has made great friends and has developed a great sense of self confidence. We, as parents, have also made wonderful friendships that have really helped us connect with the community. The student to teacher ratio is the best in the area. The teachers go above and beyond to connect with the children and to really get to know who they are. The school has gone far above our expectations! Check it out!"
    - MtMom
  • November 30, 2014
    "We send our 3 year old son to Shelburne Nursery School SNS and have been astounded by the great strides he has made socially and academically this Fall. The teachers really do an amazing job there and put their hearts into the kids. It's very comforting to us as parents to know he goes there. SNS has been an integral part of Shelburne since 1955 and we're very grateful to have it in our community."
    - KandMVT
  • March 31, 2014
    "I am compelled to write my firstever review to extol the wonders of the Shelburne Nursery School, tucked in a sunlit, inspired and extraordinarily clean space in the village of Shelburne. As a parent and teacher who has volunteered in the school, it is with the greatest confidence that I make this recommendation. The four teachers bring to the school many decades of teaching experience, wonderfully diverse styles and a shared warmth and appreciation for this age group. They are able to meet each unique student where she is and to incorporate the individual interests and talents of each family into their curriculum. This year we had a family from China who shared food and cultural traditions during the class study of Chinese New Year. Students grow into wonderfully curious and engaged members of the community when the class is divided into small groups each day. This gives children the opportunity to play and learn with new friendssocial dynamics and each teacher daily as they move from various classrooms to explore dynamic, ageappropriate stations that change with the curriculum. Having moved back to the area after several years as a family with young children, we realized instantly our good fortune in finding this gem. Not only has our son absolutely thrived into an enthusiastic and engaged student, but we've experienced a community of families that are wonderfully communityminded, positive and fun! We know that our affiliation with this school has afforded us a very unique opportunity to develop lifelong friends!"
    - vermother
  • March 27, 2014
    "Looking for a preschool? Look no further. Shelburne Nursery School is a hidden treasure. I was so happy to have found it, after looking at 9 other schools! The teachers are amazing and caring. My son wants to go there 7 days a week! Recommended 110!"
    - havingfuninvt
  • March 23, 2014
    "I love Shelburne Nursery School. I have one child who went through two years there and is now in kindergarten, and one who is currently attending. It was a big deal for us to choose a preschool, as it is for every parent, and the transition was big for all of us, but the teachers there helped every step of the way, and offer a vibrant and warm opportunity for children to grow and learn. I love that there are many opportunities for parents to get involved and for sure, our son was ready for kindergarten. "
    - jandemama
  • November 29, 2013
    "Shelburne Nursery School is an extraordinary place the teachers are exceptional and highly experienced. The head teacher has been there for nearly 20 years, and her dedication and professionalism are amazing. My son simply loves the school! The parent coop model provides a welcoming community and parents form close friendships alongside their children. Teachers provide personal attention to each child and hisher needs, and the curriculum is well balanced with academics, creative units, and focus on social and motor development. The optional 3rd day for the 3 Year Old Class and the TuesdayThursday preK enrichment for 4 Year Olds have provided my son with even more personal attention and great prereadingpremath skills, as well as a close group of friends. The school has multiple rooms an art room and a room for circle, for instance, and the children move through them each day and see a different teacher in each space, so they are not cooped up in one place all morning. Groups are small, usually about 56 kids per teacher. SNS has NAEYC accreditation and 5 STARS from Vermont great stamps of approval for, in my opinion, the best preschool around! We are so happy to have found this school!"
    - mominshelburne
  • April 15, 2013
    "Great school. Great teachers. Great program. Great community. This is our third and last! child going through preschool and we feel lucky that each has had this experience and is heading off to Kindergarten with such a solid base for school. ABM"
    - MominVT
  • March 5, 2013
    "Our family loves this school. I'm happy knowing my preschooler is in a safe environment. My wife is happy knowing our son is learning ALL he will need to know to give him a strong foundation for Kindergarten. My PreSchool son wakes up excited to go to school and play with his teachers and friends. He has been consistently thrilled at going to school for the last year and a half of attending SNS. I highly encourage others to look into SNS and see if the right fit for your family."
    - Thedad4two
  • February 12, 2013
    "My daughter is thriving in her second year at SNS. The teachers are warm and supportive for both students and parents! They provide a wonderful environment for exploration and learning. My daughter has come out of her shell and is well prepared for kindergarten. We couldn't be happier with our experience."
    - VTmom
  • January 31, 2013
    "In the three years my daughter has attended Shelburne Nursery School started as an older 2 year old, I have watched my daughter blossom from a shy, 'slow to warm' up type to an effervescent, personable little girl. Shelburne nursery has become a second home for us. The teachers are actively engaged in each child's life and bring years of training and experience to bear on any challenges in the preschool years. The feedback and communications we get as parents are unsurpassed. Our daughter's only complaint is that it isn't all year round!"
    - funinVT
  • January 25, 2013
    "I went shopping for preschool when my oldest daughter was 2 and was surprised by what I found at the 8 schools I looked into. When I went to Shelburne Nursery School on the recommendation of a parent with older children I finally found what I thought preschool was supposed to look like. Shelburne Nursery School offers the perfect balance of free play along with structure and teaching. Students move through classrooms with all the teachers in small and large group settings. They have an opportunity to experience many environments and the head teacher has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Every activity has purpose and meaning beyond the obvious social interaction and basic skills. Children go outside almost every day temperatures permitting! The school is a parent cooperative where there is plenty of opportunity to get involved. There are teachers in the classrooms with the students, parents are welcome to volunteer, read, do projects, chaperone fieldtrips, etc. however there are no required in class hours. The ratios are amazingabout 5 students for each teacher for the younger group and 6 to 1 for the older students depending on enrollment. Many parent coops have a parent volunteer who is counted in the ratios. The non profit school is run by a group of volunteer parents serving in different capacities on the board of directors. I was involved on the board when my kids attended and enjoyed being involved in the school. Then I started as a substitute teacher at the school and for the past 5 years I have taught at Shelburne Nursery School. Come Grow with Us..."
    - Teacher
  • January 3, 2012
    "My daughter is currently attending and we are just as happy with the nursery school as we were when my first child attended. The attention they receive from all of the teachers is outstanding and the fact that every little thing they do is educational based while the kids all are just having fun as my daughter says, speaks volumes about the school overall. I highly recommend this nursery school."
    - Katie1
  • February 13, 2010
    "Shelburne Nursery School is a wonderful place to send your preschooler. I highly recommend this excellent school. My daughter is thriving there."
    - vrzr
  • February 9, 2010
    "I have had 2 children attend SNS and my third will start next fall. I can't say enough good things about this school. Wonderful balance of play, creativity and academics. My children were very wellprepared for kindergarten. The teachers have a wealth of experience. I highly recommend SNS."
    - esdll
  • April 2, 2008
    "My daughter attends the after K program at SNS. She has attended a total of 4 schools incl. preschools in the past and I was never as impressed as with SNS. They've had much more success teaching reading and math than her public school and they have amazing and creative units. The teachers have been there for years and are simply fabulous."
    - catiep

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