Muddy Hands Preschool



1672 W. Lakeshore Drive, Colchester, VT 05446 Visit Website | 802-652-4848 |


Parking: Yes

At Muddy Hands, they offer a complete curriculum that nourishes each child’s individual needs and provides a group dynamic that is welcoming and respectful. Muddy Hands incorporates scholastic subjects such as art, math, science, social studies and literature into many fun activities that are geared towards children of all ages. To create balance in a large group setting and encourage social interaction, Muddy Hands offers a mixture of structured and unstructured activities that include music, games, story telling, and puppet shows.

At Muddy Hands, theybelieve that outdoor activities and learning about nature are very important components of your child’s development. Our curriculum includes many outdoor activities and time to explore nature. Muddy Hands provides many opportunities for children to collect items in nature and bring them into the classroom to add an interesting component to their education.

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