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Vermont Day School offers exceptional instruction in core academics, along with a project-based approach to learning that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration. STEM, global studies, digital literacy, art, Spanish and PE are integral components of the curriculum. Individual learning goals, along with small classes led by experienced teachers, ensure that each child is well supported and appropriately challenged.

Vermont Day School offers: 

  • Pre-K Program
  • Instruction in core academic areas, along with Spanish, art and PE
  • Emphasis on 21st century learning competencies
  • Integration of STEM ( technology, engineering and math)
  • Engaging, project-based approach to learning
  • Individual learning goals for each student
  • Small classes taught by experienced, dedicated teachers

They also offer after school classes and summer camps.  


17 reviews
  • January 29, 2023
    "This is our third year with both our children at Vermont Day School. Our children are so happy and the community is wonderful. They feel so comfortable at their school and feel like it is a second home for them. We love the teachers and the special classes such as STEM and Spanish that our children wouldn't necessarily be exposed to at other schools. The communication between the parents and faculty has been excellent and we feel that we get regular updates all the time about how our children are doing. The special events such as a school wide community service project on MLK day to the Gingerbread festival during the holidays makes the school a unique place to learn and thrive. Can't recommend enough!"
    - kbrushy
  • January 29, 2023
    "Wonderful! My daughter is in the middle school. I was worried that the small class size would discourage my social child, but she loves it. Her teachers know her well and encourage her to be her best self. Academically she is thriving, but it's the supportive community of teachers and students that I appreciate most. "
    - parentwritingreview
  • January 10, 2023
    "Vermont Day School has been the best decision we've made for our children. The professionalism, compassion, and enthusiasm the staff brings to the classroom creates an environment that allows students to thrive. They are exposed to all sorts of wonderful experiences at VDS field trips, partnership with local organizations to better understand the VT business landscape, community service events, sports! Not to mention, curriculum that includes foreign language, STEM, global studies, music and art, available to children starting in Kindergarten. The school truly is a community, and does a great job fostering relationships from the middle school down to the Prek. We have two boys here, in first grade and Prek, and I look forward to watching them grow and learn with VDS for many years to come."
    - bn0618
  • December 9, 2022
    "Cannot recommend.too small. Too many faculty children. No diversity. Switched out and couldnt be happier with that move. Child is thriving now. "
    - Che1980
  • October 22, 2021
    "We were looking for a more personalized middle school experience for our kids than what is offered in local public schools and certainly found it at VDS! We have found a stellar combination of strong academics, rich art experiences, handson learning, and nurturing teacher relationships. So very pleased!"
    - VT Parent 21
  • October 19, 2021
    "Vermont Day Middle School The program gets kids out of their seats and really experience learning. The teachers know each student, and their individual learning style. My daughter is held accountable for completing her work and challenged to do her best. Her teachers know what she is capable of and want her to reach those goals. Vermont Day teaches the strong academic foundation that kids need to be successful in high school. They go a step further and push social and global awareness. I praise Vermont Day for taking every measure to ensure inperson learning when others schools weren't. My children thrived on inperson learning and need to be social as much as they need the academics. "
    - randomparentsignin
  • October 19, 2021
    "Our 5 year old son started at VT Day School this year. The experience so far has been incredible, both for him as a student and for us as parents. He loves the project based learning approach, and is excited to go to school every day. The diversity of the curriculum and the knowledge of the teachers keeps him engaged and enthusiastic to learn. The smaller class size allows for individual attention that compliments his learning style. Parents are kept extremely well informed, and we very much feel part of the community. The overall experience has been positive and we feel fortunate to have found VT Day!"
    - beccajones31
  • May 12, 2021
    "Amazing PreK program! Talented, experienced, and nurturing team of teachers. "
    - VTEDU
  • September 15, 2020
    "Vermont Day School now offers a PREK program. What a dream! it is led by one of the most experienced and beloved prek teachers in our area. These children are so lucky! They LOVE going to school each day, exploring the world around them, and meeting new friends. The class size is very small less than 10 great studentteacher ratio."
    - VTEDU
  • July 7, 2020
    "Vermont Day School has been a great transition for our children grades 4 and 6. We moved from Massachusetts and were looking for an environment that approached the whole student. VDS serves that so well and with such great enthusiasm."
    - TheHoffmans
  • November 6, 2019
    "Vermont Day School has been an amazing place for my two children. They are very different from one another and the school has met and exceeded each of their individual needs. VDS is an exceptional academic environment, challenging and encouraging our children where they need it most. The handson learning keeps them engaged and so excited to come to school each day. The feedback that we received in the first parentteacher conference just 6 weeks into school was so thorough and provided a clear framework of each student's strengths and challenges. We have never received such thoughtful feedback from past school experiences. I am so impressed by the faculty, the school community, and the dedication to educating our children. I wish I could have gone to a school like Vermont Day School!"
    - VTEDU
  • September 22, 2019
    "Mission is admirable, and the school's founder is committed and experienced. It falls apart at the staff. Teachers fail to meet expectations especially k 2. 15 of student body is staff children."
    - rwentz
  • October 30, 2018
    "What a gem we have found with VDS. The project based learning curriculum has been engaging and hands on for our children. The teachers are exceptional and have all shown a remarkable ability to teach to where each child is at in various subjects. The teachers really get to know each student and their relationship grows because of that. The strong community is part of the schools overall set of values and is clearly being implemented when we see middle schoolers and Kindergarteners playing together at recess on any given day. There is no doubt in our minds that Vermont Day School is preparing our children to be strong, contributing members of society, in the ever changing 21st century."
  • October 25, 2018
    "VDS is an incredible community for our children. The curriculum is individualized, relevant, and engaging. There is a strong sense of community throughout the building friendships form across classes from the youngest students to the oldest students. With seamless incorporation of 'extras' such as Spanish, music, drama, STEM, and art the students receive a well rounded education within the school day. Children are learning real life skills that many people do not master until adulthood executive functioning, organization, working in teams. Each member of the school is welcoming, caring, excited and engaged. As parents we feel we can finally take a deep breath and watch our children grow in this incredible school! Thank you VDS we look forward to many more years!"
    - vtparent
  • January 19, 2017
    "Finally... we found it. After looking at so many area private schools, magnet schools, and neighborhood schools, we finally found a school that emphasizes strong academics, social responsibility, outdoor play, multiage friendships, and global awareness. VDS is a loving community of outstanding teachers and smart, friendly children. It is a beautiful space both inside and out for your child to grow and be nurtured as a learner. Students engage in wonderful problem and project based learning that is neither watereddownfluffy nor mere busy work. Instead they each make great strides and face just the right amount of challenge and then experience pride in the result. The teachers are both excellent people and excellent guides in the learningteaching adventure. The community of parents and children is warm and engaged for so young a school. We are so fortunate to have found VDS."
    - emanett1
  • November 3, 2015
    "Vermont Day School has a focus on individual learning goals whereby the emphasis is to do your best, not just complete your work. I have a 5 year old son he has to think about what he wants to achieve, write it down, implement a plan of action and follow through to reach his goal. He likes the feeling of succeeding and attaining his goal an invaluable lesson. If you have a solid base to build upon, you can reach infinite possibilities Vermont Day School is providing such a foundation. Statistically speaking, people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. I've included a link to a very powerful article Why 3 of Harvard MBAs Make Ten Times as Much as the Other 97 Combined by Sid Savara httpsidsavara.compersonalproductivitywhy3ofharvardmbasmaketentimesasmuchastheother97combined"
    - CoCoTremblay
  • October 27, 2015
    "While we are only 2 months into the school year, I can truly say that sending our child to Vermont Day School was one of the best decisions we've made as parents. The teachers and faculty are amazing. They really care about the students and the mission of the school. Each of the teachers has managed to engage my child in the learning process, as opposed to 'teaching' her. She comes home excited about the things she is doing in school and can't wait to go back each day. In the short time she has been there, I have seen a major change in her enthusiasm for reading and in her confidence in her ability to do things for herself. The education she is receiving is varied and rich, and each of the different teachers in the different subjects works in unison, giving the students wellrounded exposure to all aspects of the themes they are studying. The small class size seems to allow the teachers to really help each student improve their individual weak areas and continue to excel in their stronger ones. While this is the inaugural year for Vermont Day School, it feels like a pretty welloiled machine. I honestly can't say enough good things about this school."
    - karidactyl

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