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Since 1963, local, family-owned, Alpine Shop has encouraged families to “Play Today, Work Tomorrow.”  Well known for its ski and snowboard seasonal lease program, and for having the area’s premier ski boot and golf club fitters, the Alpine Shop carries year-round gear and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts.  Their core sports now include golf, tennis, ski, snowboard, paddle boards, Rollerblades and inflatable kayaks all supported with a very large selection of casual and technical clothing plus swimwear and beach accessories. 

Their 20,000 square foot store in South Burlington also boasts a Trackman 4 Golf Hitting Bay, a Waffle Cabin  and their famous “Brew-Ski” bar serving local draft beer, wine and soft drinks. 


5 reviews
  • December 1, 2014
    "Worst retail experience I've ever had. Did the season ski lease for my wife and daughter. One of the stated benefits of the lease program is that you can swap the skis if you want a different length. My wife's skis were too short. When I brought them for a swap, they did not have any similar suitable skis that were her size. When I pointed out that they weren't able to meet the promise of the lease program the sales person got really annoyed and tried to make me seem to be unreasonable. The whole thing escalated and eventually they refunded my money. The sales people, including the manager were very rude. It all worked out though, I went to Ski Rack in BVT and got a better set of skis and boots for the same price. I'll never spend another dime at Alpine Shop. "
    - Ken A
  • October 23, 2011
    "Alpine Shop in South Burlington. Most of the staff that works there are skiers and snowboarders. They know their stuff. We have two girls 11 and 14. They've been skiing andor riding since they've been four. They grow, they get better .... we lease. Free tuning, repair and even equipment exchanges when my youngest didn't like snowboarding and wanted to go back to skiing. The Alpine Shop let her switch and set her up with skis ... no hassle, no extra fees. The freebies free lifts are great too. Kids can invite friends. Nice selection of outdoor clothes too."
    - dkbain
  • September 15, 2010
    "We had an excellent experience with the lease program for kids. My kids are racers and even got great quality race skis at a price that was so much better than even the ski swaps. They took the time to sit down with my son for over an hour ! to find him the right pair of boots for his feet."
    - native VTer
  • September 15, 2010
    "We have always rented our skiis at Alpine Shop however, I wanted to put out there that this year when signing up for our Bash Badge we were able to get New ski rentals at Smuggs for 120 vs. the 140 for new skiis at Alpine Shop. Obviously Alpine Shop offers there awesome 99 deal for kids on used equipment. Just wanted to get the word out that Smuggs also offers competitive pricing for kids rentals."
    - tinvt
  • September 28, 2008
    "We always rent our kids skis every year and every one that works there is happy "
    - jack&jill

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