Sleepy Hollow Inn Ski & Bike Center



1805 Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington, VT 05462 Visit Website | 802-434-2283 |


Cost: Mountian Biking: Adult $6, Kid 6-12 $4, <6 free |Running: Adult $3, Kid 6-12 $2, <6 Free|Skiing: Adult $15, Kid 6-12 $10, <6 Free Parking: Yes

This is a great family destination for outdoor enthusiasts! They offer year round activities including in a beautiful setting:




4 reviews
  • January 24, 2013
    "I absolutely love Sleepy Hollow in winter. The lodge is warm and cozy, and the staff so friendly. They have toys for toddlers on the floor so you can get yourself set up without too much running after the little ones while you're doing it. The equipment to rent is great, and the process is easy. The trails are so beautiful. The location pristine and after a snow the hush in the air is just magical, a wonderful place to spend a day alone or with your children. The best part for me is the availability of the Polk a trailer for skiing with the baby or toddler behind you, being able to include all ages in the family event. My children range in age from 214, and all of the ones who can talk, each said to me separately what a wonderful time they were having there. A spectacular place to make a winter family memory."
    - twincoastlove
  • January 7, 2009
    "I just attended a wonderful crosscountry ski birthday party here. It was a party for an 8 year old girl, there were about 15 girls in attendance, and they started the day in the Inn in a room off of the main entrance. Cozy , spacious, and just for us. Then the girls went crosscountry skiing for an hour. Equipment was supplied by Sleepy Hollow for those that didn't have their own. They came back in and had cake and hot cocoa. I'm not sure how much it cost, but it was such a beautiful location, the staff was very friendly, the woman who took the girls skiing was wonderful and energetic, and my daughter had a blast. Earlier in the year we went here for a fall birthday party and everyone went hiking instead of skiing.The actual party was held in the outer building where the receptions are usually held. Same experience. Lots of fun. If you're looking for an outdoor themed birthday party, this is the place to go. I would strongly recommend Sleepy Hollow. As a parent, I loved it. So did my daughter."
    - jmin
  • March 27, 2008
    "They have this great cabin called Butternut cabin that you can rent for an overnight or weekend adventure with the kids. I think it was around 150 for the night, and it's rustic with no running water, but it has a woodstove and plenty of bunk room. Bring your own water supply and food to cook on the stove. Short hike or ski into the cabin from the parking area. Beautiful view. Awesome adventure for everyone."
    - jmin
  • March 25, 2008
    "I love this place! We have gone cross country skiing at night as a date night. We've gone with other couples too. My husband and I are different ski levels but keep it fun by seeing how far I can get before he laps me. Bring a bottle of wine and cheese for a light dinner and its the perfect outing. The staff is great. We've also enjoyed skiing with the kids there as well as Mt biking."
    - CRidge

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