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The Schoolhouse Learning Center, Preschool through Middle School

The Schoolhouse is a state of Vermont approved K-8 elementary school and licensed childcare center. For over 40 years, we have been guiding students to discover the joy in academic achievement, active inquiry, and respectful cooperation. Schoolhouse honors children’s unique talents and nurtures their intellectual and emotional growth.  

Schoolhouse values the diversity of our parent and student body and offers needs-based scholarships. We are eligible to receive Act 62 funds from sending districts for early kindergarten and preschool students, and district tuition funds for elementary/middle school students from towns with open choice. Schoolhouse tuition rates are generally lower than the average tuition at public schools, thus families tuitioning in generally do not pay extra tuition costs.

The school is located in South Burlington in a renovated historic barn on 28 acres of beautiful fields and wetlands. The building has ample space, including six classrooms, an open community room and library, a kitchen for hot lunch and food/nutrition and a large gymnasium. Students come from towns in and around Chittenden county, including Burlington, Hinesburg, Richmond, Milton, Williston, Charlotte, Shelburne, Jericho, and St. Albans. 

The Schoolhouse Offers


  • Daily afterschool programming (2:45-5:30)
  • Summer and vacation camps
  • A full-day preschool (ages 2-4)
  • A middle school (grades 6-8)



The Schoolhouse Learning Center (Preschool Program)

Story Time at The Schoolhouse, a year round preschool program for 2-4 year olds, offers high quality, affordable preschool programming with a unique focus on nature family participation and sustainability.

Story Time at The Schoolhouse offers a flexible, child centered daily rhythm.  Staff members encourage creative exploration and share their expertise in environmental stewardship and nature-based .  Children are involved in planning, preparing and harvesting food from an on-site organic garden.  Other activities include (but are not limited to):

  • read aloud and story time
  • cooking
  • outdoor time (a minimum of 2 hours a day)
  • open play periods (indoors and outdoors)
  • arts and crafts
  • and movement
  • nature walks
  • sledding and other fun snow stuff (seasonal)
  • yoga and meditation
  • field trips

Story Time at The Schoolhouse offers full and partial preschool opportunities for 2-4 year olds 5 days a week, 7:30 am-5:30 pm.  Story Time at the Schoolhouse is a licensed child-care program and is recognized for high quality by the STARS program. The Schoolhouse values the diversity of its parent and student body and offers needs-based scholarships, accepts childcare subsidy and is eligible to received Act 62 funds from sending districts for 3 and 4 year olds.

The Schoolhouse is located in S. Burlington in a renovated barn on 28 acres of fields and wetlands.  The building offers ample space including 5 classrooms and a large gym. Students come from towns in and around Chittenden County, including Burlington, Hinesburg, Richmond, Milton, Williston, Charlotte, Jericho and Shelburne.


4 reviews
  • March 28, 2019
    "The Schoolhouse Learning Center has been such a gift to my son. He transferred from a very good public school, beginning as a 2nd grader. He is now in fourth grade and a transformed student. He cried every morning and I had to carry him to the car screaming while at the other school. Now he skips to the car and is disappointed when a doctor appointment keeps him from going! He is excited about learning again and really loves it. The relationships he has with the adults and students are deep and caring. The community there is real, and the commitment to growth mind set and the kids feel the emotional truth that they are cared about. His academic achievement is excellenthe tests at an 8th grade vocabulary in 4th grade. I can think of no more important investment I could make in his future than his participation in this school. His love of learning and capacity to be successful in social and emotional relationships that is nurtured there with intention and intelligence are the cornerstones to him leading a fulfilling and flourishing life. I am always happy to answer questions and talk about our experience oath the school, so contact me if you wish at"
    - Marlee
  • January 11, 2016
    "I have 2 kids at The Schoolhouse, and they love it! Our whole family loves Schoolhouse. We love the fact that they have such strong academics tied to an unwavering commitment to experiential and projectbased learning. From the multiage classrooms, to their amazing farmtotable program, they are completely unique. Kids learn HOW to learn, not just what. The teachers are brilliant and kind and thoughtfulboth my 4th grader and my 7th grader are in heaven. That's right! They have a middle school, and it's the only place I'd want my adolescent and the only place he wants to be. Bonus they have one of the lowest tuitions in the area."
    - AnneMollo
  • October 19, 2011
    "The Schoolhouse has been amazing for my energetic, creative son. The wonderful teachers really do focus on each child as an individual, meeting them where they are and challenging them within their unique learning style. The community is one of connection parents gather for both social and extracurricular activities, and are welcome in the school and classrooms at any time during the day. I love the Schoolhouse because it's teaching my son to love learning!"
    - tealara
  • January 13, 2009
    "The Schoolhouse has been a fabulous place for my child to learn and grow. The school helps develop the capacity for critical thinking and independent research skills. The teachers are incredibly responsive to childrens' individual needs. Their breadth and depth of experience and dedication to the children and families is one of the many things that makes this school such a unique learning environment. Tana Randall, parent"
    - Tana Randall

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