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The Bellwether School is a progressive, independent, co-al school for students in early childhood through sixth grade. The key themes that are covered at the school are:

  • Love of Learning
  • Diversity
  • Inquiry and Critical Thinking Skills
  • World Citizenship
  • Sustainability and Earth Literacy

The core curriculum covers these areas:

  • Social Studies
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Artistic Expression
  • Service Learning
  • Physical Development

See how the curriculum is applied across the various programs (Preschool, Primary, Elementary I, Elementary II).


10 reviews
  • June 10, 2019
    "I cant say enough wonderful things about this school! My daughter has a late August birthday and I was teetertottering on whether or not to send her right after her 3rd birthday or to wait an extra year. When I found Bellwether and I do know former Bellwether students, it was an easy decision. The teachers in this school really pour their whole selves into each student. The entire school atmosphere is just magical. My daughter has grown so much this school year and I am so thankful to have had such a positive first year school experience for my girl! We are going to do everything we can to stay at this school through 6th grade. We are truly going to miss school this summer!"
    - irishmeadow2
  • June 10, 2019
    "Our son has just completed his first year in the preschool classroom and we LOVE Bellwether! Teachers take children as they are and nurture them, treating them with respect and warmth. The teachers consistently model the behavior we want our son to learnthere is no yelling in this classroom unlike some other preschools we are familiar with in the area and teachers are patient and understanding while setting loving boundaries. The teachers are knowledgeable about early childhood education and I feel incredibly fortunate to have them as part of our village. I always feel comfortable turning to them for their advice and input when we are facing a new challenge with our son and his development. Additionally, he has felt safe to take risks with his learning and has grown in areas he was less comfortable in prior to being at Bellwether. My husband and I regularly tell each other how grateful we are for Bellwether!"
    - OakJ
  • January 11, 2017
    "Preschool is a HIDDEN GEM! We were drawn to Bellwether's philosophy and history in holistic education, but admittedly a bit nervous about sending our 3yearold to a small school that covers PreK 6, but it has been the biggest surprise and delight for us. The preschool classroom itself is a safe, nurturing space and we found that he actually really thrived with schoolmates of all ages and he looked forward to entire school gettogethers. Citizenship is absolutely taught and we found that we were the ones who saw barriers with ages not the children! Another huge plus is that the preschoolers benefit and partake in all of the specials that entire school offers including music, French, Spanish, yoga, soccer, etc."
    - VTwith3
  • January 6, 2017
    "My boy is who he is in a large part because of Bellwether. The best school EVER! "
    - Dbomb
  • March 10, 2016
    "The Bellwether School is an amazing place with exceptional teachers and leadership. We transferred to Bellwether after three years at another area independent school and our year has been transformational! My son went from hating math and writing to loving and excelling at both. There is a culture of respect and caring here that is unmatched. The relationship that the teachers cultivate with each student and their parents! is at the core of this learning environment where students are seen and recognized, where strengths are nurtured and individual interests and learning styles are accommodated. The teachers offer daily communications home with pictures and snapshots of each day offering parents a window into the classroom. Parents are welcomed into the school and made to feel like a partner in their child's learning. The holistic approach to teaching means that not only is my son being academically challenged but he is learning how to be a good steward to the earth, he is learning to slow down and be mindful and he is learning to understand his role in the larger community of learners. Time is given to nurture the mind, body and the spirit of each child. We could not be happier!"
    - mamalaura
  • January 16, 2013
    "This is the kind of school that every child deserves. I have watched my student flourish, begin feeling confident again as a learner, and find lifelong friendships. In a world where people are constantly reminded what they are doing wrong, Bellwether is the kind of place that tells you everything you are doing right while working on the areas that aren't your strongest. It is full of fun, laughter, challenge, academics, play, magic and respect. My student feels like she is important and that she matters and I feel confident every day that she is in the most wonderful educational environment ever. "
    - Pips Mom
  • March 28, 2012
    "Can't say enough good things about Bellwether. It is a magical place where kids are encouraged to think critically and creatively. My child loves school and has developed a true love for learning. "
    - Leslie
  • February 9, 2012
    "My daughter had an amazing experience in the Preschool Classroom at Bellwether. The teachers appreciated my spicy girl for her enthusiasm and energy while also providing the guidelines and expectations that she needed to learn how to be a friend and how to work through tough social negotiations. With 30 years of combined experience, Heather and Mike nurture each child's socialemotional and intellectual growth in their developmentally appropriate 5STAR classroom. The multiage classroom set up allows each child to be both a learner and a leader, fosters classroom community and builds an appreciation for the diverse gifts of every child. Being a part of a great Preschool classroom while also being a part of a PreK6th grade school is a plus! Bellwether's playbased, childdirected approach to learning and discovery laid a great foundation for a lifelong love of learning I highly recommend Bellwether's Preschool program!"
    - Gingi
  • January 24, 2009
    "Our son attended The Bellwether School from second through sixth grades. Even though he moved on to another fine school after graduation, we still miss Bellwether!! At Bellwether he blossomed into a confident, caring, human being. One of the things Bellwether does so well is nurturing a childs individual personality and at the same time teaching him to be a viable community member. This is an experience that will continue to mold him through life. The small class size, and incredible teachers and staff bring so much to the rich, handson, academic experience. My only wish is that Bellwether could go to grade twelve! "
    - Christena
  • December 17, 2008
    "The Bellwether School strives and succeeds at bringing a quality educational experience to children of all ages. My son has been in the preschool for two years and is thriving! In addition to the typical emergent curriculum, the students are offered Spanish, music and art on a weekly basis. The teachers truly care and are accessible. There is a strong sense of community comprised of educators and parents. Students appear to actually enjoy learning. I have to respectfully disagree with the previous reviewer's comments. The predominant population of students at Bellwether there are approximately forty do not have learning issues and to say this is an incorrect assessment. As in every school public or private there are students who learn differently or who struggle with socializing. The smaller class sizes allow for individualized instruction, which has been found to enhance performance in several studies. "
    - Jennifer Gordon

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