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In addition to routine oral health care for children, adolescents and handicapped patients, Timberlane Dental Group offers a wide variety of care for its pediatric patients in the areas of:

  • Infant exams
  • Restorative care for children and adolescents
  • Sedation for fearful or pre-cooperative children
  • Hospital dental services
  • Management of tooth trauma
They have locations in Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, and Shelburne.

Timberlane Dental's Orthodontics's specialists use the most modern appliances and techiques available today. They offer the following treatments and services:

  • Metal braces
  • Porcelain braces
  • Invisible tooth movement with Invisalign
  • Space maintainers
  • Functional appliances


2 reviews
  • June 16, 2013
    "As we were leaving the dentist said to my 4 year old in a harsh tone, You could have made that easier you know. Most kids don't act like that. Read on for the full story, but that should be enough right there to turn you off! Two of the worst visits to a dentist in my life. My son had gone to the Timberlane Dentist in the North end of Burlington and had a great experience. Even though he was shy the staff got down on his level and he cooperate much better than I expected even though he was only 3. We moved and switched to the one in S. Burlington. The first time they rushed him and tried to force him to cooperate and the dentist tried a little to get him to cooperate and then had him sit in my lap and pulled his mouth open to look. The second visit, 6 months later, was even worse and the dentist did not even try to introduce himself to my 4 year old or even get down on his level. He immediately pulled him back to look in his mouth. I left very upset and will never go back there again. That is not how a pediatric dentist should behave. After this he said to my 4 year old in a harsh tone, you could have made this easier you know. Most kids don't act like that. I left thinking, isn't it the adult manpediatric dentist's job to make it easier for my child. I don't remember the dentists name, but he has white hair."
    - hgz217
  • September 15, 2010
    "This office is really kid friendly ... set up for kids. They have a great system where one of the hygienists who have always been really sweet first takes the kids into a big room, gets to know them and goes over teeth brushing with the huge teeth model! Dentists were great, clearly knowledgeable. They also have an orthodontist regularly stop in during the visits. This is great because you don't end up having to pay for an extra trip to the orthodontist for an evaluation. I just wish Timberlane was covered by our insurance at 100!"
    - native VTer

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