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This summer, we invite you to our Turtle Lane Campus for hands-on experiences, stories, games, and lots of time outdoors. All of our day camps are led by LCWS teachers and offer a relaxed and fun-filled taste of our Waldorf curriculum. From basketball to music and the arts, we inspire campers to learn and play with joy, curiosity, and compassion. Not just for LCWS students, we welcome all children who love the outdoors and are ready to explore with us! 


  • Early Childhood Camp | ages 4-6
  • Elementary Camp | Rising 1st to 6th graders 
  • Artists and Makers in the City | Rising 4th to 6th graders
  • Wilderness Skills & Fiber Arts Camp | Rising 1st to 6th graders
  • Basketball Camps | Rising 5th to 8th graders
  • Music Camps |  Rising 4th to 6th graders 
  • Advanced Music Camp | Rising 6th to 8th graders
  • Creative Writing Camp | ages 7-12


Turtle Lane Camp is held on the beautiful, wooded campus of the Lake Champlain Waldorf School.


16 reviews
  • April 8, 2013
    "The first time we sent our eldest to Turtle Lane Art and Nature Camp, he begged and pleaded for more. He came home with sketchpad in hand, eager to draw all of the birds around him this, in turn, inspired his then 5 year old brother to do the same. We promptly signed him up for another week and we returned to the camp the following year. This year, our two youngest will attend. We love that there is a camp available that feeds on the connection between nature, magic, and imagination, and that keeps childhood alive!"
    - Liz Pinel
  • April 2, 2013
    "Day one two staffing was fine but day three , four, and five they were UNDERSTAFFED. Just the main teacher a studentchild teacher who attended the Waldorf school herself. Our child did enjoy it. Buthaving lots of little kids running in the deep woods with streams nearby without proper staffing, is not ok with this Mom and Dad. Will not do it again, even for free. Sorry. Child went in summer 2012, 45 years old. Business Owner's Response 422013 After reading this review, I, the director of Turtle Lane Camp, did want to respond to a few points. At Turtle Lane, children's safety is our highest priority. We are dedicated to helping children explore nature safely under the supervision of responsible and caring mentoring adults. In the summer session of 2012, which the author refers to, Director Abigail DiehlNoble and an adult assistant counselor were at the camp every day with 18 or fewer campers. When in the forest, we divided the group so that one counselor was in charge of no more than nine children. The state mandated adult to child ratio for children in this age group is 110, so we were always well within the guidelines for best safety practices with children. In addition, we have a thorough safety protocol that we follow when in the woods with children this is available to any parent who wishes to see it. Finally, the heart of our camp curriculum is woodland safety and lore, and we review safe practices with children every day. We do offer leadership opportunities to middle schoolage CounselorsinTraining but these young people are never left alone with other children and of course do not count as teachers in our adultchild ratios. We welcome parent questions and are always happy to talk about our safety practices."
    - Mama
  • April 1, 2013
    "What a BLESSING it was to have my children enrolled for a session of Turtle Lane Camp! Under the experienced and trusted guidance of Abigail DiehlNoble, 5 ages 11, 10, 8, 6 and 4 of my 8 children delighted in learning about plants and flowers the theme of the week. In true Waldorf style, the children spent many hours outside balanced nicely with quiet inside time playing, exploring and identifying and collecting various species of plants. They used their collected plants to create beautiful oils, lotions and teas. What a TERRIFIC opportunity for our children and US the parents to learn about the natural world! One of our children 11 at the time and a junior helper said, I most enjoyed making fairy houses with the little ones! Another 8 at the time enthusiastically remarked that one of the highlights of HER experience was Making tea out of gathered lemon balm!"
    - mariaverroye@gmail.com
  • April 1, 2013
    "Our 6 year old daughter attended Turtle Lane Camp during the summer of 2012 and absolutely loved it! She enjoyed the balance of active and quiet time, as well as the time outdoors in beautiful Vermont. She learned about plants and their uses. She decorated a box that she filled with skin and health care remedies that she made during camp. There was also artistic endeavors and cooperative play to round out the day!"
    - tnbarbou
  • April 1, 2013
    "Our 6 year old daughter loved the camps she attended. Every day the kids spend time outside playing, exploring and learning about nature. It's a wonderful opportunity for kids to get outside and play. Last year one of the weeks was all about birds and nature. Every day she was excited to go to camp and learn something new. We still have all the drawings of birds hanging up in our daughters room! The time outside was wellbalanced with arts and crafts inside. Overall, this is a wonderful experience for kids. We are planning on going back again this summer!"
    - aorbacz
  • April 1, 2013
    "My daughters attended the Sticks and Stones camp. They absolutely loved it! They would come home everyday and tell us stories of the Fairy House they were building in the woods. It was wonderful to hear how they created an elaborate house using only what they could find in the woods. They also enjoyed making their own snacks. My oldest daughter, who tends to be very picky eater even discovered she actually likes a new kind of breakfast muffin. I was very pleased with the activities, staff and lessons learned during their week at camp."
    - CBREj
  • March 31, 2013
    "My son has attended several of these camps and he has loved them all. The facilitators hold a lovely balance of guidance and containment without overly instructing, thereby encouraging free play and imaginative experiences. They teach safety protocols in all environments upon which my son still relies and offers to other children in our woodland!. During these camps my son's reverence for nature was nurtured, he felt curiosity and delight in the content of the camps, and he enjoyed the children as well as the mentors. This all adds up to A for our family. "
    - De&e
  • March 31, 2013
    "We absolutely love this nature camp! Both of my sons ages 5 and 7 attended the camp last summer for two weeks. They came home every day with new stories and adventures to share, and were eager to return each morning. This spring when it was time to look over all of the options for summer camp both of our boys requested to go back to Turtle Lane! It's a great place for children to spend a week of their summer outdoors exploring as childhood should be!"
    - mlwilliams
  • March 30, 2013
    "My two children ages 6 and 9 went to Turtle Lane camp for one week last summer and absolutely loved it. They felt immediately comfortable with the camp director and her staff and by the end of the first day, were bubbling over with enthusiasm about their experience. The camp seemed to offer a nice balance between time outdoors in the woods adjacent to the Waldorf school as well as creative time indoors. By the end of the week, they had created wonderful and useful thingsa blank book, various bath and body care products made from some of the herbs they had harvested, and a lovely decorative basket of sorts. I was also touched by the feeling of community that had been created among the children of various ages over the course of the week. The children treated each other with kindness and appreciationI observed a very healthy and safe social environment, which is every bit as important for me as a day filled with interesting activities."
    - Daisy23
  • March 30, 2013
    "My daughter attended two of the Turtle Lane Art and Nature Camps last summer 2012. These were some of her favorite camps that she attended all summer. Building fairy houses in the woods, being with friends, making and eating delicious snacks in a fun, outdoor environment is what these camps are all about. The camp director is the most warmhearted and caring individual. The camp was semistructured around certain themes for each week, but still allowed ample time for the kids to play and have unstructured free time with adequate supervision. Having the children play outside in the woods is critical to the growth of children's emotional and physical health. I wouldn't change anything about this camp."
    - RunBikeSki
  • March 30, 2013
    "My son loved attending camp last yearand is already signed up for this year's sessions. Playing in the woods, healthy snacks, songs, stories and crafts are the simple summer pleasures he enjoyed. He especially loved the herb lore and came home telling me how to use plants he observed in the fields near our home. The staff are warm, playful, knowledgable, and have good boundaries with the children. They also worked to create healthy dynamics between the children."
    - garmal
  • March 30, 2013
    "I had two children age 6 and 7 attend Turtle Lane Camp during separate sessions in 2012. They both thoroughly enjoyed spending active time outdoors and working on a variety of nature projects throughout the week. There seemed to be a great balance between active play and quieter times. As a parent, i also really appreciated the great healthy and filling snacks that were served every day. I thought the camp staff were amazing and very professional. The teachers were kind and nurturing with the children and also great about checking in with parents at the beginning and ending of the camp day. I highly recommend these camps, especially for those kids who enjoy time in nature."
    - sally
  • July 6, 2012
    "Our son, 6, has spent two weeks with Turtle Lane Camp so far one vacation, one summer. I cant express how pleased we are with it. It is such a lovely, nurturing and fun environment. The staff is responsive to each child as an individual as well as being skilled with working with all the children as a group. It is a wonderful place for a first camp experience or for returning year after year. The boy I pick up each day is tired, relaxed and happy. I would recommend this camp to anyone without hesitation."
    - GraysMom
  • January 8, 2012
    "My three daughters aged 6, 8 and 9 absolutely loved the Wildflower camp. They came home each day brimming over with delight about all the fun they were having. The camp hit all the right notes.....learning new and interesting things, crafts, making delicious food together, time to reflect and time to play. The only complaint they had was that the week ended too soon! If your child loves to explore and play outdoors this is the right place for them."
    - sthompson
  • July 13, 2011
    "Our twin boys went to the Ants and Dragonflies camp. It was a wonderful experience for them! They learned more about insects and identified edible plants from the woods nearby. They sang songs, were told stories, and did many arts and craft projects which they got to bring home at the end of the week. There was water play and gardening, and by the end of the week, my boys were happy and exhausted. The highlight for the parents was a sweet little play they did on the last day, followed by a party with homemade snack and dessert. It was a great week and I would recommend this camp to anyone!"
    - larahilgert
  • July 5, 2011
    "Our son attended the Wildflowers camp in June. It was his first camp ever, and I wasn't sure if he would do well in an allday camp...he LOVED it. The group learned about our local wildflowers, they created flower presses, they met a bee farmer, they hiked, and they played in water. He really didn't want to come home! I would recommend this camp to anyone with a child who is curious and enjoys spending time outside with nature. What an amazing experience! We are signed up for next week's camp, Sticks and Stones as well. Can't wait!"
    - wazdesign

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