Williston Parks and Recreation Department



7900 Williston Road, Williston, VT 05495 Visit Website | 802-878-1239 | tgoodwin@willistonvt.org


Parking: No

Williston has many parks, natural areas and multi-use paths available. They also offer youth programs many of which include: 

  • Summer Day Camps (1st - 10th grade)
  • Specialty Summer camps (4-6 yrs olds Junior Golf, Flip and Cheer)
  • Youth Activities (Kids Night Out, Red Cross Swimming Lessons, Tennis Clinics, Soccer, Fishing, Cooking)
  • Activities at the Library
  • Pre-School Activities (baby time playgroups, Saturday toddler time, tiny tot gymnastics, tiny tennis)
  • Family Swim at the Edge
  • Open Family Gym at Allen Brook School

Check out their Parks & Recreation page.

*Discounts off Great Escape tickets avaiable at the Town Clerks' Office - $24.00 (regular price $39.99)


2 reviews
  • August 14, 2019
    "I rarely write reviews but I feel that this is important for parents to know. I sent my two kids to this camp, one is going into 1st grade and the other one just turned 5 and will be in K this fall. The first week was ok, some rough starts but we decided to give it another week. Well I arrived to pick up my kids and one of them was missing. I asked the camp counselor where the 5 yo was and she mentioned very casually he had an accident and was getting changed. I figured ok, he must've wet his pants. It's unusual for him but who knows, things happen. I waited around for a couple of minutes and asked again where he was and a male counselor said everyone should be outside and there was no one in the bathroom. Thinking I must've missed him, I walked around outside and still can't find him. I again asked and finally just went inside myself looking for him. Well he came out of the bathroom, in tears and covered in poop from neck all the way down to his feet and covering his shoes. No idea how long he was in the bathroom for and clearly, yeshe must've ate something that didn't sit right with him and gotten sick. Their policy is that they cannot help kids clean themselves which is fine but an accident of this size should've warrant a phone call to a parent. My husband or I could've been there quickly to help him out. That isn't the worse part. I emailed the director who basically admitted everyone forgot he was in the bathroom. So they forgot him or didn't care and he was in a dark bathroom for who knows how long, crying and covered in poop. The price of this daycare is attractive, especially the hours for working parents. And I thought it was a nice opportunity for my kids to meet classmates but be warned, the staff is very young, inexperience and disorganized. The Director lacks any responsibility and empathy needed for this position. I would not trust this place to take care of your kids."
    - Alexa635
  • August 11, 2016
    "You will definitely get what you pay for with this camp. Untrained, rude, and lazy counselors. Every time I dropped off my child, the counselors were either yelling at children rudely or just sitting around talking to one another. No greetings, nothing. They watched a movie everyday, which seemed a bit ridiculous as well. The plus side is that it's cheap and they go on a field trip and to the beach every week. However, my daughter said she got lost on the field trip, and no adult ever checked in with me about it. In fact, no adult EVER checked in with me about anything ever. I definitely would not recommend this camp, even for the price. The amount of emotional damage to young kids they will do with the way they talk isn't worth it. I'm not just an overprotective parent. I have a Masters Degree in education and have been in the field for over a decade, so I feel like I have enough to stand on. I feel guilty for having sent my child here. I just tell myself it helped her build resilience and get some life experience."
    - jesicatvt

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