Mermaid Dalni Tails




Parking: No
Mermaid Dalni is an entertainer for parties and events both on land, and underwater. She can delight children and adults alike at events, festivals, and gatherings. For parties she can do both pool, and dry events, or a combination of the two. At pool parties Mermaid Dalni can teach everyone how to swim like a mermaid and has special mermaid fins available for use. She will bring along fun pool games like Turtle Eggs, where children bring turtles and their eggs to their teams treasure chest to see who gets the high score. For dry activities, Mermaid Dalni can lead a mermaid treasure craft time where children create mermaid accessories, a mermaid makeover time with facepaint and fun mermaid hair extensions, lead a story time for younger children, and teach about the importance of keeping our waters healthy.


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