School of Psychogeographic Arts



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Ages: Kids, Tweens, Teens Parking: Yes

Psychogeographic Art can be created from the reaction of how places make us feel. Exploring your city, town, edgelands, or other spaces (specifically through acts of walking) can act as a powerful catalyst for creating art.

The School of Psychogeographic Art concentrates on reacting and reimagining the encountered buildings, parks, landmarks, streets, architecture, histories, and other forgotten and marginalized spaces in the City of Vergennes, VT.

Students will be introduced to a brief history of Psychogeography and experiment with what Psychogeography means to them as they explore the city in weekly class walks. They will discuss and create art not limited to the creation of imagined maps, architectural models, sculpture from found materials, printmaking, poster design, papermaking, drawing, painting and documentation through sketching, note-taking and writing. The year-round art school offers classes for kids & teens after school, all-day homeschool classes and summer camps.


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