Arrowhead Forest Farm



209 Rt 7 N, Milton, VT 05468 Visit Website | 203-247-9469 |


Cost: $45/day | $60/day with late pickup option Parking: No
Forest preschool and summer camp program dedicated to bringing kids outdoors!
They are an all-year program, and they do have an indoor space dedicated to our preschool age group with books, art supplies, and cozy nooks to keep the kids feeling comfortable, only when necessary. 
Their summer curriculum is animal based, and their all year Forest Preschool program follows a seasonal curriculum that highlights the changes in our natural world. 
Forest Preschools are the U.S. version of Forest Kindergartens (Waldkindergarten), which have been popular in Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia for decades. There are a growing number in the U.S. We are on the cutting edge of nature-based early childhood education! 


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