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Ages: All Ages Cost: Join as a member or pay-as-you-go. Parking: Yes

With 5 locations in Chittenden County, The Edge is a convenient choice for indoor sport and camp activities. Each location offers their own programs, camps and activities so check each on their website. The Williston location boasts a 25,000 square foot field house.

Programs for Families: 

  • Aquatics Program - Swim Lessons, Red Cross Lifeguard Course, Waterslide (Essex Location)
  • Playspace Nursery (drop off care - 2 hours at a time)
  • Parisi Speed School
  • Tennis Lessons 
  • Climbing Wall (Essex Location) 


  • The Edge of Essex, Morse Drive
  • The Edge of Essex, Gauthier Drive
  • The Edge of South Burlington, Eastwood Drive
  • The Edge of South Burlington, West Twin Oaks Terrace
  • The Edge of Williston, Wellness Drive

Additionally, The EDGE has Kids & Fitness Preschool and Camps in Essex, South Burlington and Williston. 


15 reviews
  • August 7, 2018
    "I recently went to the Williston Edge with a friend, having been a member here years before. I was appalled, frankly. The place needs an overhaul. The pool liner had a scum stain all around. The front desk folks are not all that friendly. The entry is kind of messy, and the furniture is well worn. The women's locker room is absolutely filthy. Constantly wet carpet, and a horrible smell from the room itself. Hair all over the floor. Just gross. The shower room has shower heads that are torn off the wall, mud and hair all over the floor. One does not want to shower there, but then you walk into the stinky locker room and you just want to escape, not even stay to dress. Very unpleasant. Old rusty lockers. The pool room's air vents were covered in dark brown dust, ..needed cleaning very badly. All in all, I notice that not much money is going into refurbishing of this space. I think that owners should care to improve their facilities. Things are rusted, old, falling apart, and worst of all, SMELLY AND DIRTY. The stench in the locker room hits you like a brick. Going to find another gym in the area where cleanliness is at least encouraged."
    - WillistonKnitter
  • February 10, 2015
    "Truly disappointed with the management at the Edge and the swim class. The class was in the small pool, and the instructor had no control over the kids. This was supposed to be a non parent participation class for pre school aged kids, 4 to a class. There were usually 5 in the class one child was under 2 years old?! Two parents always in the pool, very very distracting to the children trying to learn. Lots of free swim happening with others during class time also distracting. Will never take class here again."
    - dealmomma
  • February 9, 2015
    "I love the EDGE Kids Fitness program the Playspace. I have 2 children that attend Kids Fitness and I couldn't be happier. They have a wonderful staff of caring teachers a wide range of activities for them. Swim Lessons, Field Trips ArtsCrafts to name a few. On the weekends my wife and I will go to the gym to workout and put our kids in to the Playspace, which is fantastic. You get up to 2 hours so you can go workout, sleep in the car or go grocery shopping. As long as they have a phone number for you and you can return quickly if there is a problem. I would highly recommend The EDGE for membership, Kids Fitness Playspace."
    - Born2RunVT
  • February 9, 2015
    "Both of my kids are in Kids and Fitness and I couldn't be happier about it. The teachers are so attuned to the children and truly love and care for them. The management is also supportive and knowledgeable. I also occasionally use Playspace when I would like to work out. There is NO better deal in town for childcare. You even have the option to drop off your kids and leave to get errands done while your children are playing. An incredible deal. Highly recommend!"
    - cvalvt
  • January 20, 2015
    "Updated review I used to be a raving fan but am now extremely disappointed in the PlaySpace at the Edge. Pricing has increased dramatically and now the monthly cost is nearly 3x what my membership fees are. Like the gym itself, the PlaySpace is dirty and overcrowded. The final straw was when we arrived one morning and the room smelled awful. I noticed a dirty diaper on the counter right by the sign in sheet clearly causing the odor. The woman working stated that she found the diaper in that spot when she opened that morning so was leaving it there to make a point."
    - justjack
  • September 19, 2014
    "My daughter has been at the EDGE Kids Fitness for 2 years now. It's hard to leave your child in anyone else's care, but the EDGE is so warm and welcoming. My daughter, a shy 2 year old, LOVES going to school. The staff is so amazing many of them are now our goto babysitters! My daughter not only gets great early education, she also learns to play tennis, swim, speak French, and play music. Truly an incredible program. I couldn't ask for anything more!"
    - CK1976
  • January 9, 2014
    "With my first experience at the edge the staff looked upon me with disaproval, that was the start. I warn families that work hard for their money to stay away from this place! And it starts in the gym upon first glance. Then we got involved in the preschool... right out of the gate I caught one of the teachers in a bold faced lie!! While looking me in the eye at parent teacher conference!!! The administration identified that I caught the teacher, then denied doing so just hours later. Not to mention there total lack of being able to communicate to a point of utter discontent and lack of respect as professionals. I dont consider the sports and fitness edge or kids in fitness a safe place for my family !! If it is ok to lie to their clients about our children, what else is good to go over there??? Beware!!!"
    - missingpiece
  • August 14, 2012
    "FYI for all of your parents out there. I received my 'letter of acceptance' for my son to go to the Edge Kid Fitness for the Essex Location in MAY 2012 it's now August for three days a week in their after school program. I fill out the paperwork that they gave me along with the acceptance letter and paid the 250 deposit. I get MORE paperwork with the wrong info. on it saying that my son is going full days??? I call, I'm told to just change the paperwork, so I do and I bring it in. I get an email today saying 'sorry' but there is no room for your child. 'You can have your deposit back' REALLY YOU THINK.....I am so LIVID right now. Thanks a lot Sports Fitness Edge, from reading some of the previous 'reviews' I'm glad that this has happened, my son will be better off ANYWHERE else."
    - Tammy
  • June 7, 2012
    "Want to echo the comments re the Director and the quality of child care at the Edge. The Director in Essex couldn't be more aloof or disengaged. She loves to prance around and stare at people but her communication skills are poor and she is very unresponsive. Her second in command is also lacking in organizational skills. She happens to also oversee the after school program, which is a joke. That being said, the actual preschoolclassroom experience is very good because of the teachers. I think they succeed despite the best efforts of the leadership otherwise. At times, the Director makes you feel like it is nothing more than a moneymaking enterprise and she could use some interpersonal training. She is also not very engaged with the kids and almost looks uncomfortable around them. She does love to sit in her office, with the door closed, though... I'd say it is a good place for young children but stay away from the afterschool program. It is a sentiment shared by others, too. Pricey but facilities do help in a long winter."
    - hooper514
  • May 21, 2012
    "We have a 13 year old who just completed the Stroke Development Clinic at The Edge in South Burlington. This 6 week class is offered multiple times a year at both the Williston and South Burlington location. It is great if your child is not quite ready for swim team, but past group or individual swim lessons and ready to really work on his or her strokes. The clinic meets twice a week and they swim for 45 minutes straight out. In order to participate your child needs to be able to swim the length of the pool without stoppingwalking. They spend time working on mastering the finer points and technique of each stroke rather than just learning the basics of water safety and learning how to swim. My only complaint is that the quality and consistency of the instructors really varied. In the 12 classes my son had, there were multiple teachers. Each week, each class it felt like he had someone else and the instruction style was different. I felt like it was hard for the teacher to get to know the kids swimming styleability and vice versa."
    - missmagpie
  • March 16, 2012
    "All three of my boys started taking tennis lessons at the Eastwood location this past year and I cannot speak highly enough of the instructors. Jake, Joyce, and JJ are so terrific with the kids and make learning tennis fun. They don't overload them with instruction in this early stage of learning as their goal is to get the kids to enjoy the game first and polish up their skills next. If I could change anything about the Junior Development program it would be to make the group smaller. The groups are big but the instructors keep it moving and make sure that each child gets plenty of opportunities to hit the ball. "
    - elzywick
  • February 21, 2012
    "Would love to review the preschool program, however, after 3 phone messages over 1 month and 2 drop in visits, the director will not call me. If you try talking to the staff, they tell you all tours and registrations have to go through the director. Who would want to leave children there if they can't even get it together to make a phone call. Unprofessional director who can't be bothered to reach out to potential students"
    - mamakins
  • March 9, 2011
    "I love the Edge great classes and the playspace for my little one to play while I work out. The caregivers in the playspaces we go to Williston and Kennedy Drive location are all great. Especially Ryan! We love him! I feel 100 comfortable leaving Jack in their care while I get a few miles in on the treadmill or take a Bodypump class. The only bummer is the hours. I wish the hours were a little more extended often times a class will be starting just as the playspace is opening, or vice versa, ending as the playspace is closing, so I'm often forced to arrive late or leave class early. And the cost is a little steep for the playspace in addition to membership charges. But overall a great place."
    - justjack
  • March 7, 2011
    "The Edge in Essex is a great preschool program. I love all the different specials that they do on a daily basis. Depending on childrens age, they do swimming, tennis, wall climbing, foreign language and musicdance. They also do a lot of cooking, as they have their a large kitchen that is shared between all the classes. The space is large, and they have 2 playgrounds. The atmosphere is very friendly and the teachers are great, and can work around families needs. They also do a after school camp and summer camp, which is extremely convenient if your child attended when they were younger. This way they already know the teachers and surroundings. And to top of all the greatness, I love that their is a secure keypad entrance, so you can leave your child there, feeling very comfortable that they are safe!"
    - MommyOf3
  • February 13, 2011
    "My son was inbetween team sports during the winter and wanted to stay in shape for the upcoming spring. We're not members of The Edge but we thought it would be a good place for him Williston location since it offered so much. He's not quite old enough to be unsupervised, so we inquired about a trainer for kids and we were introduced to Dustin, a 27 year old certified trainer that loves sports and has a great personality. From day one we were very impressed with Dustin's enthusiasm and motivating rigor. Our son goes twice a week for 1 hour sessions. Sessions are different every time but include cardio, strengthening and sports. My son loves it. He says Dustin is easy to talk to, fun to be with, but keeps him focused at the same time. Since we signed up for several weeks and paid in advance, we did receive a discount."
    - ceb

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