Simon Pearce



1760 Quechee Main Street, Quechee, VT Visit Website | 802-295-1470


Parking: Yes
Simon Pearce Restaurant is located in the Mill overlooking the Ottauquechee River and its covered bridge. The serve lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch.  There is a children's menu available upon request. Also located within the same building are a retail store, a seconds store, the glass blowing and pottery studio.


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  • April 24, 2011
    "While a lot of things about Simon Pearce seem very grown up, and believe me, I prefaced our visit with a lot of reminders that this store was a no touching store, it is a wonderful place to see. We didn't eat at the restaurant during our recent trip here, rather we visited the glass blowing workshop downstairs where the kids are only separated from the craftsman by a wooden railing. They are able to really see how meticulously each piece is handmade, as well as freely ask as many questions to the artisans as they want. The glass blowing shop is open daily. Right next door is the pottery studio which is only open on the weekends. Very cool for us because we were there on Sunday and as an extra bonus there was a table for the kids with spare clay for them to make their own creation. We spent quite a while in there making bowls, chatting with the potter and watching him make those famous bakeware pieces. Although I wished we could had lunch, the menu can be quite fancy and expensive. We save this for special occasions. Instead on this day we opted for Sheppard's pie on the Green, right next door."
    - missmagpie

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