Vermont Legend Gates Shotokan Karate



453 Main Street, West Rutland, VT 05777 Visit Website | 802-438-2750 |


Cost: $5 a class | $40 a month single student Parking: Yes
Traditional Shotokan Karate with 37 years experience and a certified Sensei. I am still sanctioned to teach and promote. I am in contact with the Mother Dojos. Working often with ADD/ADHD for better focus and discipline, fitness & rehabilitation.


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  • July 28, 2015
    "An EXCELLENT NEW Source to learn Karate for Kids to Adults in the Rutland Area. Located in West Rutland's Town Hall Auditorium. the unique and large training hall allows many neighboring towns to benefit from this Non Profit school. With a 2 week free trial period, no money down or any contracts, money taken from banks. Rates start at 45 for 1 Student and 70 for 2 either Family or Friend. Uses both Traditional Methods for Adults and a mix of Tradition with educational and basic skills. Classes open to the DISABLED and Handicapped for both Youths and Adults. A prior meeting with the Sensei is always needed. Martial Arts OFTEN HELPS those with ADD ADHD PTSD and more, some benefits of reconditioning at a pace set for you physical and cardio. We offer Traditional Karate, with Kenpo, Aikijitsu, Juijitsu, Kickboxking, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Stick Fighting and more integrated for higher level students. CALL 8024382750 or EMAIL Visit and LIKE our Facebook page at Legend Gates Karate ask foor Sensei Rick Smith."
    - fenris042042

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