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In addition to routine oral health care for children, adolescents and handicapped patients, Timberlane Dental Group offers a wide variety of care for its pediatric patients in the areas of:

  • Infant exams
  • Restorative care for children and adolescents
  • Sedation for fearful or pre-cooperative children
  • Hospital dental services
  • Management of tooth trauma
They have locations in Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, and Shelburne.

Timberlane Dental's Orthodontics's specialists use the most modern appliances and techiques available today. They offer the following treatments and services:

  • Metal braces
  • Porcelain braces
  • Invisible tooth movement with Invisalign
  • Space maintainers
  • Functional appliances


3 reviews
  • August 22, 2015
    "I'm a 23 year old who is terrified of the dentist. I've had bad experiences, and I've gotten way too many cavities I also hate needles. The other day I went for a simple cavity in the front of my gum. The dental assistant Darla recognized right away that I was nervous and was very sweet and tried talking to me about everything to try and distract me in a good way. The dentist, Dr. Lupariello, used a topical numbing gel honestly the first time any of my dentist's have used this waited a good amount of time to let it sit in, and made extra sure I was numb before inserting the needle. His presence was calm, and he used dry humor my personal favorite and they were both extremely nice and inviting. Afterwards, I apologized for being a baby and being a little sassy during the whole thing as well and they were both completely kind saying no problem, you did great and genuinely meaning it. The office is a bit dated, but the energy of the staff even the front desk was fantastically friendly and warm was definitely worth it. Thanks guys!"
    - Kelceylamphere
  • January 28, 2014
    "Heartless. Never miss appointments with Timberlane. My wife and I, through economic hardships, living a full hour away from the Ma and Pa Bell of Vermont pediatric dentists, had missed three appointments, possibly four, for our four year old daughter. Thats when we were told, per their policy, we werent welcome back. Months later, my daughter started to feel intense pain in her mouth, so we took her to our family dentist. She needed a root canal. We called every other pediatric dentist in the entire state of Vermont, only to find the soonest we could get her in was in 4 months. Out of desperation, we called Timberlane. After a week of dodged calls and nonanswers, I finally pleaded with someone. What did I have to do? My daughter was in pain. This is where I point out that, to hold a four year old child that is in such acute pain she can barely eat accountable for the actions of their parents is heartless. They wouldnt see her. Per their policy. I, a full grown man, cried, begged, they heard her cry in the background nothing. This is a company that will choose their policies over your children. They dont care about your children, they care about their money. Because of them my four year old daughter had to sit in the chair of our family dentist, and, while wide awake, watch him put gigantic needles that would make a grown man tremble into her mouth repeatedly, then feel the pressure as he ripped the tooth out of her mouth. She wouldnt stop screaming. She wouldnt stop crying. She wouldnt stop asking for Doctor Chuck. The people of Timberlane, again, dont care about your children. The people of Timberlane dont feel compassion for you, they feel compassion for their pockets. I would never recommend anyone to these heartless monsters."
    - justsomedad
  • July 2, 2009
    "We use this dental practice as a family. There is an adult side and a children's side. This office has recently been completely renovated. Don't let the outside of the building put you off. Outside 1970's, inside 2010. Dr. Gary Davis is our children's primary dentist but we have seen many of the Drs. and they are all great. The hygienists are patient and caring with the children and teach them good dental health early on. My kids are actually looking forward to getting their braces in the ortho room with the 52 plasma tv."
    - missmagpie

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