Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm



3061 North Fayston Road, Fayston, VT Visit Website | 802-496-7141 |


Cost: 1 Hour ride begins at $50 - check web site for other pricing Parking: Yes

The Vermont Icelandic Horse farm offers full-day and half-day trail rides as well as 2-6 days treks on their horses. Trail riding is available year round for all levels of experience including novices. Treks are offered from May 1- Nov 1. This is a wonderful way to take in the beauty of the Mad River Valley on horseback.

You will see the mountains, meadows and forests on one of the oldest breeds in the world. The tireless and efficient movement of the Icelandic Horse makes them the ideal saddle horse, seeming to effortlessly dance over the earth with lightness and power. 

Children over 10 years old with riding experience are welcome.


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