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Burlington City Arts City Hall Park, Burlington, VT 05401 Visit Website | 802-865-7166 |


Toddlers, Kinder, Kids


Parking: Yes - Metered street or parking garages.

Soak up some summer fun with Splash Dance, BCA’s weekly DJ-fueled dance party in City Hall Park. Kids can splash the day away in City Hall Park's interactive, wheelchair-accessible fountain while some of Vermont’s best DJs spin the decks. This program will run on Saturdays, 1-3pm, June 1 through September 28.

The splash pad runs every day, from 10 am to sundown-ish however the DJ is only there on Saturdays.


11 reviews
  • June 22, 2024
    "Saturday family art days every month are a great way to go out and bond as a family over your creation. Amazing resource in the Burlington area!"
    - Vtfun
  • December 20, 2017
    "I sent both my sons to different pottery camps this past summer and they loved it! The staff was great, my boys were able to express their creativity and the flexibility offered with the extra lunch hour was really helpful. I will definitely look to these camps again!"
    - Yael829
  • December 20, 2017
    "The new studios on Pine Street are amazing! My son loved being able to work in a professional studio with artists. They have a great variety of camps, I love the half or full day options."
    - winooskimom4
  • June 20, 2017
    "I was looking for a camp for my teenager and called the number on the BCA website for info about summer camps. I spoke with someone who was unable to answer my questions and had no idea about summer programming. She told me to just look at the website. This parent is disappointed in customer service and the lack of information about their classes online."
    - artmomvt
  • August 16, 2012
    "My kids really enjoyed their half-day 'under the sea' camps at the clay studio, and a 'break it, build it' session. For younger kids especially, I think BCA does a great job. There are also plenty of full and partial scholarships available, making this camp accessible to all."
    - graceahmed
  • March 19, 2012
    "I've sent my kids to BCA camps a few times, and have always felt that the camps miss the mark. The instructors have seemed a bit 'green', and in one full day camp the kids spent hours in City Hall Park. I signed up because my son really really really wanted to learn about the particular subject, and even he was disappointed in spending so much time doing other things! I know that families sign up for camps for different reasons, so I'll just say that if you're looking for childcare with some craft projects, BCA is good, but if you're looking for a program that is going to open your child's eyes to something new, this may not be the place."
    - pandjvt
  • September 11, 2010
    "Elsa our 7 year old tells me that this experience was great, but sometimes she was 'just not so sure about some of the crafts' indicating that she found a few of them to be 'challenging' (when pushed a bit further she reveals that the pottery wheel presented some of the challenges, but she wants to work on that skill more). She simply loved the fact that half of the day was devoted to arts and the other half could include, swimming at the beach, blueberry picking or hitting the Winooski pool. This and a Windswept Farm Horseback Riding Camp were here two top picks of the summer and she tells me that she definitely wants in next year."
    - CouncilorAdrian
  • June 2, 2010
    "Our daughter attended BCA camp last summer and really enjoyed it. The instructors are very good and the focus on a single project gave our daughter a real sense of achievement by the end of the week. BCA is located right downtown, which is great for parents who work in the area. Our only nitpick is that we were not aware of full-day options and a half day presents a logistics challenge for a lot of working parents. The inclusion of a Flynn option is a smart move, but I am not sure our daughter would've been terribly interested in it."
    - sschmida
  • March 2, 2010
    "BCA camps are well thought out and the variety is awesome. My only complaint was how fast they filled up. My daughter was able to be completely free with clay and a wheel, throwing some pieces that were amazing. The teachers were really great in letting them do what they wanted!! No matter what it looked like! The variety of arts and crafts offered were great, the things she brought home were long-lasting and she loves to pull them out and remember!!"
    - blkdogs1
  • March 28, 2008
    "These are well organized camps with very nice, thoughtful instructors. However, I found the art camps for younger children a bit too 'crafty' and thought they didn't provide enough independence or room for creativity for my kids. I think if your kids are artistically inclined, this is probably not the camp for them."
    - jasper
  • March 9, 2008
    "My girls have had a great time at several of the BCA camps."
    - marlin

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