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The “Let’s Go Fishing” (LGF) Program is an organized effort to train a network of volunteers to teach and encourage young people and their families how to fish. LGF believes that “Fishing is more than catching fish.” The Program emphasizes four themes:
  • Fishing skills
  • Tackle Craft
  • Ecology and Water Resource Management
  • Ethics
A Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department “Let’s Go Fishing” Workshop is a hands-on aquatic resource education program that focuses on introducing people of all ages – with an emphasis on families – to fishing and water resources in Vermont. Participants get a chance to re-connect with the land and experience our state’s beautiful outdoors in a healthy, happy, and ethical manner. Each workshop teaches participants this, along with developing an understanding for the sport of fishing and the natural resources it depends upon.

The Program:
  • educates young people about water ecology and fishing,
  • helps young people become aware of and appreciate Vermont’s fish population, their habitat needs, and ways to be stewards of these resources,
  • and teaches proper fishing skills and ethics to the young people and their families, as well as respect for each other and the resource, and instills a responsibility to know the rules and regulations of fishing.
If you are interested in learning about becoming an instructor contact: Trish Pelkey, Let's Go Fishing Program Coordinator


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