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YWCA VT Camp Hochelaga: offering traditional summer camp experiences focused on empowerment, leadership, and friendship for girls ages 6-17 since 1919. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain in South Hero, VT, residential and day camp activities include archery, sailing, paddleboarding, arts & crafts, performing arts, games, camp songs, 99-year-old traditions, and leadership opportunities. Their programs focus on building girls' capacity for growth, leadership, and empowerment through fun, safe, age-appropriate activities in a beautiful setting, and fostering friendships that last a lifetime. Camp Hochelaga is ACA accredited. 

Camp Hochelaga offers: 

  • Residential Camps - (ages 6-17) five 1-week residential sessions and two 2-week sessions.
  • Day camp session - (ages 6- 17) 8 sessions Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm (includes breakfast and lunch!)
  • Transportation also included from Holiday Inn on Williston Road, Essex Highschool, and Chimney Corners Park & Ride in Milton.
  • Counselor-In-Training program - ages 16+ and entering their junior year in high school.


19 reviews
  • February 1, 2018
    "My daughter loves this camp and I love this camp! My daughter started with one week of day camp when she was 8 and each summer has increased the number of weeks she attends and this summer at 11 is moving to residential camp and keeping the other weeks of day camp, too. The camp is a traditional summer camp outdoors, beautiful location, lots of activities including water sports, archery, arts and crafts, and lots of fun, fun, fun. It's a wonderful option for parents who don't have the access to or knowledge about sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, etc. but wish they did so their kids could truly take advantage of Lake Champlain and learn those skills for life. The girls choose their preferred activities and can enjoy the lake every day if wanted and daily swim lessons are offered, too. The camp has lots of camper traditions that the girls love to learn and own, resulting in a real sense of belonging. Lots of camp songs, etc. As an all girls camp, it is a great environment for girls to feel comfortable and confident as they explore, discover and develop their own sense of self in a safe and supportive place. My daughter goes there each week without knowing anyone in advance and from day one comes home talking about the new friends she's hanging out with sometimes even the girl she sits next to on the ride to camp so she arrives there with an instant buddy to start out with!. The supervisory staff are extremely well organized and caring. The camp has operated for many years and they have their systems in place. They hire talented camp staff, who are older girls young women the campers can relate to and look up to as role models. There are so many extras that make this such a great day camp option for working parents transportation to camp that works really well with work hours lunch and snacks provided real quality because it's the same food that the residential campers eat so no rushing to pack a lunch and snacks lots of physical activities so girls are appropriately worn out when they get home and ready for bed at a reasonable hour ! even after a mandatory quiet, rest time in the middle of the day and a serious priority on safety. Since they offer the residential camp, they are right on top of everything that's going on with the girls and are ready to take care of any situation that comes up and are in touch with parents immediately if needed. For me, it is a wonderful sense of security to know my daughter is safe and in good hands and is enjoying our wonderful Vermont landscape and as far away from a 'school setting' as possible. It is a true summer break for girls with a program that builds personal development skills that help them as they enter their next year of school in the fall. As you can tell, I can't say enough about this camp and I am speaking from my heart! No disclosure this is not a paid endorsement!!!! I truly am so glad to have discovered it. My daughter has been attending summer day camps since she was five and we used to try a different camp each week so weve tried them all. Camp Hochelaga quickly rose to the top as favorite for me and my daughter. This will be our first experience with the residential camp and my daughter is ready to try it because her best friend has had a week there both of the past two summers and loved it and her mom did, too. From an affordability perspective, for all that the girls experience during the week and all the quality outdoor activities they do it is truly worth it. It's actually less expensive than many of the specialty camps offered by organizations in town. And Hochelaga does offer scholarships, where those other specialty camps often do not. Yes, I fully endorse this camp and believe it is a true gift to both young girls and working parents. Can you tell I love it? Yes, yes, yes! Does my daughter love it? Yes, yes, yes!"
    - MomSusan
  • January 30, 2018
    "I have been attending Camp Hochelaga for the past 5 years as a camper and cannot wait to return in Summer 2018! Through camp I have made some of my closest friends and made connections with girls of all age ranges. Hochelaga has taught me to really come out of my shell and be myself at camp, where I know others will accept me. There are so many great opportunities offered at 'Laga that vary based on interest. I myself have tried all sorts of different activities at camp such as archery and sailing for the first time. Hochelaga has become a second home to me and I hope to continue going as long as I can."
    - nrc725
  • January 30, 2018
    "My daughter has spent 5 wonderful summers at Hochelaga. The experience has been great for her. She not only had fun with the numerous activities and made great friends, the experience has helped her grow into a confident young woman. Last hear she completed CIT training complete with lifeguard certification. I was amazed at the change in her after 5 weeks there. If you are looking for a great camp experience, this is the place, but you will get so much more. The camp staff and YWCA administration is really striving to make Hochelaga a one of a kind Vermont camp! I would give it 10 stars if I could."
    - Lagamom
  • January 29, 2018
    "My daughter has been a returning day camper for the last 2 years. She loves all of the activities, and is looking forward to going again this year. As her parent, I am hapy with the variety of opportunities she has to try new things, and be outdoors completely unplugged in nature. Supporting young women find their voice, in an inclusive and empowering way, is so important!"
    - mgados
  • January 29, 2018
    "My mom attended this camp when she was a teenager, and she decided to sign me up for it when I was 10. I'm now 16 going on 17, and have attended camp ever since. Hochelaga has helped me learn new skills, fun games, and has provided a safe and fun space for me for many years. There's a saying at camp I don't get homesick at camp, I get campsick when I'm home, and that statement couldn't be truer. Hochelaga helped me start some of my best and longest lasting friendships. I love Hochelaga, and I encourage girls of all ages to come to camp."
    - MaddieH16
  • January 29, 2018
    "I attended Camp Hochelaga many years ago, and when my daughter was old enough she became a Laga girl too! Camp Hochelaga is a beautiful, perhaps even magical, place where girls can explore, learn and grow in a safe environment. I can't think of any better place or any better program to have my daughter involved in. Over the past five years, she has blossomed into a Young Woman with confidence and selfworth, and I saw those traits take root while she was attending Camp Hochelaga. I would highly recommend this camp to any Mom or any Daughter looking for a camp to call Home."
    - PattyMae
  • January 23, 2018
    "My daughter has gone to Hochelaga for six summers and cannot wait to get back there for her 7th! She loves the traditions of 'Laga and values the friendships she has made with girls all over the world! The counselors are wellvetted and excellent. Many are international, which adds a special flare for the Camp. The food is excellent some is even grown on site! The programming is also superb just the right combination of onwater, onland and offcampus activities! And the cabins are awesome exactly what I remember from my Camp days! I would highly recommend Camp Hochelaga to anyone whose daughter is looking for her next adventure and exploring her independence. For the little ones, there is also day camp that has one sleepover night so they can see what it feels like to be a residential camper. Long story short if my child is going back for her 7th summer, it must be great! Thank you Camp Hochelaga!!"
    - courtneylamontagne@comcast.net
  • January 22, 2018
    "As guardians to our ten year old granddaughter we were concerned about finding the right camp for her, the camp which would be both a safe haven and a fun, healthy, active environment. Camp Hochelaga proved to be that camp. Located on the pristine shores of Lake Champlain in a setting that is idyllic, almost surreal in its' beauty, the camp provides a gorgeous setting for young girls to explore the gifts of nature while learning about themselves and the world around them. Our granddaughter was surrounded by staff who encouraged her to trust herself, to take risks, to form strong, lasting friendships with fellowcampers,and to face the challenges, fears, and rewards of her budding independence. She became more confident and enthusiastic right before our eyes, bubbling over with the excitement and joy of daily activities. Each day brought loads of fun and new achievements kayaking, swimming, team sports, art activities, etc. all which fueled her growing sense of self and desire to do more. Through the gentle support of camp counselors, she even found the courage to sleep overnight at camp on two occasions she had never been away that long, and now looks forward to many more overnights. Camp Hochelaga provided all that we sought for our granddaughter by supporting and exemplifying the core values we cherish respect and consideration of others, cooperation in groups, friendly competition, a profound appreciation of nature and natural gifts, and the ongoing pursuit of personal excellence through handson education and positive, fun experiences. "
    - Rudion
  • January 20, 2018
    "We returned to Hochelaga last summer for my daughter's 5th season. We had tried some other camp experiences, but when we arrived and she ran off gleefully to revisit all her favorite places I knew this was her happy place. She has had some great counselors, and has maintained connections with some of her cabin mates through the year. She loves the singing, the camp play, and opportunities to try new experiences like sailing and archery. This year she is excited to go for three weeks. I am impressed with the leadership, and Hochelaga's commitment to listening to feedback and making positive changes in the program."
    - CampMom
  • February 9, 2017
    "My daughter attended day camp for one week. Overall, it was a horrible experience. During check in the senior staff was unorganized, unfriendly, and lost our paperwork. Most of the staff was too young and did not have the skills to create a positive group experience. My daughter who loves most everything could articulate very clearly why she didn't like this camp. They didn't do anything to promote empowering women and ending racism. I emailed the director twice asking and stating concerns. It did not improve. In the mess hall they would sing songs daily including one about a sexy body. My daughter who was 7 asked me what that meant. The daily activities were fine, however if your daughter forgot what she signed up for she would miss out. I would never recommend this camp under any circumstance."
    - Mama3
  • January 14, 2017
    "Going to Camp Hochelaga has changed my life for the better and I will never forget the memories that I have made there. I have met amazing friends from all over the world who I stay in contact with all year round and I look forward to seeing them every summer. There are always international counselors from many different countries. If you take some of the classes that they offer, you really can get a taste of lots different cultures from around the world. Some of my favorite things about Hochelaga are the traditions that continue year after year. For example, I love singing songs after every meal and the doing evening programs. There are lots of activities that stay the same from week to week like kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, tennis, and archery. Plus there are really cool special activities like Quidditch that happen only some weeks! Sometimes there are special Quittitch and Soccer games against Abnaki or archery tournaments with Brownledge. Even if you don't like sports, there are lots of arts and crafts and theater classes to do. If you love theater, go for the last three weeks of camp because that is when the musical happens! We also get the chance to go to a dance at Abnaki during some sessions. My first year I went for only one week but the one week sessions go by very quickly so I recommend staying for longer! There is no electricity in the cabins and phones aren't allowed, but I actually never have missed these things while I was at camp. You get used to it pretty quickly and you'll be staying so busy that it won't seem like a big deal after a day or so. The senior line got a really nice new bathroom last year but the other bathrooms aren't that nice and could probably use to be replaced. Overall, I have loved every minute that I have spent at Hochelaga and I recommend it to all my friends! "
    - 802VTgirl
  • August 13, 2016
    "Horrible Staffing! This year was my daughter's 3rd year at the camp. The past 2 years were great, unfortunately this year was Horrible! My poor daughter who is 13 and very confident and strong was unhappy, there were typical teenage things going on, but in the manner it was handled by staff was poor. My daughter went to staff on multiple occasions crying and asking to be able to call home and was denied, on one occasion a counselor laughed in her face! She went to a counselor on another occasion asking for help for a friend she felt was suicidal, the counselors told the young girl she was being dramatic to go back to her cabin and again laughed in the girls faces. Gratefully my daughter had an envelope addressed to her Grandmother and she sent Grandma a letter letter her know this was the worse experience of her life and begged Grandma to let us know she needed to be picked up immediately! We picked her up, and she will never return again. The response from the Hochelaga staff was poor. Things happen, but its the manner in which the staff handle it that makes a difference. Not once when my daughter was unhappy did anyone sit down with her quietly and ask what they could to make her stay better and make her feel safe, she was laughed at! I will let as many families as I can know of this experience and I will continue to post through next summer so people know, how could anyone want to leave their daughter where they won't feel safe and won't be respected!"
    - campingmom
  • June 18, 2014
    "Overall my daughter 8 12 at the time had a great experience. The atmosphere and facility is truly a camp and the activities and nonelectronics summer fun is refreshing. She enjoyed the water sports, archery and crafts but was disappointed in some filling up before she could choose due to residential campers having first choice. She attended two weeks so was able to choose another activity the following time with the help of the camp staff. She did a onenight overnight stay offered for the day campers and was bothered by mosquitos all night on a very hot night too so that part wasn't as pleasurable for her. She is going back for a week this summer!"
    - LexieLex
  • February 22, 2014
    "my daugter loved this camp,age 9 last summer was her 1st yr. She said she wants to go every yr and then be a counselor. I was so glad about that......until I noticed how much the PRICE HIKED. I may have to disappoint her this yr.... too expensive! very sad"
    - abc3mom
  • August 19, 2013
    "My daughter went to Camp Hochelaga this summer for her first sleepaway camp experience. I attended Hochelaga and knew she would love it. She went for a two week session that happened to begin the day before her 13th birthday. She had a super fantastic time! They had some special fun for her on her birthday. She got involved in a musicalwhich shocked me! She felt comfortable trying new things and was very confident in herself about doing it. I received a call from the camp nurse when a bracket on her braces broke loose and was hurting her. I was able to take her to have the braces fixed then return her to camp the same day. They were very helpful at the camp with the follow up. She made great friends, says the food was great, the activities which the kids have the freedom to chose were awesome and she wants to go back next year."
    - Funwithmykids
  • July 29, 2013
    "My 11 year old daughter attended one week of residential camp here for the first time this year. She had previous sleep away camp experience that wasn't as positive. She did choose to go to this camp with 2 friends and was able to be placed in a bunk with those friends. You can fill out your forms ahead of time with that request. The setting for this camp is beautiful. They are on a gently sloped property right on Lake Champlain. The main dinning hall and other outpost buildings are nice. The cabins are pretty bare bones and rustic. Parents should know that counselors do not sleep in the cabins with the campers. They are in tents near by. There are two rows of cabins upper mids and and lower mids. Each have a bathroom building that my daughter described as okay. The daily routine consists of 3 classes which the girls choose on their first day. My daughter choose, kayaking, water games and arts and crafts. Then each day they can choose an extra activity like tennis, music, etc. There is also rest hour in the cabin after lunch where they are required to be quiet in the cabin. They can write letters home, read, or play games. Meal times are in the large main dinning room. Seating for breakfast and dinner is assigned at the beginning of camp randomly, you may not be sitting with your bunk mates. Lunch is open choice seating. My daughter is not a picky eater and reported that the food choices were good and hearty Mac and cheese with bacon, meatloaf, chicken quesadillas, beef stew and such. Breakfast was cereal, waffle sticks, fruit, etc. They made the kids drink 2 glasses of water at each meal before having any other drink. They also had to eat everything that they took on their plate unless they didn't like it. Each kid also had a job at the table waiter, sweeper, pourer. When we picked our daughter up at the end of her 6 days, she was happy to see us and said she would go back again next year but only for no more than a week."
    - missmagpie
  • January 18, 2013
    "This summer will be my 3rd year at camp. My first year I was a day camper. I liked it but I felt that being residential was much better. You get freedom and the ability to make more friends and its fun to have cabinmates. Kind of like a college dorm room.. I love camp while I am there and when I get home. But, a few weeks before I go I get really nervous. I almost dont wanna go..but i do. While I'm there at first I get a little upset because I miss my family. I even cry the first and 2nd night. But then I realize that 1 week really isnt that long. Once Im home all i do for like 4 days is hug my parents and siblings. Its great to be reunited. the oppurtunities offered throughout the camp are countless. Its a lot of fun. Not everyone gets nervous or home sick i didnt really but i was a little upset. The counselors keep you busy as well as your activities. The only real time you have to think about home is before bed and when you are writing and reading letters I always cry. Here's a tip My family wrote 2 letters per day. I got to read 1 in the morning and 1 before bed. It made me a little sad to read them but it was nice for when i was feeling a little home sick I could read the letters over and over. Also, bring pictures from home of friends, family, pets or whatever. A favorite stuffed animal too. Dont be embarassed everyone does. Come prepared with paper, pens, and stamps so you can write some letters home! Its normal to feel scared, nervous, or even cry when saying goodbye to your parents as they drop you off for the week. However, just know they are feeling the same way and they even have less to do than you so they are probably more upset than you are. The counselors are really nice and you end up being good friends with them by the end of the week. I could write more but this is my experience...Good Luck"
    - gleeful
  • August 16, 2011
    "Camp Hochelaga is my 8 year daughter's favorate camp of the summer. She has attended Hochelaga as both a day camper and overnight camper. For day campers they offer pick up and drop off on Shelburne Road and the Exit 17 Park Ride. The girls enjoy achery, water ballet, swimming, arts crafts and working on the camp newspaper. This year they even had a water trampoline that was a HUGE hit! Cabins were very clean and much better then I had anticipated. Each bed had a small bookcase attached so she could but some of her personal belongings in it. Make sure you send mail and packages to your camper as this is a big event everyday to see who gets what in the mail. The girls get lots of free time to write letters, make braclets and talk to their friends."
    - kathyjoc
  • March 2, 2010
    "The setting of this camp is just great, right on the lake the cabins, the atmosphere it truly is a camp in every sense of the word. I do however think that this camp is for girls at least 9 years of age or older not 5 or older as noted on their website. My daughter was 5 when she went to this camp and I was assured by the director herself that she would have an older counselor helping her, etc. In reality, She really was on her own the whole time she was there she barely knew how to read at that time and was responsible for signing up for activites on her own and getting herself from cabin to cabin alone for each activity when the horn blowed. If she signed up for archery for example she had to walk down a long narrow mud road to get there and she was intimidated by a lot of this. She liked going though, bc she is such an outgoing child I let her continue but we have never gone there again. She was once pulled out of an activity and told she had a swim lesson when she never signed up and went crying to to the lake bc she knew it wasn't right and no one was there to help her out. Again, for older girls this is a great camp, I just would not send a 58 year old there especially without and older girl to look out for her."
    - mom2girls

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