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Ages: Kinder, Kids, Tweens, Teens Parking: Yes

The Camp welcomes children, adults, schools and other groups to its Laval facilities to “experience the adventure of space exploration”.

Space Camp offers a unique educational adventure designed to stimulate participants’ interest in
space science and sciences in general. Participants conduct experiments and enjoy hands-on experiences that encourage them to abandon preconceptions and reinforce useful qualities, skills and attitudes.

Space Camp is much more than just workshops and simulations. It offers a unique opportunity to meet other people, learn to work in a group, and develop team spirit. During apprenticeships of more than one day, participants can enjoy a full camp experience.

Such apprenticeships include meals and overnight accommodation. Space Camp can lodge up to 268 people. The two story accommodation area has 34 rooms, each with 8 beds. One room on each floor is designed for people with limited physical ability.

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